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Publication numberUS127900 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 11, 1872
Publication numberUS 127900 A, US 127900A, US-A-127900, US127900 A, US127900A
InventorsSamuel Lee
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Improvement in culinary utensils
US 127900 A
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' ASleets--Shvet 2 SAMUELLEE.

CuHnary UtensH. Y N0. 127,900, Patentedjune11,1872.

' "33h --Shl3.' SAMUEL LEE. ee e Culinary Utensil.

No. 127,900. l Patentedlungnnan.



Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 127,900, dated June ll, 1872.

To alt to whom 'thcscprcscnts shall como:

Be itv known that I, SAMUEL LEE, of Taunton, in the county of Bristol and State of Massachusetts, have made an invention of certain Improvements in Culinary Utensils; and do hereby declare the nature of my said invention, and the mode of carrying out the same, to be ascertained in and by the following specification, reference being had to drawing accompanying such specification, and in4 which- Figure 1 is a perspective. view of a fry-pan applied to its receiving-frame; Fig. 2, a perspective view of abroiler applied to each frame; Fig. 3, a perspective view of a griddle so applied; Fig. 4, a vertical longitudinal section of the various utensils when united together, while Fig. 5 is a perspective view of a kettle or stew-pan combined with a metallic frame; and Fig. 6, a vertical section of such stew-pan and frame; while Fig. 7 is a vertical section of the frame and griddle with a suitable cover.

On the 29th day of August, 1871, Letters Patent of the United States, number 118,462, were issued to me for improvement in combined gridiron, griddle, and frying-utensil, which Letters Patent were subsequently reissued on the 31st day of October following.

In the present instance I have employed substantially the same combination of utensils as described in said Letters Patent, but have combined therewith a`stew-pan of peculiar form, and have also changed the character of the griddle and its connection with the frame, in such manner as to be inclosed by the latter7 or the same and a suitable cover 5 the arrangement being such that, with or Without the cover, the fumes of the food cooked upon the griddle shall be conducte( downward through the stove, as hereinafter stated.

In the accompanying drawing, A denotes a metallic annular frame, similar to that described in my former patent, substantially of circular form in horizontal section, and provided with a handle, a, and a nose, b, made homogeneous therewith. The frame A terminates at bottom in a concentric rim, cl, adapted to enter the pot-hole of a stove or range, the diameter of the interior ofthe frame especially, at its lower part, expanding as it rises, in order that an ample area may be obtained for the reception of the article 'to be cooked,

ing ledge or lip and substantially circular in form, with the exception that its diameter is reduced at intervals, as shown at m, &c., in

order to create space or spaces between its periphery and the frame A for escape of smoke and odors, the said griddle being further provided with a loop or socket, a, for reception of a lifter,7 by which it may be inserted in the frame or removed therefrom, such griddle when in use being supported within the upper part of the frame by certain ribs or projections, o, made upon the latter. A suitable cover, H, is to be provided for closing the upper mouth of the frame A, the union of the frame, griddle, and cover being as shown in Fig. 7. The frying-pan is shown herein at C as a metallic pan' of such size in its greatest diameter as to enter and lill the frame A while resting upon the ledge c or upon the gridiron, should it beinterposed between them, the periphery of said fry-pan being reduced at several points, as shown at l, Ste., by which space or spaces are created between its periphery and the inner wall of the frame, through which fumes are carried into 'and through the stove or range by the draught of the chimney. If griddle cakes of any kind are to be baked, the fry-pan is removed, and also the broiler, if desired, and the griddle deposited Within the frame A, as before stated, and as shown in Fig. 7 of the drawings, the cover H being applied to the frame after the latter has been placed on the griddle, the draught of the stove serving to carry off all smoke or odors downward through the passages Z, and would probably have this et'ect, though in a less marked degree, without such cover. The griddle, in addition to its ordinary function of baking cakes, may serve to receive and keep hot the food taken from the broiler or fry-pan. F is the bail of the fry-pan, by which the latter may be carried to or from its place in the frame; but in lieu of this bail an integral handle may be adopted and the permanent handle of the griddle may be discarded for a socket formed thereupon, as int-he ease of the griddle before named. I in the drawing represents a kettle or stew-pan, of a diameter somewhat smaller than that of the lower and lesser mouth of the frame A, such pan being supported within the frame by three or four more ribs or studs, ppp, made upon its outer side, and which rest upon the lip or rim d, hereinbefore named, or the studs may be formed upon the frame and the kettle rest upon them. Steam or fumes generated within the stew-pan will be drawn thence downward through the space between such stew-pan and frame A, and this effect will be heightened by the use of the cover H, as in the case of the griddle, fry-pan, and gridiron.

I have in the specification of my Letters Patent before named referred to several inventions of analogous character made by other parties, and explained the difference between them and my own. ,p

I desire in my present specification to allude to suc-h reference.

2. The combination, with said metallic frame 4 l A and cover H, of the stew-pan I, under the arrangement shown and set forth.

3. A cooking utensil composed of the frame A, frying-pan G, gridiron B, and the griddle D, stew-pan I, and cover H, substantially as herein shown and set forth.



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