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Publication numberUS1277839 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 3, 1918
Filing dateFeb 17, 1917
Priority dateFeb 17, 1917
Publication numberUS 1277839 A, US 1277839A, US-A-1277839, US1277839 A, US1277839A
InventorsBenjamin Birkenfeld
Original AssigneeBenjamin Birkenfeld
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Woman's undergarment.
US 1277839 A
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APPucmoN mtu rsa.u.1s|1.

latentedSept. 3, 191,8,




Patented Sept. 3,1918.Y




Patented Sept. 3, 1918.v

3 SHEETS-SHEE 3- Atnvrrln) STATES PATENT- mannen.y

amm-mm :mammary-normal, yini'w muy.


sp'emcmo of internment. Lutgmtedent. 3.1918.

Application ined-Pennant?, l1917. Serial No.. 149ml To' all whom t may concern.'

'Be it lcnow'n that I, BENJAMlN Blicken reno, citizen of the United Sttes, residing :1t-Deal, in 'the county ofV Monmouth and 5 Stu-te offNew Jersey, have invented certain new und useful ImprovementsinWomenis Undergarmente, of which the followingl islaJ specllication, reference being had therein to.

Another important advantage to be de# rived from the, preferred embodilvnent of the inrention Hows from( the fornmtion of vthe garment en that, ivlien closed to `conetitlite drawers or leg pin-tierra, iheinner n'xeeting or nt eide! edges of tl'xefflegswvill 4in fact ce ol relitti ii ".iiiiseclired, Vconveniently from the crotch to .he hot-tonie of the legs, So th'it, without' nnfnetening the 'gern-nent?,

` mayb 'ivnailross the 'thf'eflegportlonm.. go i ,stan-,tor Vwldth tortholnselves'facilitate result, .'v d nndthelenidunseenredfinneredges thereof hein irdnpt'ed -'to y rendil epreed 'apart tto openin `portiwih whenocen'smn requires; `The gai'ment'of course possesses stlllother ffpos e ist ted, Seme as dravvere, need not r-ily be manipulatedvln the 1mi-nner to r have alluded', because ofits permit- 1 emerge fde'naen d, 4 arndf again closed dressed.: Also, whenl bei-'ng hun; dried-,@ nhitefully opener skirt state,4 the efrmentis easily lnmdled und treated, avoidL over theeietonmryironing board, ihthat all hereof.

..Refernng more Specifically to the 'drawun-en sy. restoration to 4skirtformation `VYtflx'ereof, wherebythe' adacent lends o. rexlfggesly n( te1thstnnding=the wearer may y ingthe nenni neccsety 'of slippinglthe same1 I "the bottomedgeoftheoontinnenb enrfuw of :the board without-obstruction or interference, qnd ironed in that condition,

Ifi'xnthepurpose of impart-ing n better Vun,deretunding of. the `invention,that pre- 'ferred embodiment of the sume, previouely Ifcferredto herein, will be V`i11nfstnlft'ed iin the uccol'npnnying drawings forming part' f on In the drawings:

Figures 1 am 2 are, respectively, front and rear views of the skirtinte expected open condition;

Figs. 3 und 4 ure similar views of the sume in closed olndrewersike condition;

Fig. 5 is a \-'erticul,'central, sectional view on the line .fn-w of Fig. 1;

Figs., 7 and, 8 are, respectively, lower:erdf"` vievof ,the garment as showntin Figs'.` 1` -aninge, wherein the sume referencellet-ters, represent thejidentical parte in the several \1iews,-A indicates the front and-B theback of the skirt formed of -piecesoffmnslin or other` suitable'material stitched together vto provide 'e circun'rfe'rentinHy cog b' -Jnrt vofieuch fullness of mat' ell-single, when' :open and; bodwuut its upper yend is e depth nt o'gpoite Sides of th which ing utter of thepair"offoppostelv dispoiiiedr1ruefastelv Vninute et 4 the centen of the fro-nt 'Endth ck;

or purposes as Wil soon moreiflllly' a of the" ritlel'eXtenionS, :mdf lit thereabove,l that is generally in line tion B, I provide separable fastening de'- -vices, for instance, buttons N, conveniently three innumber, with the middle button arranged rearmost and the outside. buttons approximately in line with the said edges 'of Athe rullle extensions.

'. with said adjacent Iedge .To coperate with the separable fastening devicesv NJ to which'Ihave "ust lalluded, a narrow-width flap O is provi ed on the body portion A similarly located between the for ward' adjacent edges of the ruffle extensions, tlfexsecured edge'of this flap being `in line ortions', and having outside.button-hol es disposed parallel therewith to engage the corresponding buttons and a central button-hole R to 'engage-the middle button N, when' itis desired to close the skirt'below the crotch for drawers formation. y

.The front and back portionsl A and B of the skirt,l adjoining the separable fastening elements are given a fullnessof 'materiahns at S and T, so that the same ma be turned in opposite directions inwardly .ieneath the .crotch of .thc wearer and there fastened so thatthe united edges are effectively hidden below said crotch. .It is also to be noted that the'width of the little Hap O is insi iiicant,

. as compared to the depth of the ru e extensions, soas to never project therebelow, and

' by reason of this fact-, coupled with the'soft, highly ilexible nature of the material of which the skiitt. is formed, and the fullness thereof, as at Sand T,\the separable fastening elements, when the skirt' is open to hang freely, will. fold inwardly toward the body of the user,.permitting the opposite free terininal or edge portions of the ruilies to meet and overlap to glzve the appearance of askirt c ircumferentially continuous throughout the ..full depth thereof. Correspondin l f when the f rontand rear portions of the irt are uniitedbeneath the crotch, the terminal or 4'edge portions of4 each individual ruille will the insideof the e the appearance o ."tially continuous leg g, Asobserved inthe ore part' of this specioationthe fremlom of the inside edge porhwise of and along vthe wea-rertopresent .separate circumferenor'tions of drawers meetand overlap len tions of\thelegs,-indioated 'at U,--whe'n my 4garlnent,isniade to serve'as drawers, is important for thisreasonz` VVh'ereasthe great depth. ofthe formedcrotch portion o the garment by reason of the low Vpoint of fas-- ljtening at' the bottom ofthe skirt, and the unusual width of the drawers legs, because of the conversion of a -ull width skirt there'- into, -vill assist. materially insanitarywlsesfof y'the garment without the necessity of un- "fastening, yet th'eseparation orsplitting of the innersides of the' legs will addin substantial vmeasure to the ease and assurance of ,vi-.shifting andadjusting thefgarment from" 5.5.".

side side, dependentupon which partici Vlation dependin lar leg opening is to be utilized, to give better protection for the leg portions. than would be afforded by a garment wl'ierei'n.l the legs or rullle extensions were endless o r with their inner edge sewed together or' otherwise fastened.

' While I have herein disclosed one particular embodiment of the invention, Iit will ,lie appreciated by'persons skilled in the ai't'to which the invention relates,jthat the same may be embodied in other forms incorporating such changes and. alterations as'may fall within the scope ofthe hereto appended claims.

Having thus described'the invention, what, `I claim is:

1. A Wmans undergal'ment of the character described comprising a skirt of relatively short length having a circumferentially continuous body portion extending to approximately the bottom of the skirt, a pair of rullle extensionsion saidbody each extending Aaround one side and about half of the. front and back of the 'garment and terminating centrally of said front and 4hack to separate said extensions, and separable fastenings oir-the body immediately adjoin:

tially continuous body portion extending t0 approximately the bottomof the skirt, sepa.- .rable fastenings on the body-at said bottom portion for detachably s e'curin to ether the central parts of the front' 'and ac portions ico ros

to 'the bottom to'bring. .to direct meeting relation depending portions of the skirt toI form substantie yA closed legs independent of theA securing means, the members o'f' said sepaijable ffastenings bein located and formed 'to present no depenin below the lbottom edge. of the 'skirt when open.

g projections i 3. A womans undergarment of the charw l tiiill'y continuous 'body portion extendingto approximately the bottom of the skirt, sepa? .rabl fastenings on the body at said bottom portion for detnchably securi to ther the central parts of the lfrontlalld ac portions of the bottom to bring to. direct meeting re` .actor described comprising a skirt of rela- -t-i'vely shortA length havingal cii :um.ne11'V 12.5. l portions of the s'kirtto form Vsubstantie -y closed legs independent of the securing means, the members of said separable fastenings bei locatedv an-d" formed to present no depen projections belowfthembolttom ed e ofthe skirt. when open, thosepnrts oft/1e front. lmidreimpor- -the said fastening members. l

` of the eheri .ely lhort lengthheving w eineny "jt'inllycontinuous body portion'ex lpproxi'nnltely tlielljottom of t'lif.

'perts'ofthe frontend rear portions carrying the' fastening members being Vvadopted j enoh `20120 'f5-'lose uponitself izo-obscure the ren jidmfestoning nienlbei's, in pair :ilzipe'rzince ofI un endlsY rutile when the skirt. is.. open vand .individualfendless sepa-rate legruflieswhen tliefsaine is closed.

` A Womnns. nndergarment of the chal'- U heten described'comprising askirt ofreln- 30 tivellyf short lengthv having a` circumfer'ew ytiully. continuons.body,"portion extending to f V\etpprmriunfit-ely 'the bot-tom ofthe skim-sepa# itnhlo ..Fantonin'gs` on theA bodyVv tsaid bottom porrion `for vdo'tnolmblgyy ysecilrirng;together ,the

' 361. central :pnrtsr'of the front and beek portions of the bottom,y the membersof snidvseperable fastenings being located Yand formed to pre- "sent no depending projections belowthe loot fto'm edge ofi the'skitvnihen open "endto bf:

portions formed"bj'brngi'ng intoiwdife'e'f closed relation opposite portions of the lvely` short her'lgtgh.vv 'having n circumferenly eontinnouleybodyLportion extendinfg'to a eI ifnsteninge fon vthe et seidfbot tomkxportion fon detnehaloly seeming? toi "bet-kpmtions of'thelbottorn befnn'ited vndjngcent the inner ,Sides of' the lege of the "substantially llosfed depending le portions portions ofthe skirt.

A- womews undergarment of the phot.- ac r1' described Veom'prisi'ng" a. skirt of relalyl .shox-tlength haring"o hodyy pontion,

. new@ Mv? slew-diesem 1,011 S. .mmlying .thefustening members being-f llip'td. euch to `:,olose' 'upon itselfto obv'. tinllyoompletelegfortlons FP. I l 'Qt sin' edge ofy tho 'S .1

vgfetherin drawer fashion .at a

front? and back ofthe hodj'. portion together.'

imatellvthe bottom of; the sl'rirft;,` Sep.h

" gethrf'the cenxtrnlparts of the front sind I 1 'Wenrerwhen closed at point'fibovesepnrelte yge i" medibybringing.A into direct' C osedirela-` tivoli7 short length l `and meen?? neer"thebottomy edge ofV 4means for wearingv the front fand. beek' innersided leg extension@ the 'free` lopen nin#- ner. edges of the vextensions; h" pvkallel ndanloged "togetherjm-joorisltitii Au closing ports abi ,vew'said .7 v f 1 for n substantiel distance npivardl. u the bottoms thereof anddetach'able' Closing parte above said Slitted portions andindie therewith. y l l t., vlflp 10. A womnns garmentdof; thekcli'tllflber described coinfp'rising u'skirt-v of Arelativ length. .hyng..a. body portion, .f n

underneaththe. crotch for s'ei mg' me the front nndbnck ofthe body portiomtpoint` ,ahove dependingr free extensions constltutng s'ujbstnntinlly complete open inner-sided" leg portions. i .I l

lul, A womnns garment of theucharaoter, D! described. r'oniprilng 4e skirt ofwelti'vely V short. length having a bodyY p ,`J 1ti "I`l`/,'`and V moans. iinderneath the Crotch including, fit" .,lyvshort length evingj a'body portion Ineens adapted tohelocated lildrneetli rotoli for senrin 1t-a coneenledjx'lnt ront' and. back o` the body` po'xftionftor in` drnw'ers'fashion'lftoconttte stepafrate legs having substntallyoleed parnllelLin-sidenndoiitside f fr l14;. `A won'lnns undergnrment thel char.- ecter described' coigi'sing a; Skirt4 of.. `telit 125".

- wingiwbvdy .'.Orti Skirt for detuchahlylseouring the front' and bjngz'k thereof' together below-'the orotch'tb brjiliig into direct meetingrerletion dependingpor 139 4, t

'tions of the skirt to form. ,substantially closed legs independent of the securing closed legs independent of lthe Securing means at the crotch, seid means being armeans nt the crotch.' '1'\ "ranged tlv-remain in a position above the 15. A womans undergerment of the charlower margin of the skirt when in open ,-po- 15 5 noter described oo m lrising a skirt 'of relsstion.

" tively short length. evingu bod 'rtion, In testimony whereof I hereunto aix my und means near the bottom edgeo t e skirt' signature inl the presence of two witnesses.

for detnch'nbl securing the front and b sck BENJAMIN BIRKENFELD. thereof toget 1er below the crotch to bring Witnesses: 1o into direct meeting relation depending r- Leone WEIL, x

ti'ons of the skirt to form substantially Aun' STRAUss.

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