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Publication numberUS1280619 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 1, 1918
Filing dateMar 8, 1915
Priority dateMar 8, 1915
Publication numberUS 1280619 A, US 1280619A, US-A-1280619, US1280619 A, US1280619A
InventorsLucie M Leick
Original AssigneeLucie M Leick
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US 1280619 A
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1,280,619. Pafqented 001;. 1, 1918.

4 ZZZCZB M11910? sense of being capable of having opposite sides put to different uses.




To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, LUCIE M. LEIoK, a

citizen of the United States,residing at Los' My object has been to providei'a-desk vwhich while little more expensive to produce will exercise its ordinary utilitarian function to the extent required by the teachers needs and at the same time without sub stantial interference therewith afford a mis" eellaneous character of interest in fulfilment of the most essential branches of training prescribed for the pupils in the lowest grade classes of public school instruction. At present sense training constitutes an increasingly important phaseof the beginners curriculum and necessitates a considerable assortment of articles such. as color display slips, geometrical forms, pictures and miniatu-re implements all of which should be sys- I tematically stored away when not in use' and yet be readily accessible.

To this end my desk includes a plurality of suitably proportioned and ingeniously arranged compartments besides shelves, cupboards, insert holes, removable tables, fold ing blackboard all so designed as to permit of being compactly encompassed within the available confines of the size of desk selected.

The inventive conception is associated with elements which are hereinafter explained and variously combined in the claims. While the annexed drawing and particular description thereof set forth the 4 exemplify one of many diversified mechani preferred form embodying my invention, it should be understood that the means merely cal forms with which the principle of my invention may be properly applied.

Like numerals of reference will. be found to designate like parts throughout the several views on the drawing in which:

I Specification of Letters Pate-nt. Application filed March 8,1915. Serial No. 12,869.

Patented Figure I is a perspective view' of the vention when collapsed and closed;

.Fig. II is a perspective view of site or pupils side ofthe desk Fig. III is a similarview showing certain parts extendedand others opened up.

Looking first to Fig. I'which depicts' what I term the teachers side ofthed'esk', the

the oppoteachers side of the desk embodying my instructure may be said to. comprise a facing 1, ends 2, the common medial cut-out portion 3 to permit of a comfortable sittingtherebefore, a series of drawers 4 on each side, a larger drawer at the left and two smaller drawers at the right. The top I have designated with the reference numeral 5.

Directing attention next'to Figs. II and III which illustrate the opposite side of the desk or that side which faces the pupils, the

opposite facing or framing between the ends '2 has been supplied with a numeral 6. The

entiretop 5' is hinged on the teachers side of the desk in orderthat it may be swung upwardly as shown in Fig. III to=revefal on its innersurface a blackboard 7 upon which illustrations of a more permanentcharacter,

than markings on a blackboard ordinarily imply, may be drawn." Underneath the top 5 are a plurality of rather shallow interconnecting partition members 8 which together form in this instance nine compartments 9. One of the partition members separately designated as 10 is seen to be somewhat thicker and separates two larger compartments 11 and a pair of drawers 11 at one end. The partition member '10 is fashioned in its upper surface with a plurality of openings 12. At the opposite end of the desk a folding table 13 is attached, and this may be supported upon legs 14 as shown in Fig. III'or collapse to the position seen in Fig. II. Along one edge of the table 13 a 4 plurality of openings 15 are provided.

The pupils side of the desk furthermore includes a door 16 opening into a rather large compartment 17 to be occupied by a globe or otherwise partly shown in Fig. III. Another door 18 leads to a compartment which incloses a number of shelves 19. Still another door 20 of maximum height at the opposite end closes a compartment 21 adapted as a table nest such that a plurality of progressively smaller tables 22 may be placed therein.

The compartments 9 are to be filled with difi'ering objects employed in modern day sense training, some with geometrical forms, others with pictures, etc. The compartments 11 while intended to serve the same purpose are obviously adapted for the reof suggesting a construction of a school desk which answers all the purposes of a regular teachers desk, and additionally or as an auxiliary purpose a ready-to-hand cabinet adapted for the practising of sense training principles.

I claim:

1. A school desk comprising a box-like structure having separate and distinct opposite sides, one being adapted for the exclusive use of the teacher and the other for the joint use of both teacher and pupils, the teachers as one such side including a cutout portion opening at the floor, the other side including a plurality of cupboards, a top hinged along the upper edge of said first mentioned side and extending across to the upper edge of the opposite or pupils side and a plurality of compartments beneath said to and adapted to be accessible all together, whenever the latter by itself is swung upwardly, said top having its lower surface fashioned as a blackboard whereby said compartments whereby said blackboard is presented toward the pupils when in its raised position, one of said partition members being fashioned in its upper surface with a plurality of openings, drawers in one of said compartments, a plurality of vertically extending partition members forming cupboards below said compartments and all opening in a direction toward the pupils,

so as to be readily accessible while the teacher is before the said elevated blackboard, and a folding table pivotally attached to one end of said desk and adapted to be supported substantially flush with the top surfaces of said partition and adapted to afford ready support for miscellaneous articles produced by the teacher from the pupils side of said blackboard.

Signed by me, this 17th day of February,


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