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Publication numberUS1278385 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 10, 1918
Filing dateJan 15, 1918
Priority dateJan 15, 1918
Publication numberUS 1278385 A, US 1278385A, US-A-1278385, US1278385 A, US1278385A
InventorsJared M Rickard
Original AssigneeJared M Rickard
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Folding support for strainers, &c.
US 1278385 A
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1 ,278,385 Patente Sept. 10, 1918.

ms Immers Persa: co.. wom-uws. :.Asnmc raw. n c

invrrnn sTaTns PATENT crimen.



To all whom t may concern.'

Be it known ,that I, JARED M. RIOKARD, a citizen of the `United States, residing at Pasadena, in the county of Los Angeles and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Folding Supports for Strainers, &c., of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates 4to a folding frame or support for strainers, etc., the primary object of the invention being to provide a support for holding coffee straining sacks or other articles while in use, which support may be readily and conveniently folded in close compass for storage or transportation.

A further object of the invention is to provide a folding frameor support of the character described which is simple of construction, reliable and eiicient in action,

and which embodies a minimum number of parts adapting the device to be economically manufactured.

The invention consists of the features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts, hereinafter fully described and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, in which Figure l is a perspective View of the folding frame or support as set up for use.

Fig. 2 is a vertical transverse section through the same, showing the mode of use of the device in supporting` a cloth strainer or the like.

Fig. 3 is a side view of the device in folded or collapsed condition.

Fig. 4 is a transverse section through the top of the device, showing another use of the invention.

Referring now more particularly to the drawing, my improved folding frame or support comprises a frame structure of substantially frusto-conical form. This frame structure consists of a bottom ring 1 formed of wire, and a pair of top rings 2 and 3, also formed of wire, and a pair of diametrically disposed standards or uprights 4 and 5 respectively connecting the said top rings 2 and 3 with the bottom ring 1.

As shown, the bottom ring 1 is provided at diametrically opposite sides with upstruck U-shaped keepers 6 and 7 while the rings 2 and 3 are respectively provided with similarly shaped down-bent keepers 8 and 9. The uprights or standards 4 and 5 are also formed of wire, and said standards have their end portions coiled to provide pivoted Specification of Letters Patent. Patentgd s431315, 10, 1918,

Application Ied January 15, 1918. Seria1'No.-211,949.

sleeves or eyes 10 and terminal stop arms 11, the sleeves 10 of the upright 4 p ivotally engaging the keepers 6 and 8, while the sleeves or eyes of the upright 5 pivotally engage the keepers 7 and 9. l

The rings 2 and 3, being formed of spring wire, are capable of expanding and contracting, and the ring 3 is made of slightly smaller diameter than the ring 2 or is adapted to be expanded so as to lie upon the interior thereof, whereby the ring 3 is adapted to serve as a locking member to hold the frame elements in set up condition and also as a clamping member to support a strainer rsack 12 or the like, as hereinafter described. The ring 3 is formed at intervals rwith an annular series of retaining tongues 13 adapted to projectv .beneath the ring 2,

Vwhen the support is set up, to further hold the two rings 2 and 3 in locking engagement and to prevent their disconnection and any liability of casual collapse of the frame.

The support is adapted to be set up by :disposing its elements into the position shown in Fig. 1, in whichv it will -be seen that theuprights 4 and 5 extend upwardly from the bottom ring 1, which may rest upon Ya floor, table or other foundation, and that said uprights 4 and 5 support the rings 2 and 3 at an elevation above the ring 1, the rings 2 and 3 being sprung into interlocking engagement, as described, and further held connected by the tongues 13, thus keeping the uprights 4 and 5 rigid and preventing said uprights or the rings from having relative pivotal motion on one another. When the parts are in the set up position shown in Fig. 1 the stop members 11 abut against the coperating keepers 8 and thus serve to limit the pivotal motion of the elements in one direction and to rigidly brace and support the parts in set up condition.

In Fig.v 2 I have shown one of the many and various uses to which my invention may be put, the device being shown in this instance as a support for a coffee straining sack 12, which depends from the upper rings 2 and 3 into the space bounded by the collapsible frame Vand is passed at its upper edge over the ring 3 and clamped between the same and the ring 2. To release this sack 12 for disconnection it is simply necessary to spring the ring 2 out of engagement with the ring 3, as will be readily understood. In Fig. 4 I have shown the device used as a support for a body of screen wire or similar material 14, clampedl as described between the frame rings, Which screen may serye as a grate, adapting the device to bey used over a camp fire or heater for cooking or analogous purposes. The device may be employed for clamping and supporting various Varticles of the character described, thus rendering it capable lof being used for many and varied purposes. flierrit is desired described my invention, I claim 2:-

1. A folding or collapsible frame support.

comprising ,a bottom ring, La pair of'top rings adapted for interlocking engagement with eacli'rotheigand folding uprights pivotally connecting Athe bottom ring.y with the respective top rings. v l

2. A folding frame support comprising a bottomlring, apaii of toprrings of resilient material .adaptedto be sprunginto interlocking engagement with eachv other, and nprights fpivotally connecting ,the bottom yto fold ory collapse the device, this is effected byv springing the rings ring with the top rings to adaptsaid rings a bottom ring, apair of resilient top ringsV adapted to be sprung into engagement with each other, one of said rings being adapted to lie Within the other, and one of said rings having tongues to engage beneath the other, and uprights pivotally connecting vthe botf toni ringivith the respective'top rings.

4f. 'A Vfolding frame support comprising,f.

a bottomring, a pair of top rings adapted for, interlocking engagement, said'rings havin L-U-shaped keepers offset therefrom, an,V upright vpivotallyy engaging .offsets of the bottom ring and one of the topi-ings and an upright pivotally engaging offsets of the bottoni ring and the other top rino:

5. A folding frame support*4 comprising a bottom ring having diametrically disposed U-shaped keepers, a pair of resilient `top rings eachhaving asimilar keeper,V` thekeepers of the top rings' beingdisposed to lie opposite each other, said top rings beingv adapted for interlockingengagement, andi uprights having coiled Y.portions Y forming eyes pivotally engaging the uprights ofthe bottom ring iviththe uprights ofthe respectivetop rings, said eyes being vprovided with terminal stops to abut against .the offsets Y and brace the frame elements when disposed p in set. up'y condition. A Y

In testimony. whereof I affixiny signature.

JARED M. iiiciann p' q Copifesof ,this patentpmaybe obtained for-ve cents each, by addressing the ffomxnissioncr of Patents,4

l I ,Wa,shington,D-,Q-ffx i Y Y

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