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Publication numberUS1279571 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 24, 1918
Filing dateApr 3, 1918
Priority dateApr 3, 1918
Publication numberUS 1279571 A, US 1279571A, US-A-1279571, US1279571 A, US1279571A
InventorsCharles E Moloney
Original AssigneeCharles E Moloney
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US 1279571 A
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APPLICATION FILED APR. a. 1918 1 ,279,57 1 i I Patented Sept. 24, 1918.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. 24, 1918.

Application filed April 3, 1918. Serial No. 226,366.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that 1, CHARLES E. MOLONEY,

a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Shields, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to portable protective shields or defensive armor for soldiers to afford shelter or defense from bullets, small-arms or machine-guns, shrapnel, particles of shells, and the like..

The prime aim of the invention is to provide a simple shield of this character which can be readily carried by the soldier and which will shelter and protect not only himself but one or more persons behind him. A. further purpose of the invention is to produce a shield of this style which will enable the soldier to see clearly ahead of him both at a distance and in the foreground, without exposing himself to the enemys fire. Also, the appliance is so constructed that its bearer hasno ditliculty in walking, plenty of room being provided for the movement of his feet and legs, and. in addition, if the soldier falls forwardly with the shield accidentally or intentionally, his rifle which is attached to it, is in position for quick detachment and use. The construction is such that if occasion requires, the soldier can discard the shield and be entirely unhampcred for quick work of any kind. Furthermore, the appliance is so made that the user may shoot through a protected aperture therein and, if desired, the shield may be placed and properly supported in an inclined position resting on one edge, so that the soldier may lie flat or crouch behind it and clearly observe what is happening in front of him and shoot while thus fully protected if necessary. Additionally, the shield may readily be used as a cover for a trench, thus affording shelter against aerial or other attacks, it may advantageously be used as a protection for doorways or windows, or may be employed as a stretcher in an emergency.

The attainment of these and other desirable objects will be readily understood from a consideration of a preferred embodiment of the invention, illustrated in the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specification and throughout the various views of which like reference characters refer to the same parts, and described in detail below.

In this drawing:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the improved shield as viewed from the rear thereof;

Fi 2 is a rear elevation of the appliance;

Fig. 3 is a central vertical section through the device, and

Fig. 4. is a plan view of the same.

The novel and improved appliance comprises a metal-plate 10 of a thickness and character adapted to Withstand bullets, pieces of shell, etc., its upright length being sufficient to reach from a position above the head of the bearer to a point nearly reaching the ground, thus fully and adequately protecting the shoulder in vital as well as minor parts. As is clearly shown, this plate is curved transversely a moderate an'iount for deflection purposes, as well as to atl'ord a slight lateral protection to the bearer. The plateor shield is designed to be carried by the soldier in front of him by means of two padded straight arms or rods 11 and 12 removably screwed into sockets 13, 1 which arms are intended to rest on his shoulders, by which means the greater portion of the weight is borne, and to assist. in carrying such weight as well as to aid in hold the shield in the desired position, the back "'9. thereof is conveniently equipped with a p of spaced handles 1/ and 15 in suitable position to be grasped by the bearer. By these means the shield may be held a short distance ahead of the soldier carrying it, thereby permitting adequate and full freedom of movement of the legs and feet. In order to eliminate danger of the lower portion of the shield striking an object resting on or embedded in the ground, such for example, as a stone or tree stump, and causing the soldier and shield to fall forwardly, its lower edge portion 16 may be bent back somewhat as illustrated, so that if such an obstruction is encountered, it will tend to deflect or raise the shield and facilitate its passage over it.

To enable the soldier to have a clear view ahead without danger to himself, the top portion of the shield at the back is equipped with a periscope 17 positioned in front of the eyes when the shield is resting on the shoulders, whereby the soldier readily looks over the top of the shield, without risk. Such top edge of the metal-plate may be cut away at 18 so that no part of the periscopc need appear or project above the upper mar gin of the plate. To permit the soldier with the shield to view'the ground just immediately in advance of the protector, the latter has a narrow horizontal slot 19 equipped. on the front side of the shield or guard performs the function of an inclined protector for the opening, whereby, although the soldier may look through the opening at the ground ahead of him, he is free from danger from this source. The

rear face of the shield has also a plurality of spring-clips 22 and a Wire or other suitable pocket 23 adapted to hold a rifle 24, in the manner indicated. If for any reason the soldier shouldfall over forwardly with the shield, the rifle is in position to be quickly grasped for immediate use. It will be understood, therefore, that as the soldier advances with the shield, he is able to have a good view of what is ahead of him, not only of distantobjects, but also those directly in front of him, by means of the periscope and the slot. By shifting his eyes he can readily avail himself of the one or the other. In this way he has no difficulty in determining the course to be traveled and the avoidance of obstructions,.and at the same time he is fully and adequately shielded and protected from injury. If occasion requires, he can discharge bullets by small fire-arms through the shield opening, lifting the vizor or guard temporarily sufliciently for that purpose. Inasmuch as the shield is in no way directly fastened to the bearer, it can be readily discarded in an emergency. As has been specified, the rifle mounted on the shield is in proper position for quick use provided the shield falls or is'thro-wn down forwardly.

It is also possible to advantageously employ the shleld by resting it on the ground either vertically or horizontally and when in the latter relation it will maintain its own position by reason of one of the arms 11 or 12 acting as a supporting strut or brace. Under such conditions, the-soldier may lie flat or crouch behind the inclined shield and nevertheless look around it by means of the periscope or view the things in front of him through the opening. Also, as has been indicated, the shield may be used as a protecting device over the top of a trench or over doors or windows, and in some instances, may possibly be advantageously employed as a stretcher.

To those skilled in this art it will be clear that the invention is not necessarily restricted and limited to the precise and exact structural features illustrated and described and that these may be modified within comparatively wide limits. without departure from the substance and essence of the invention and Without the sacrifice of any of its substantial benefits and advantages.

I claim:

1. A shield of the character described equipped with means whereby it may be carried by the soldier to protect himself comprising a plate of suitable dimensions, a pair of substantially-straight rearwardlyextended arms adapted to rest on the shoulders of the bearer, pairs of carrying handles of different heights adapted to render assistance in the carrying of the shield, a periscope mounted on the shield in position for use by the person carrying the latter, the shield having an opening therethrough in such position that the bearer thereof may view the foreground in front of the shield, whereby the carrier of the shield by. the duplex means has an extended range of vision, substantially as described.

2. A shield of the character described equipped with means whereby it may be carried by the soldier to protect himself comprising a transversely-curved metal sheet of suitable dimensions bent or deflected rearwardly at its lower portion to avoid obstructions, a pair of substantially-straight rearwardly-extended arms adapted to rest on the shoulders of the bearer, pairs of carrying handles of different heights on said shield, a periscope mounted on the shield in position for use by the person carrying the latter by said arms, the shield having an opening therethrough in such a position that thebearer thereof may view the foreground in front of the shield whereby the carrier of the shield 'by the duplex means has an extended range of vision, and a hinged adjustable shutter for said opening, substantially as described.


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