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Publication numberUS1279820 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 24, 1918
Filing dateAug 27, 1917
Priority dateAug 27, 1917
Publication numberUS 1279820 A, US 1279820A, US-A-1279820, US1279820 A, US1279820A
InventorsWerner A A Brassard
Original AssigneeWerner A A Brassard
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Illuminated note-pad.
US 1279820 A
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Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. 24, 1918.

Application filed August '27, 1917. Serial No. 188,513.

To all whom it may concem:

Be it known that I, WERNER A. BRAS- sARD, a subject of the King ofEngland, re-

siding at New York city, New York, have invented certain new and useful mprovements in Illuminated Note-Pads, .of which compact easily carried means for holdingl said paper in position to be written onand for simultaneously illuminatingV the sameV without, however, permitting such illuminat1on to attract the attention of a hostile observer. A further object is to provide an arrangement by which duplicate copies ofk the memoranda may be made, one copy to be removed and transmitted, and the other copy to be retained by thewriter.

Further objects and advantages will appear from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of my invention, 0n line 1-1 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the same;

Figs. 3 and 4 are side and end views, respectively, with the cover closed; and

Fig. 5 shows,von a larger scale, a crosssection Ln line 5 5 of Fig. 1.

The preferred embodiment of m invention comprises a container prefera ly of a size and shape to conveniently t into a coat pocket. The container consists of a casing 2 with a cover 4 pivoted at one end thereto and adapted to be held closed by a latch 6 at the other end. At the opposite ends of the casing, two spools 8 and l0 are rotatably carried on slidable pins 11 and 12, which may be drawn outward to permit the re`- moval and replacing of the spools. The sockets 13 for the heads of the pins 12 form the pivots for the cover 14. The Hanges 14 of the spools are knurled and their knurled edges are positioned substantially in the plane of the light transmitting plate to be hereinafter described in order that they l may be readily rotated by the user. Curved sheet springs 16 and 18, carried on the rear wall of the casing, prevent the contents of the spools from becoming loose thereon or unwinding therefrom except when desired.

Across the upper side` ofthe casing, between the rollers 8 and 10, extends a plate 20 formed of light-permeable material which is preferably translucent, such as frosted or ground-glass, or the like. Behind the plate 20 is fitted a reflector 22, at the center of which is mounted the electric lamp 24. Between the reiector and the back wall of the casing is acompartment .26 opening at v27 through one side Wall of the casing, and adapted to removably receive a flat electric cell 28. 4 l

The closure 34 for the open side of the and carries on its inner side a metallic spring 39 mounted on the insulating support 40; this spring serves at theA same `timeto connect one terminal of the cell 28 tothe conductor 38, which is insulated from the walls 0f the compartment and leads to one terminal of the lamp, and also to force the cell inwardly so that its other terminal makes contact with the metallic pin 37. On this pin 37 is slidably mounted a metal strip 30 which, by means of the projection 32, may be slid into or out of contact with the end of the conductor connected to the other terminal of the lamp, and thus complete or break the circuit containing the cell and the lamp.

The spool 8 carries a double roll of writing paper, that is, of paper suitable to re ceive a written record. This roll comprises two superposed strips 40 and 42, the strip 42 having its undersurface, that is, the surface adjacent the strip 40, provided with a transfer coating of carbon or the like. When the device is ready for use, the free end portion of the strip 42 overlies the outer surface of the light-permeable plate 20, while the free end portion of the strip 40 is carried on the spool 10, an intermediate portion of this strip lying between the end portion of the strip 42 and the plate 20. There are thus provided two sheets of paper overlying the plate'20, which sheets will be illuminated sutliciently by the lamp 24 when the switch 32 is closed to make it possible to write legibly on the upper sheet, such writing being duplicated on the under Sheet by' compartment 26 is held in place by latches,

vided a spring held roller 44 arranged to bear lightly upon the upper surface of strip 42. This roller coperates with the spring 16 and springs 16 and 18 to keep the strips 40 and 42 drawn flat and smooth over the plate 20. Other rollers 46 serve to guide and support the strip between the spools and the ends of the plate 20.

When the portions of the strips above plate 20 have been filled or when a note is completed, the spool lO'is rotated to wind. thereon the strip 40, the strip 42 being drawn forward therewith until the written portions have passed beyond the end of the plate 10. In order to facilitate the detachment of the used portion from the end of the strip 42, a metal bar or blade 68 is mounted across the end of the plate 20 adjacent the spool 10. y v

The cover 4 is provided with depending sides 70, one of which may be provided with loops 7 2 for holding a pencil 7 4. When the pad is in use," the cover 4 may be held in position to cut oli, from anyone except the user, the light that passes beyond the strip 42. It is obvious of course, that an independent strip of carbon paper may be used in place ofthe transfer coating on the underside of the stri 42, or that either strip 40 or 42 and the Carson coating may be ldispensed with, or that other strips similar to 42 may be added. Additional lights, if required, ma be connected to the cell 28.

n order to meet the different conditions of practical use, the invention may be other- Wise variously modified and may receive other embodiments than that herein, specifically disclosed; and the appended claims are, Within the limits defined by the state of the art,'to be interpreted as including all such modifications and embodiments.

What Il claim is 1. A device of the class described, com;

prising in combination a casing having a movable cover and being of pocket size, adapted to be grasped by one hand, said cover being adapted to be opened and closed by the other hand, the cover side of the said casing having va light-permeable section, illuminating means back 0f said section, completely housed and hidden in said casing except through said light-permeable section, and means located at one end ofsaid casing and beyond one edge of said section for holding a sheet of writing paper adapte/dto` overlie the outer surface of said light-permeable section.

2. A device of the class described, comprising in combination a casing of pocketsize adapted to be grasped by one hand, one side of the casing having a light-permeable section, illuminating means located in said casing always back of said section, a spool located in one end .of said casing to one side of said illuminating means and beyond one Lacasse edge of said light-permeable section, said spool having a ange, the edge of which is adjacent the plane of said light-permeable section whereby said spool may be rotated, means for protecting said spool against direct light from said illuminating means, and a strip of writing paper on said spool arranged to have successive portions thereof positioned over the outer surface of said light-permeable section.

3. An illuminated note pad, comprising the combination of a casing, a source of light therein, a reflector for the light, a dat lightpermeable section secured to the edge of said reflector at one side of said casing, the back of said casing receiving the pressure on said light-permeable section through the medium of said reflector, and means to one side of said section and reector and at one end of said casing for holding a sheet of paper to be imposed on said section when it is desired to write on'it.

4. A device of the class described, comprising in combination a casing of pocket size adapted to be grasped by one hand, one side of said casing having a light-permeable section, illuminating'means in said casing located at a point back of said section and completely housed and hidden lin said casing except through said light-permeable section, a spool in said casing, a strip of paper wound on said spool and having its free end portion overlying said light-permeable section, a second strip of paper having one end portion wound on said spool and having an intermediate portion lying between said light-permeable portion and said first strip, said first strip having a carbon coating on its underside, means for winding up the other end portion ,of the second strip to bring successive portions of said strips over said light-permeable section, said illuminating means being located between said spool and said winding means, flanges on said spool and winding-up means having roc their edges adjacent the plane of said lighted in said casing adjacent one end of said plate, and means for excluding direct rays of light from said spool.

6. A device of the class described comprising, in combination, a shallow casing, said casing having-a central back compartment, an electric cell in said compartment, a light-permeable plate having a support from said compartment, an electric vlarnp connected to said cell to illuminate said plate and located between said compartment and plate, and a paper carrying spool rotatably mounted in each end of said casing, the device composed of Said parts being self-contained.

7. A device of the class described, comprising the combination of a casing of pocket size adapted to be grasped by one hand, a at light-permeable plate at one side of said casing, and adapted to support a writing sheet, an electric cell located in said casing, a circuit closer positioned on said casing to be operated by said hand, an electric lamp in said casing and havingconnections within said casing whereby it is connected with said cell for illuminating said plate when said circuit closer is operated, and a spool rotatably mounted in said casing for supplying said writing sheet,said

spool having flanges with their edges adjacent the plane'of said light permeable section whereby sai-d spool may b e rotated.

8. A device of the character described, comprising the combination of a casing, a at light-permeable plate at one side of said casing and adapted to support a writing sheet, an electric cell located in said casing, an electric lamp in said casing and connected with said cell for illuminating said plate, a

reector for said lamp constituting the direct support for said plate, and a spool rotatably mounted in said casing for supplying said writing sheet.

Signed at New' York, N. Y., this 21 day of August, 191'?.

Witnesses C. T.. NEAL, B. MIEVIS.

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