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Publication numberUS1282020 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 22, 1918
Filing dateMay 20, 1918
Priority dateMay 20, 1918
Publication numberUS 1282020 A, US 1282020A, US-A-1282020, US1282020 A, US1282020A
InventorsJeanne A Anderson
Original AssigneeJeanne A Anderson
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US 1282020 A
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90mm .d Oct.

In va 14501 Jeanmgjnerson JLEI'ENE A. ANDERSON, 0F QMAHA, NEBRASKA..


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Get. 22, i

Application filed may 20, i918. Serial No. 235,723.

eonsists ci? the nevel conion and arrangement of n herein and claimed, and

,l .v accompanying drawing,

is a. vn side elevation of the F a vien7 of the tool,

n, the reverse side to l n T1ig. 3 is an enlarged teiating t fl is a plan L the socket or penciliolder. Fig. 5 l vieu' cn line 5 5 olig. 4, p being omitted, Fig. 6 is a section through the sleeve on line 'ng new to 'the drawing for a more description, l provide a stri substantially uniform Width and thicklng slot 9 formed tierein of subsy uniform "Width, said slet havin a i nearly equal to the len 0th of the strip, Q aving .indices marked t. ereon at longindinai iz'iteiw'als.y as clearly shown in the .ring tier indicating linear measurements,

scale-strip. id cated e pivot-post, its upper iear its convergent lower end with i? 'formed between the it 'lie r A .lith of the strip 8, end-pertion f5 bent to engaging in said s, and it will be r may be held npfl tapered part `von a pa; sheet 'which scalestrip may have t, the stationary post tune enter of said. movement,

t groove being subneedle a said post being Numeral 11 indicates a socket-member, slide or pencil-holder, consisting of a sleeve e provided, to project transverselvfrom its side, With a palr of resilient1 parallel plates or arms f and g, connectedat their upper edges and thereby forming a recess substantially of inverted U-shape in cross-section, for receiving the scale-strip, said plates having suitable apertures for receiving a setscreW l2, the aperture of the plate y having a threaded wall 7L.

As best shown in Figs. l and 4, the plate g is provided with a rectilinear Wall c, dis-V posed at right-angles thereto and parallel with the longitudinal axis of the sleeve, this being a matter of convenience in the use of the device.

The parts thus described may be used to great advantage for drawing curves or circles. After a pencil m has been disposed in the sleeve as shown in Figs. l and 2 it may be secured therein against longitudinal movements by the set-screw which is threaded in the wall f, the set-screw bearing upon the plate g and operating, when rotated, to cause the resilient plates to move. toward each other for coincidently compressing the pencil in the sleeve and securing the pencilholder in stationary relation with the scalestrip.

The device, as described, may have any desired length or proportion, and in instances Where a greater length than ordinary is required, the scale-strip, at its distal end, is provided with a roller or caster n, the pintle p of the caster being preferably provided and circumscribed by a spring s disposed in the housing or cylindrical terminal part t of said strip, a Washer w being interposed between the head of the pintle and the upper end of the housing and suitabiy secured thereto. i

The device is very convenient in use for any of the purposes mentioned. The holder ll may be readily mounted upon the scalestrip since the plates f and g are not connected at their lower ends, and the pencilhelder may have slidable movements on the strip", the stem of the screw engaging in the slot 9. After the pencil-holder has been adjusted to a suitable distance from the post it may be secured by the means described,' the advanta e of the Wall ic, during said v adjustment, eing that it will operate as a guide 'for conveniently disposing the convergent end Iof the pencil at any prede s auf pal-albi Said pos-. a "hoder-membe incudin 11 pall Oppos stance, in th drafting-tod, if; L wie@ ded at one of "ih .L- sred to mark a cfmv: Qlongaed Wall iol movement of '510 mmm sheet, 01 0th@ sur Ming devc, G11@ of reclinea N151 l, elongated Wall and Y pm 01' said. mined, -longaG-G.

being adapao. to be dm i paeea opposed sides and no@ lf-S'Qslidabmovements for aib A S lmlgtl;l"'1mlly of the strip, and svosed in the slot of said Strip id plaies for p1 ng 'the Qir ,3 and for pfesbng i Y; n all agamSt me man,

loyed, bu?, Castel* 1S oit Lw Vel-geni; :lV 5i-Umm) P1 vided 'n a i Y

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U.S. Classification33/27.3
Cooperative ClassificationB43L9/04