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Publication numberUS127649 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 4, 1872
Publication numberUS 127649 A, US 127649A, US-A-127649, US127649 A, US127649A
InventorsEobeet J. Sheehy
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Improvement in cigar holders and perforators
US 127649 A
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Improvement in Cigar-Hoders and Perforators..

No. 127,649, l Patemd lune 4.1872.

'BK um Nm@ /4/6 l %j4/Z WZJLM, f.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 127,649, dated June 4, 1872.

Specification describing certain Improvements in smokers7 articles, combining a Cigar Perforator, Holder, Ste., invented by ROBERT J. SHEEHY, of Boston, in the county of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts.

My invention relates to a cigar-perforator,

tering upon which shows their relative situav tions.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

a is a iiat, square piece or iioor, upon which the different conveniences for smokers are secured. b is a cigar holder, constructed as usual. a' x are the openings to admit the cigars. c is a center piece or stand, constructed for the convenience of the needle, &c. d is a needle used to pierce the cigar longitudinally, clearing it, and causing it to draw 7 better and smoke more easily. c is a channel or trough, depressed sufficiently to allow the needle d to enter the center of the cigar. I j' is a receptacle for cigar-ashes, constructed as usual. g is a match-holder, also constructed as usual. h is a cup with a knife, c', projecting upward from its lower part. The tip of a cigar may be thrust upon this knife and a perforation produced in the cigar, So that biting or cutting oii' the end of the cigar is avoided. j is a cup similar to the cup h, having two knives, k k, to be used for the same purpose. l is a cup or plunger.4 m m are bent knives or cutters. n is a standard or pedestal, through which the foot of the cup l projects, and over which the knives slide. o o are rings holding the knives m m in place. p is a spiral spring holding up the cup or plunger l.

, These cutters or knives m m enter the Sides of the cigar instead of the end. To operate them, insert the tip of the cigar into the cup l, press it down, and the downward-moving cup l presses the lower ends of the cutters m m over the pedestal n and causes them to enter and perforatethe cigar at Opposite sides.

q is a cup, operating in a manner somewhat similar to the cup l. r 1^ are the knives. y s is a spiral spring.

The cigar is inserted and pressed down as before, and the standard @forces the knives in the cigar. The knives spring out when the cup is released. y

In Fig. 3 the cup is represented as pressed down. A

t is a knife attached to the lower end of the cup or plunger q. 'u is a horizontal openin g in the lower front portion of the standard c.

To operate it, thrust the tip of the cigar into the opening u and press down the plunger q, and the knife t will enter and perforate the cigar.

The advantages of aperforator are evident. It saves the annoyance of biting oif or cutting oft' the end of the cigar, and it also makes a cigar a cleaner and neater thing to use, obviating all danger of swallowing pieces of the cigar. It also saves the cigar. Many smokers, especially nervous persons, bite OE and throw away one-third of their cigars before finishing.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. The arrangement of the cup l, knives m m, pedestal n, and spring 19, as and for the purposes hereinbefore set forth.

2. The arrangement of the cup q, spring s, knives r 1', standard c, openin g u, and knife t, as and'for the purposes above specilied.

3. The arrangement of thestandard c and its attachments, cups Z q hj, ash-box f, matchbox g, and holder b, as and for the purposes above set forth.




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