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Publication numberUS1277064 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1918
Filing dateDec 8, 1917
Priority dateDec 8, 1917
Publication numberUS 1277064 A, US 1277064A, US-A-1277064, US1277064 A, US1277064A
InventorsLeonard L Gugel
Original AssigneeLeonard L Gugel
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US 1277064 A
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APPLlcmoN min Dime. 19HA '1,277 ,06"4, Patented Aug, 27, 1918.


-roUNTaINnN specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 27, 1918.

Application fed December 8, 1917'.` Serial No. 206,241.

To all whom it may concern: "i, Be it knownthat I, LEONARD L. Gnonn, a. fcitizen of the United States, residing at Louisville, in the county ofA Jefferson and tateof Kentucky, have invented certain newand useful Improvements in Fountainr'ens, of which the following* isa specifica- This invention relates to fountain pens `aiidjh'as'foriits object the production of a ,sinipleand eicient fountain pen having a liirlity` of inkeontaining compartments oaths-purpose of containingldi'erent color f 'l fafndpermitting a user to .write with l1 l'ere'ntgcolor inks merel by changing the ositionof the pen in his iand.

Another :object ofv this .sinven'tion is the 7 production ofapen which is provided with means forseparatingl the pen'points when point to the other.`

. With these and otherobjects in view this,

iuyention consists of certain novel Ionstruc- 25 tions, combinations and arran em nts ofA parts as will be/,hereinafter ful y described and claimed. iM-'In thevdrawings the untain pen,- l -.."F,`ig.2 is a section taken on l'ne 2-2 of Fi 1, e `""a Mtransverse' `sectional View through thnrpe'n point gripliin'g end of the pen, taken on line 3li3 of Fig. 1,.the closure ong` being., removed,

ig. 4 is a transverse sectional vieuT 4through the pen point gripping end of the pen, the Section being taken across the indicating band, taken on line 4-4ot' Fig. 1, the `closure cap being removed therefrom,

Fig. 5 is a section taken on'line 5 5 of Fig. 1,

`ig. 6 is a section taken on line 6 6 of 1, I

ig. 7 is a'side elevation of the outer end of the pen with. the cap removed.

By referring to the drawings, it Will be seen that' 1 designates the body ot the pen which constitutes :i tube having :in internully threaded end E2. This tubo or body 1 is rovidod with a cent-raily located longitii niilly extending partition 3 as shown in Figs. 1 and 6 of the drawing` for produciii iin ink Containing compartment 4 and an in containingcompartment 5. This partition ed :wit Vadapted to firmly clamp and'support a pen fthe penv is iliot in luse, and 1n this way pre' venting the; smearing of ink from onef'pen Fifgiire l'llsf longitudinal'seoition through t 3 terminates' short o'f the outer end of the ducing an ink channel 10 and an ink channel '11. A- en point retaining plug 12 is mountiiin leach channel 10 and 11 .and is point 13. The Een points which are mounted within the c annels 10 and'11 are ,placed with their convex faces. toward each other asY shown .clearly in Figs. 1 Vand 3' of the drawinlgs. These pen points 13-are of substantia y the same length and while the pen is being usedthe tube or body 1 will natu'- rally extend on an incline with respect to the surface upon which the perr is writing, thereby causing only one ofthe `pen points to come into contact with the writing surface.

An indicating band 14 is formed around the pen oint supportingcap 6 and is em' eddedt erein'as-shown in Fig. 1 for the- "ii'rpose of causing the outer face of the in dieating band 14 to extend flush with the outer face or side -of the cap 6. This indicating band 14 may be formed or ydivided in two colors or ma have, an indicating liegend 15 formed iametrically opposite upon the respective side-faces of the band 14."'A truing pin 16 is carried by-the tubeV or body l and is ada ted to register with a truing pin 17 carrie by the cap 6 for the purpose of indicating tothe user that the,

channels 10 and 11 are in pro er registration A with the compartments 4 an 5. The partition 8 is adapted to abut against the end of the partition 3 as shown in Fig. 1 when the j pins 16 and 17 register, in this way' truing preventing lthe lea-kin o the ink from one compartment to anot er and 'also' prevent the leakin of the ink from thetube 1. It of course s iould be understood that thepen point retaining plugs 12 areprovided with suitable feeding apertures v18"fo1 feeding i k from the channels 10 and 1l 'tothe pen p( ints 13. i ,A i'

A closure cap 19 is adapted `to fitoverithe Provided Capt and this closure cap 19 is with a longitudinally extending .geni-muy" ioo ida

' town being adapted to fit between the respective arran ed partition 20 which partition ta ers its inner end :21,'theinner 'en 2 1 terminates short of t e open end of the closure gap 19 for the purpose of permitting the closure cap to be placed over the inner or upperen'd of the bod or tube 1, while the pen is in use. Suite le vent apertures 22 are 'formed in the outer end of the closure cap 1 9 and communicate with the respective compartments 23 and' 24 formed 1n' the closurejcap 19.

The'pxfe'sent invention is especially adapted -foruse whereit is neeessar to use two dierent' color inks. By use e "the present devieeQ-should be understood 'that blue ink mayQbe placed in the compartment 4 and red y be 'placed the compartment 5.

The or user may in this manner ilse 1 j either or blue ink merely; by rotating the body 1 bend and using the desired 36 point of the pen. In 'this way the user will notbolilgely to confuse, the colors of the ink' or sinne iniview'pf 'the fact that the indicahn'bndl willjrendily -indicate to e kind of ink'yhich 1s beingused.

` The@ 1mi be compensato lay .down

' sup containing several di erent kin'of 4 '-whnj-ismrimedim'- of .the class .described compris-.

supported upon said tube and provided with channels registering with Said compartments, a. pen point carried within; eaehl channel, a plug mountedwithin each channel, a closure cap detachably engaging said filst mentioned cap, said closure cap provided with a partition, tapering toward the inner end thereof', said partition adapted to lit between said peu points, and said piu-tition terminating short of the inner end of said closure cap. v 4

2. A pen of the class described comprisin a tube, said tube provided with a plura ity of compartments, a cmp detaehabl supported upon said tubejgnd provided with channels registering with said 'compartf ments, a. pen point carried within each channel, a plug mounted within each channeL-a closure cap detachably engaging said .f ir'st mentioned cap', .and mensj fmounted within said closure cap and-mdapted tosearate said pen points andlpre ioxit aet 4 ereof with each other wh ielosurein 66 a closed position upo td first 5 cap.

c 3.A )enofthefclnss mg ahr provided points supported thereon dtachable ed mounted upon 'said tube stitute a. closure therefo within. said 4detaclial tween sadvpen points in spaced relation ing of nkironrone point.


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