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Publication numberUS1280687 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 8, 1918
Filing dateJan 31, 1917
Priority dateJan 31, 1917
Publication numberUS 1280687 A, US 1280687A, US-A-1280687, US1280687 A, US1280687A
InventorsFrank C Dudley
Original AssigneeFrank C Dudley
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Automatic sterilizing instrument-case.
US 1280687 A
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Patented Oct. 8, 1918;


y PM, w


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Oct. refs.

Application filed January 31, 1917. Serial No. 145,595.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FRANK C. DUDLEY,

a citizen of the United States, residing at- .and useful Improvements in Automatic sterilizing Instrument-Cases, of which the following is a specification.

My invention has relation to improvements in the casing of surgical instruments as hypodermic syringes or clinical thermometers, and the object of the invention is to provide suitable means for immersing the instrument on syringe in an antiseptic solution in connection with a spring valve action within the casing. With these ends in view the invention consists in the novel construc-. tion and combination of the several parts as will be hereinafter more in detail described and the asserted novelty specifically claimed.

I have fully and clearly illustrated my invention in theaccompanying drawings in which,

Figure 1 represents a sectional elevation showing the spring depressed in the casing and the needle of. a hypodermic syringe lowered.

Fig. 2 represents the valve spring located in the lower part of the casing, also a filling-of lambs wool or similar material in a relaxed position. Fig. 3 is a detail View.

Referring more in detail to the drawings, A designates a casing of peculiar construction comprising a long tubular section, having windows a and a shorter section of glass tubing a, the latter telescoping within the former.

B designates a coiled spring located nearmaterial preferably lambs-wool located in the lower portion of the longer section a of the casing and in which a spring valve action is produced conjointly with the lambswool, a solution, and spring E designates a short slidable tube, one and the lower end of this tube is seated on the upper end of the spring B, supporting the lambs-wool and said. tube being operated by the aforesaid spring. When the casing is filled with two drams of antiseptic solution as 70 per cent. of alcohol this solution, when the spring is pressed down as shown in Fig. 1, comes up above the porous material of lambs-wool, and when thesyringe is removed the spring raises the lambs-wool up and creates a suction which draws allof the solution below, making or performing a-spring valve action, as hereinbefore stated, so that the solution will not leak out even if the casing is inverted, or positioned in any manner. This spring valve action I deem as of the first importance as it can be used in thermometers and all other instruments of a like character to which it may be adapted, and it is desired to be understood that I do not confine myself to hypodermic syringes per se, but, as previously stated, all other instruments of a like character.

The shorter section or cap of the casing may be conveniently placed on the opposite. end of the case, if desired. The syringe can be carried in the pocket, and is always sterile and readyv for use.

What I claim as new'and desire to secure by letters patent, is:

The combination with a sectional casing I of a coil spring mounted in the lower portion thereof, wool or like substance mounted on the upper end of the spring and a tube resting on and compressing the wool when the tube is depressed by inserting a syringe within the sectional casing.

In'testimony whereof I aifix my signature in the presence of two witnesses.

FRANK C. DUDLEY. Witnesses: I


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U.S. Classification206/210, 206/365
Cooperative ClassificationA61L2/26, B65D81/22