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Publication numberUS1276768 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1918
Filing dateAug 9, 1917
Priority dateAug 9, 1917
Publication numberUS 1276768 A, US 1276768A, US-A-1276768, US1276768 A, US1276768A
InventorsCharles Colin Glenn Hoyle, Gerald Lay Hart
Original AssigneeAlexander Frank Newell
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Closure for receptacles.
US 1276768 A
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Patented ug. 27, 1918.






specificatie of Letters Patent. y Patented Auge 27, 1918.

Application 4filed August 9, 1917. Serial No. 185,349.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that we, CHARLEs CoLI-N GLENN HOYLE and GERALD LAY HART, bothv being subjects of the King of Great Britain and Ireland and Emperor of India, and

having their post-office addresses at No. 4 -and No. 5, respectively,

Mint Buildings,

, Strand Road, Calcutta, British India, have and the like, and is i lthat type of closure the opening aof which 1 necessltates the destruction or defacement of a lead or other seal; its object being to prevent the unauthorized opening of such receptacles 'without detectionl 1n the accompanying sheet of drawings:

'I Figure 1 shows in sectional elevation a portion of a receptacle fitted with `'a closure constructed according to this invention. Figs. 2, 3 and 4 are sectional elevations of the component parts of the said closure, while Fig. 5 is an elevational view of the screw stopper and the ke used to extract it from the loose cap whic covers it and secures in place a lead or other seal.

Referring to the said drawings, in'which similar reference letters indicate similar` vparts throughout the several views, a des\ lgnates a portion of a receptacle having an externally screw-threaded nozzle b of the ordinary kind. A screw stopper cis screwed firmly to the nozzle I) by means of a screwdriver or similar tool, the edge of which is inserted in a short groove e provided for y the purpose in its upper surface.

At diametrically opposite points on( the external circumference of the stopper c are vertically arranged spring leaves d suitably affixed to c at their upper ends, while their lower and freer ends stand slightly away from its circumference.

The spring leaves d serve'to secure to the stopper c a loose cap g having a shoulder h around the lower edge of its internal circumference, above an with which the said spring leaves enga e when the cap g is pressed down over t e stopper c.

Prior to the cap g bein secured over the stopper c, a disk f of lea or other suitable material is placed on the stopper, and is held in that position when the cap g is applied to the stopper c.

The receptacle a having been closed by the closure assembled as labove described and as illustrated in Fig.- l, it will be readily seen that, as the cap g entirely covers and rotates freely upon the stopper c, the latter can be unscrewed from the nozzle b of the receptacle a only by piercin and destroying the disk f and, throug the orifice?) in the cap g, vinserting the edge of a screwdriver or similar tool into the groove e in the toppof the stopper c.

The stopper c having been thus removed, and before the damaged disk f can be replaced, it is necessary to extract the stopper from the loose cap g. To enable this to be done, a special Fig. 5 is provided. The said key consists of a short cylinder j, of thin sheet steel, attached to a suitable handle such as k. The cylinder j is of a diameter and thickness to adapt it to enter the annular space between the internal periphery of the shoulder h of the cap g, and the external periphery. of the stopper c.

At diametrically oppositeJ cylinder j, 'and spring leaves d on the stopper c, bayonet slots m are provided into which the sprin leaves d enter when the cylinder is inserte in the cap g.

The cylinder having been thus inserted, it is rotated axially in a contra clock-wise points in the key or extractor shown in so as to register with the direction, so that the lips n of the bayonet slots m pass over the upper and non-proends of the spring leaves d The cylin er frompthe cap g, the lips fn, compress the j being now forcibly `t'vfithdrawn lower and proJecting ends of the spring l1n position by said cap, said leaf engage with said leaf springs and a lead disk arranged upon said stopper and held springs adapted to be engaged by/an o ening tool for disengaging said springs an the shoulder of said cap, substantially as described.`

2. A closure. for receptacles of the character described, comprising in combination, a screw stopper adapted to be secured to the nozzle of the receptacle, a loose cap carrying said stopper, an internal shoulder on said cap, a plurality-of sprin leaves spaced around the external circum erence of said stopper and having their upper ends rigidly axed thereto, and their lower ends slightly outstanding therefrom, said spring capable of being compressed when said cap is pressed upon said stopper and` adapted to spring outward into engagement with saidinternal shoulder, v.substantially as described.

3. A closure for receptacles of the characl IIGSSGS.

in position thereon by said cap and subject to destruction by a tool introduced through the orifice in said cap into the groove of said stopper for extracting thejsame, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof we have signed this specification 1n the presence of two CHARLES COLIN GLENN HOYLE. GERALD LAY HART.




v wit-

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