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Publication numberUS1281587 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1918
Filing dateMay 2, 1918
Priority dateMay 2, 1918
Publication numberUS 1281587 A, US 1281587A, US-A-1281587, US1281587 A, US1281587A
InventorsJanko Kovachevich
Original AssigneeJanko Kovachevich
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Waste-receptacle for domestic use.
US 1281587 A
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om 11 9 5 1 h 0 0 d e t am D1 $TATES PATENT OFFTQE.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Oct. 15, 1918.

Application filed May 2, 1918. SeriaLNo. 232,012.

Indiana, having invented certain new and. useful Improvements in Waste-Recep tacles. for Domestic Use,of which the following is a specification.

One of the general objects of my invention is to provide sanitary receptacles for household waste, such as ashes, garbage, empty bottles, cans, and the like.

Another object is to provide separate,'

localized containers, for each receptacle, and arrange the containers so that the receptacles may conveniently and readily be removed therefrom, from either side of the container.

And still another object of my invention is to build the containers 1n separate, stationary units and provide simple and convenlentv means for jolning a plurality of the units together, in a series of as many units as desired, for as many different sorts of debris,

rubbish, or cast-away materials.

Other, further and more specific objects of my invention will become readily apparent to ersons skilled in the art, from a consideration of the'following description when taken in conjunction with the drawings, wherein f Figure 1 shows a view, in elevation, of a series of connected-together containers for receptacles, with parts in section.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the same, showing parts in section.

Fig. 3 is a section taken on line 8-3 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 4: is a Fig. 1. y

In all the views the same reference charactors are employed to indicate similar parts.

The entire structure is shown as being section taken on line 14 of made of sheet metal and preferably of gal- 5 hinged, as at 6, to the highest of the inclined walls, and a side door or opening 7 hinged, as at 8. This side door may be open on the rear, asshown in Fig. 3, or in the front, as shown in Fig. 1. Or if desired, two doors, similar to that shown as indicated by the reference character 7, may be lunged to the containers, one on one side of the container and one on the other side, so that when the containers are placed in certam localities the receptacle 10 may be re- .moved from the front or the rear of the container. The receptacle 10 is a hollow, preferably round drunr with its .upper end open and adapted to be located immediately under the inwardly deflected or inclined wall 11, having a circular opening 12. -The opening is smaller than the internal diameter of the receptacle 10, so thatwhen the door 5 is open and refuse is placed in the I container on the wall 11, it will slide, by force of gravity, into the receptacle 10. The corners 13 of the wall 11, are rounded so that the surface may. be easily and quickly cleaned, and therefore the wall or plate does not provide sharp angular corners within which to contain dirt, orthe like.

Each of the covers 5 is provided with a handle 14 by which it may be lifted and each of the doors is provided with a lock 15 that may be used to lock the containers in which J the receptacles 10 are inclosed.

The side walls of adjacent containers contain perforations near the upper and lower portion thereof, which perforations. register, and are adaptedto containstaple like fastening devices 16, with laterally outturned ends, through which a tapered pin 17 may be passed to hold adjacent containers together. A frame 20 having legs'21 may be provided upon which to support the respective containers and inclosed receptacles.

Openings 22 may be made in the containers to provide ventilation and these openings may be covered; with Wire cloth, as shown in Fig. 3, to prevent entrance of insects into the containers and receptacles.

The containers are of such character that they cannot be upset by animals, such as dogs, or the like, and the doors or covers 5 cannot be removed or opened by such animals togain access into the containers and receptacles.

In the use of the device the receptacles 10 are removed from the containers and cartied to a wagon that is employed to haul the material away. and after being emptied,

having a loop adapted to project through, the registering openings andphaving out-' bage or rubbish, maybe employed, connected .together, or as many units for the different kinds of such material may be used wlthout in the sidewalls thereof adapted to register with the corresponding openings in the adj acent containers, staple-like fastening means turned ends to engage the inside surface of the sides of one of the containers and also having .atapered pin adapted to pass through said loop on the inside of the adjacent container whereby the containers are detachably connected together. v

2, An article of manufacture including a container, rectangular in horizontal cross section and having a top door and a rear door and also having an inwardly and downwardly inclined member near the top door provided with a central opening therethrough soas to form a directing chute, one side of the container being provided with an opening and the other side of the container being provided with a loop member adapted to project through a registering opening on an adjacent container and adapted vto re- 'ceive means whereby said container may be coupled to an adjacent container.

Intestimony whereof Ihereunto set my hand.---.l


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