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Publication numberUS1276778 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1918
Filing dateMar 13, 1918
Publication numberUS 1276778 A, US 1276778A, US-A-1276778, US1276778 A, US1276778A
InventorsPaul Loveczky
Original AssigneePaul Loveczky
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US 1276778 A
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Patented Aug. 27, 1918,.


INVENTOR Haul [oven- 512g P. LOVECZKY.


APPLICATION man MAR. 1s. lisis.








1,27(; 778 speqinwtion f reuersratent. Patented Aug. 27, 191g.

Appuuauon mea mmh 1s, 191s. smal No. 222,088. 'f

To all 'whom itfmay concern:

`useful Im rovements cient capacity to carry several people.

taken through the operators Seat land concitizen of the United States, residing Be it known -that I, PAUL Lovnozxr, al

Brooklyn, county of Kings, and State of New York, have invented certain new and in Aeroplanes, of which the ollowing isa specification.

'This invention relates to improvements in -aeroplanes and particularly to types 'driven by twin Propellers arranged at the front of therapparatus.

The principal object of theV invention is to provide means whereby the aeroplane may be safely and conveniently maneuvered, a plurality of motors beingprovided so that 1n case of the failure of one,ithe others may act. i -v i A. further object is to provide an aeroplane which may be deflected laterally or vertically in an easy and expeditious manner,

- nd in which the mot-ive power is under complete control.'

'A still further object is to provide an aeroplane Whieh'may be used to convey rapid fire or lother guns, the apparatus having sufli-4 These and other like objects are attained by the novel construction and combination of parts hereinafter' described and shownin the" accompanying drawings, forming a I'iflaterial part of this disclosure, and inwhieh Figure 1 4is a front elevational view of an "48, a similar front rudder'49, beingjol' `naled o n spindles cordance with the invational view ofthe clutch, thesecton being takenon line-6--6 of Fig. 2, and f f Fig.' is a fragmentary sectional view trol means,`

The apparatus.. is" supported upon three wheels, two of which,v indicated Vby the-nu'- meral 10, are arran ed at the front uponan axle l1, while the t irdv or rear wheel 12 r 0 tetes upon fag; spindle secured in the brackets I4 similar front brackets 15, supporting the Teide 11, all of theseveral brackets being rigidly engaged below the platform' 18,

Seats for the several operators, toggtber partial s ide elevational and sec-'1 cables-mend' 57,.; engaged by eonnections latter running over.

with an operating handlel6-8., an 'the ablesfis connected-belqwzud ,the other 10bvor rudders- 48 and 49ar e,moved of the vertically* with the necessary standing room, `is provided for in the downward extending well.' casings 19 and 20, arranged laterall vofthe platform, while a central-depress casing l0 or well 22 is provided in the platform at the extreme front thereof, for the lperson iii control of the apparatus. '-f Standards 25 rise to a considerable height` over the platform 18, and supported by the 651,! standards is the curved plane 26, whileenv. gaged between the plane and the platform,

y the standards 25; i's a rearwarillyextending frame 28, all of the superstructures be- ,lng connected by suitable guy rods 30'in the 'l0 usual manner.

A vertical spindle 32 is mountedfbetweenthe platform 18 and frame 28, the same have"V l lng rigidly engaged upon it a rudder 33,1151 means o which thc apparatus may`4 steered laterally as to the right-or left.`

Engaged at the upper end of the spindle 32, are extending lateral armsfl, to whi are connected cords, the samerllllng". over pulleys 36 and 37, the yen dsof the cords-I0 being eventually attached to an e 6 38, in. an angularly disposedspin le 39;.v ranged to be .rotated'by a hand wheel 40, spindle being mounted in bearin'gs 41`Qa 42, secured in the operatorswell`22... Also mounted above the platform 18 at' the rear, upon spindles 45, journalecl brackets 46,v is one of the horizontal rudders l58, fromwhich'gextend Othr'cabIe's'SOfItII lpulleys 61, yand theneef f over pulleys 62, beyond which the ends of thecablesiare connected at points 56"a1'1d 1 0 u from a bracket '67', Secured provided as one of Je'cting outward within the-well 22, 'the leverbeirg above the pivotal peint, it will be noticed that asthe handle 5871's `lactuated, the planes' v1n umson'fin, the/sme direction .upon pivots.A Thus by the' cont` operating 4lavora.:

Vreadily opere Extending outwardly toward the front upon either siderof the front rudder 49 are a pair of propellers :nd 65 mounted upon shafts 66', journaled upon brackets 67, aflixed upon `the frame 28', while on the platform 18 are motors 70 70', and 70H the same being secured in parallel, the center motor 70 operatinr a shaft 72 direct, and attached n pon the iaft 72 are sprockets 73 and 74, over which run chains 75 and 76, from the laterally disposed motors, so that the power of all three is concentrated upon the shaft 72. l The shaft 66 has secured upon it a sprocket78`, driven by a chain 79, upon the lower drive sprocket 80, on the shaft 72, other sprockets 83 and 84, on the shaft I66, conlnninicating -motion through the chains 85 and 8G, to the propellers 65 and 65 when the shaft is rotated.

The shaft Gli is formed in two sections upon one of which, adjacent to the bracket (57, is rigidl) engaged a positive clutch cle nient 97, the mating clutch element 9S of which is slidable on the end of the other shaft section, the clutch elements being engageable through the forks S7 of a lever having a don-'nwardly extending handle 88, convenient. of access by an operator within the Well 22,

Thus it is possible to connect or disconnect ythe Sections,of the shaft instantaneously at any/desired time.

Secured in the lower portion of the wells 19 and 20, which are circular in cross-section, are standards 90, having upper portions 91, mounted on the lower part by annular )all bearings 92, the bearing being covered by annular casings 93, and engaged with the uppermost portion of the element 91, in such Ymanner as to operate on a horizontal axis,

`is a lugr 94, formed with a gun 95. This' mounting permits the gun to be elevated or ,depressed with relation to its muzzle or to @be rotated yin any direction.

', Also in addition to the well 20, is an ex-4 ftcnsio'n 100, having an opening 101, so that bombs or the like may be dropped directly through the dooring of the well by an opvcrator'stationed therein. It being'understood that an=operator will also be stationed near. each of theguns, besides the person having general control o1 the apparatus within the wellV 22. I

From the foregoin it will be readily seen that the device can e maneuvered in any direction. and raised or lowered or to land, and that the propellers, together with the various directions control means, are conveniently actuable by a single operator.

Having thus described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent isz- 1. In an aeroplane, the combination with a wheeled platform, a plurality of motors on said platform, driving connections engaging between said motors, a horizontal shaft mounted above said motors centrally thereof, driving connections between -said motors and said horizontal shaft, a pair of twin propeller-s arranged parallel to said sliaft,"said shaft being in sections, clutch elements arranged upon eachV section of said shaft, and means for operatin .said clutch elements whereby said propo lers may be put in motion. i

2. In an aeroplane, the combination with a platform, landing Wheels upon which said platform is mounted, standards rising from said platform, a frame supported by said standards, aplane arranged in the uppermost parts of said standards, a lplurality of csf motors carried on said platform, all of said motors acting upon asingle central shaft,

a second shaft arranged vertically above said central shaft, connections between said shafts, said second lshaft beingjformed 4in sections, vclutch connections between said sections, means for operating said'v clutch connections, a pair of propellers driven by 'said second shaft, said propellers being operated in the same directions, a single vertical rudder, operating means for saidvertical rudder, horizontal rudders arranged at the front and rear of said platform, and means for operating said horizontal rudders in unison, all of said control meanstermihating centrally of said platform.

In testimony whereof I have aixed my signature.

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