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Publication numberUS1279022 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 17, 1918
Filing dateFeb 26, 1917
Priority dateFeb 26, 1917
Publication numberUS 1279022 A, US 1279022A, US-A-1279022, US1279022 A, US1279022A
InventorsFrederick H Scott
Original AssigneeFrederick H Scott
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Combination vise and cutter.
US 1279022 A
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1,279,022. Patented Sept. 17,1918.

/6 glvwentoz FEJZ 02%;



. To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FREDERICK H. SCOTT, a subject of the King of Great Britain, residing at Louisville, 'inthe county of Jefferson, State of Kentucky, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Combination Vises and Cutters; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and eXact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it 'appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to a combined pipe bearing and cutting tool and has for an object the provision of a device of this character, the elements of which are so constructed and arranged as to require the agencyof but one person in their manipulation.

A further object of the invention is to provide atool as above specified which may be conveniently applied'and removed from a pipe, and one in which the clamping member when adjusted will serve as a guide for the cutting member to insure an even cut on the pipe.

The invention further proposes a combined bearing and cutter which may be em- .ployed upon cast iron, soil pipe or the like and thus obviate the use of the hammer and chisel for cutting purposes which frequently cracks the pipe and causes the same to leak.

Still another object is to provide a tool which shall embody the necessary qualities of simplicity, efficiency and reliability, which is convenient of manipulation and which may be; manufactured and marketed at a relatively low cost.

l/Vith the above and other objects of similar nature in View the invention consists in the construction, combination and arrangeinet of parts, set forth in and falling within the scope of the appended claim.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 shows a section of soil pipe or the like with the invention associated therewith 1 Fig. 2 is a view of one side of the device in partially open position,

Fig. 3 is a view of the opposite side with the parts closed, and

Fig; 4 is a section taken on the line 1-4 of Fig. 8.

Referring now more particularly. to the accompanying drawing the tool comprises generally speaking a clamping member constituting a bearing 10 and a cutting member 11. V c

7 Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Sept, 1"? 1918.

Application filed February 26, 1917. Serial No. 151,101.

diameter and arranged concentrically and in contact one with the other, their opposed faces being provided with oppositely directed continuous flanges 16 slidably interlocked as shown so as to connect theimem bers 10 and 11 for relative rotationabout a common axis.

f The ring of the clamping member 10 "is provided in one of its sections with an integral socket 17 in which is adjustably mounted a grippingjaw 18 an adjusting stem 19 being threaded as at 20 in said socket and having at its inner end a swivel connection 21 with the jaw 18 while a handle 22 is carried at its outer end. Each section of the ring is further provided with a stationary gripping jaw 23, the shank of which is fixed and secured in the jaw by lmeans of a machine screw 2 1.

The cutting member 11 is also provided in one of its half sections with a socket 25 in which a cutter head 26 is mounted and ad fjusted by means of a member 27 threaded as at 28 in the socket, said member having therein a squared recess 29 for the remov able insertion of a handle 30 by which the cutter head is adjusted. A rotating cutter 31, is mounted in the head 26 and is adjustable therewith for obvious reasons. The half sections of the cutting. members are each further provided with a rotating cutter 32, the pivot 33 of which is fixed in the related section. Provided at spaced intervals in the outer circumference of the cutter ring are squared recesses 34 in which the handle 30: is interchangeably engaged to rotate the cutter should the pipe be more or less inaccessible and thus prevent a complete rotation of the handle.

In applying the tool to a pipe, the fastening devices are released and the ring sec tions swung to open position asshown in Fig. 2 after which they are placed upon the pipe and closed and secured in a manner that is evident. The handle 22 is then rotated to adjust the jaw 18 and firmly clamp the vise member upon the pipe. The handle 20 is next inserted in the recess 29 to adjust the cutter 31 for the desired depth of cut and the cutting member is then rotated with respect to the vise member by means of said handle to sever the pipe in the ordinary manner, the handle 31 being at the same time rotated to required.

It will be noted that by reason of the interlocked flanges 16, the bearing member 10 will serve as a guide to maintain the cutter at all times in a position at right angles to the pipe thereby insuring a straight continuons cut upon the pipe. Furthermore by providing for a certain amount of play be tween the flange 16 the member 11 is capable of movement with respect to the member 10 at right angles to the axis thereof so that the stationary cutter 32 will be maintained'in cutting relation to the pipe as the cutter 31 is adjusted toward the stationary cutters.

\Vhat I claim is A tool of the character described, com- Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each by addressing the increase the depth of cut as prising a two part ring member having its 7 )arts hin ed to each other a catch carried by one part and detachably engageable with the other part to hold the ring closed, a socket extension formed on one part, a grip ping jaw slidable in the socket extension, an adjusting screw threaded in the socket extension and swiveled in. the jaw, a pair of gripping jaw members detachably engaged in the inner periphery of the ring in spaced relation to each other, a two part ring rota? tably connected with the first named ring at one side thereof and having its parts hinged to each other, rotatable cutters carried in the second named ring and protruding beyond the inner periphery thereof; and means on one part of the ring and active on one of the cutters to adjust the same.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature, in the presence 01 two witnesses.


Louis Boon, O. E. LITTERER.

W'I-ommissioner of Intent},

Washington, D. G.

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U.S. Classification30/96
Cooperative ClassificationB23D21/08