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Publication numberUS1276893 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1918
Filing dateMay 6, 1918
Priority dateMay 6, 1918
Publication numberUS 1276893 A, US 1276893A, US-A-1276893, US1276893 A, US1276893A
InventorsMichael Fischer
Original AssigneeMichael Fischer
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US 1276893 A
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lm. INWHPM ATTORNEY@ @f @WN www Patented Aug. 27, 1918.

r, zf'cfaql 'acfei WELDING TORLH APrLlcAxoN FILED MAY .\91s.


WELDING -TQRCIL T o. all whomz't may concern: 4

Be it knownithatl, MICHAEL FISCHER, n citizen of the United-"States, recidin at Richmond, thecounty of Contre ostn nud 6 State. Qi .Oaliforniuhhave invented certain new useful Improuements in 'clding- Torches, of which the following 1s a specification.

-My invention relates to torches for heat- 10 i metals Vin Athe welding, cutting and so er trentl'nenbthereof, and particularly to @rch thetlame of wlnch is produced by a of`oygen andacetylene gases. rMy vention, consists 'in certain 1mf it 'royements in-.oxy-ecetylene torenes .o tbe empressute injector type, 1n which the mixcliembe is' `located in the bod whilamethr; n.;

, liijnner tub'efor the acetylene, and a handle- 'heiid 4 iitted to'and uniting said shells and ,tubes in Such manner that the tubos ure sp' ced both' from the shell and from each 'othen The handle head is formed with for the f.\ ,gcn 'suppl and "with 'n socket connection (i .for te'awtylene supply. A duct in thc. heud lends 'to the oxygen tube and a duct (3' leads to the acetylene tube 2-5. 'lo Q5 lhe-other'end of the lmndle member is litl'cd thc regulating-valve-shell 7 in which is Specicatlon of Letters Patent.

It will thus thatA the.' r

- .pfefeneh'hnamc'ks new nl lo tial `"mixing" ben; and, iinelly, to prol. sideelevation partly in seclulenl'od Ang'. 27, 1918.

Application led lay 6, 1918. Serial'No. 232,915.

locnlcd the needlc-vzllvc seat-member 8, as seen in Fig. 2. A duct J in the shell'7 lende from the :n.-etylene tube 3 to a space 10 surrounding the war end of the sent-member 8, said .space 10 communicating with an en circling groove il of said seat-member, and said groove communicates with channels 12 formed in the forward angular end of the seat-member, which 'channelsY lead into grooves 13 in the tip of the seatmember, said grooves leading into the chamberM-of the mixing-member 15, which latter' is fitted to the shell 7.

Thus the courracof the oxygen is" from the connection 5, through the' duct 5' tube 2. duct 1i), space 7', and grooi'es 20nnd 21, into the 'mixing chamber 14., and vthe vvolume of oxygen is controlled by the-needle, valve 16, ns regulated by the screw 18,4'.

The two gases thus unite the mixu f chamber 14 and the Vpropiiion of' cac-i regulated und controlled. l.,

Now, in order I oeffect the thoipugh and iutinmle 4mixture of the gase'Jlfne-folliving menus nre employed, The mixingehnmbcr member llihus ut ts'forward end a bore 15', which at its innerond conically .decl-mises' at 15"' to moet the mixing chamber 14. In the inner end ofthe bore 15' is fitted a mixing plug 22, the base of which is concnved at 22 complcmentally to and lies opposilc the conc-nvity 15" at the buse of the bore l5. 'Iluforward end of the plug 22 is likewise conceved at 22a.nd in said plug are made lhc ducts 23 in annular series 110 near its periphery; said ducts leadinu from the concnvity 2;' and joining inwar ly in has fitted to it the tip' The tipv has a rliued ductsl 23 which lead into the con cavity 2'2".

A second mixing plug, similar in all rcspects and indicated by like numerals, lies immediately in front of and coperates with the first plug.

In front of the second plug is a. third mixing plug 24, thc forward end of which is like the previous plugs, but its rear portion has an exterior helica channel 25, communication with the rear end of which is had through the holes 2.6 leading outwardly from its axis. The forward end of the helical channel 25 communicates with the ducts of the forward portion of the lug 24.

27 is a coupling sleeve, hol ing all these lugs in place and also connectin up the jacket 28 of the nozzle member. T ie nozzle member comprises the jacket 28 and the inner tube 29 spaced from the jacket. A hole 29 leads into the jacket spaoe.- The inner tube'29 communicates at its rear end with the final mixing plug, and at its forward end it 'spaced jacket 31.

The course'of the united gases' may now be traced from the initial mixing chamber 14.- This course is outwardly, forwardly and -inwardly through the first two-plugs', 'helic'ally about tlierear -portion of the i'rd plug, and forward and inwardly throii h its forward portion and thence through enoziilc tube an'd tip; I n, this tortuousfconrsem intii as moreover, these plugs' prevent "blacklfiring,

- which is' staked by uwimiens passa e thus formed, and is notlikelyto over reas the initial mixing chamber 14. The jacketing of the nozzle has two effectsg namely it tends t0' cool the nozzle, `which may be by4 air or water) soas tg reuce the tendency to back-fire, and alsofby such cooling it prevents the tendenciy of the inner nozzle tube 29 to ex and under ieatand thereby tend to affect t e stability o'f the inimure passing through it. The jacketing of the tip .30 in like manner contributes to these results. The needle valve control provides for increasing or decreasing the area of the orifice o f the oxygen injector as needed for the' Vdifferent sizes of interchangeable tips.

It is now proven in practice that a consuinption of one volume of acetylene to one volume of oxygen results ina sayin of from three to teu cubic feet per hour of welding, depending on the size of tip used. The proportion maybe had and maintained in this torch, and givesla greater stability to the llame.

I claim:-

l. 'A torch for the described purpose comprisingn. handle member provided with separate connections and passages for the gases; :i mixngchamber member zzf which said passages separately lead; a con trollable injector assemblage intermediate the handle member and niixingchambermember consistingr of a shell fitted to the handle-member, a nccdle-valve-scat member in the shell, a Spring-controlled normallv ffl` i tracted needle-valve in the seat-member; and an adjusting screw fitted in the side wall of the shell and bearing on the rear end of this needle-valve; a series 'of plugs in said 75 mixiiig-chamber-member formed with com-` y uuuiicating ducts constitut-ing` a"t`ort iicis" mixing passage leading fromA tliemixiiigchamber of said member; and a nozzle meniber fitted to the mixing charriberlmember. A torch for the 'describe-i parr edm'- prising a handle member provi ed;.,w,ith'

separate connections and 'passages for., thel gases; a niixng-cliamber-member linto which said passages separately-,lead 'a con- Sli f trollable injector intermediatef'ttie'f handle member and mixing-chamberiiienilifer.:'4 a" series of plugs' in said mixing-chamber member formed .with communcating'fluiffs onstitutin aitortuous mixing: i lead'- ,90. ing from e mixing-'chambercif'saianchel ber, said series of plugs cofin'plrisiri'gqcojici'v an` ended members :with an-anhu1ar1sriesio`f -body ducts"- lnd inwardly ducts and an intervening prtioiiiritha- 9 5 l l peripheralt groove and-a iizle ."i" fitted to the mixing j 'I i .3. A @maar the described f' prisng vivf-handle member" separate connections and:l gages; slimme-chamber i incassa 1 @peritel lead; ir-estan trollable "injector in member and mixing-'chaxnben-mefbr;

-luiving an initial mixing chamber into w ich the two gases .are se delivered', a seriesof plu succeeding themv shimber, 'said series .comprising ,.conlcav' -ended no. members with an bodyannular-=senes`pfn ducts and inwardly' drectedf delivery ducts,- and an intervening portiongwitha helical. 4 peripheral groove, said 4ductsf 'and "groove forming a tortiious mixing passa' 4 5. In a torch for the-descri purpose, having an initial' mixing chamber into which the two gases areseparately delivered, a. series of lugs succeeding the mixing vhambrr, sai(` series comprising concaved- 1:30


body ducts and inwardly directed delivery ducts, and an intervemng portion with a helical peripheral groove, said ducts and groove forming a tortuous mixlng passage;

n4 nozzlemember fitted to the mixing-chamber-member; and a tip fitted to the nozzlemember, said nozzle member and tip being jacket/ed.

6. A torch for the described purpose comprising a handle member provided with separate Connections and passages for the gases; a mixing-chamber-member into which said passages separately lead; a controllable inject-or assemblage intermediate the handle member and mixing-chambermember; said injector assemblage comprising a shell fitted to the handle member, a

valve-seat member in said shell around which one of the gases passes, a normallyretracted sl'iring-controllled needle valve in said valve seat member having a helical peripheral groove through which the other gas passes and an adjusting screw tted in the side wall of the shell and bearing on the inner end of the needle-valve; and a. .nozzle member tted to the mixing chamber member.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses.


Witnesses WM. F. BOOTH, D. B. )RxoHAnDs

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