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Publication numberUS1282429 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 22, 1918
Filing dateDec 18, 1916
Priority dateDec 18, 1916
Publication numberUS 1282429 A, US 1282429A, US-A-1282429, US1282429 A, US1282429A
InventorsJoseph W Jones
Original AssigneeJoseph W Jones
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Rotary gas-engine.
US 1282429 A
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APPLICATlON FILED DEC. 18, I9l6. 1,282,429; Patented Oct.'22,1918;


J? 4; if




1,282,429. Patented Oct. 22, 1918.

3 SH} EETSSHEET 2. 2 26 /J/ a A) V A? A? J7 J6 Z3 I /6' J. W. JONES.

ROIARY GAS ENGINE. I APPLICATION HLED DEC-18, 196- 1,282,429. Patented Oct. 22, 1918.

3 SHEETS-SHEET 3- w mu! i i ironic own-10E."

JC SEPH W. JQNES, '5 5 53131132, IliLZ'NOIS.

EL-OTlRTZ' oAo-Enomii Implication film December 1%, 191a." gcriol No. 1373335. 1.0mm

To all a r/"win it may; conccrii it known iliutif, .losnrir' "W. JOKES,

a citizen oi the lfnitocl Stnts, residing at Joliel in ino county of Willa, of lllinois, lwvo invented CGiLfllli new and i mu; l (lolioreln' declare the following ill be 2i full. cleoi x zin-Li exact oesoripiion of ilic invention, such as will enable others iii-{lilo art no which it oppcriuins to nml-Ie and uso the 831139.

This invention rol 'los no a new and iinproved rol'ary rev'ersaiblo internal minibustion engine uiili special reference to that typo oi? rol'zir no wherein there provided xi .Q'ilL. linil'eis which may rovolvc ZibOill n ,os' alriii, or the i'ryliniloro may be: held stationary and tho slni it made to rm'olvo,

(loo iinimri'ani objoc of tlio inronlion icflin'i irm'o and sii'npli'liy the general construction of engines of this clmrmtter, wherein iglio (lEllCEil'B pin-ls commonly oinploycrl are rit-ilucail to 21 minimum, all i'oives :iml vulw mechanism tiinin and Water cooling device? liming clifiponocll with.

i lTll(:SOCGHLl iin 'iortunt olijcci of the invention is to provide on improiml form of migino \Ylivroin t-licro will lie A complete cycle of four UpMflllOnS in each cylinder luring each revolution of? tho cylinders or Shaft with reference to n ('Ffidlil movable port of Said engine lioroiimftor r-nllccl ilie \TllTfl ploto.

The tliii'i i important ol'ijerl is to provide an improved (llglllt that may iio constructed in ill, form of a rotary typo wherein all of the Working parts will be "ozn'lily 21ml con- Yonionilyucoossihlo iior repairs, oiljustn'iont or ropiiiosincni,

The louriiii' ini mrinni? object of ilic invention to provide two -el; of clinilers wherein liolli sols o1 QlillPlKfii tlioin may be opvi'ziicil at will 21ml \Ylwroin one not of oi'liniki's may lio rendered inlCtlVQ Wiil'lfifili allowing llio o wmiion of the i'cn'niining ovlimlorri or musing tlicni lo lose oiiicioncy through ilioir oporziiion the pistons in the idlo v linilorsy and n'lioroi'n said i llo vylin- (lors and pistons continue to revolve so not to destroy the centrifugalbalance of the cnginc.

The filth iinporlant object, of 'tlio invenrion in tho prmision of on nnpro'v-o l engine nflioroin (lie engine may rlriie Rliziii Zorimrd or backward unii' illQ slniii ow sl'ziriod,

Specification of Letters Patent.

skilled minim-9d out, 22,1918.

"2 am am iii? stopped or reversed without disconnecting the same from the machine it is driving, all

i oicl movements being accomplished withchamber ancl capablg, of being'thorough'ly lulirio-iitecl by the splash system and immersion in oil, thus also rendering them noiseless.

The seventh important object of the inrentionis to provide a compact, high-speed motor Witlr'zi relatively small number of ports that can lac cheaply constructed having' a nigh power per unit. of size and weight, and of the air-ooolc l cylinder typo espe oially suitable for use in automobiles, although not limited to such use. I

l i itli the above objects in View, as will be hereinafter set forth the invention consists in general of certain novel details of construction and combinations of parts, lioroinafior fully described, illustrated in the, accompanying drawings and specifically clziiinocl.

in the accompanying" drawings like characters of reference indicate like parts in the normal views, and i Figure l is an outline lop plan 01": an engineconotruc'recl in accordance with this invention.

l? 52 is an ouilinosiclo elevation thcrci 3 is a YCIilCEll median soot-ion through such an engine. 1

Fig. l is a horizontal section through the conio 0'? (lie cyliiu'lers.

Fig 3 a \iQW showing the inner face of the valve. plate together With certain aris of flu gearing.

Fig. 6 is a detail section eccentric.

i is a section on the through the line 77 I of soc? ion on the section on the 1 scotion on the line 10-1O oi in cm on? the objects of the inveir ion in embodiment heroin illustrated 'BYOlUlPlZY \ii i) respect to this shaft is a cariii) entts ot' the e vlimlers.

rier ll whereou are provitletl a series ot eylimlers 12 having their axes ra lial with respect to saitt shatt. In eaeh of these e vlim (lers there is provitletl a piston 1-) whereto lst'tllllltt'tttl a l'()(l H terminating at its in per eml in an eeeentrie strap 15. Mountetl revoluhl v on the shaft it) is a sleeve 11' amt fiXttl to this sleeve are eertain eeeentries 17 while other eeeentrie-s 1 are l\'( \'t(t to the shaft 10. 'aeh ot' saitl eeeentrie straps surrounding a respeetive eeeentrie. When all of the t,' vlimlers are-in operation. sleeve It; amt shaft 10 are lUt'httt together. this being etfeetetl hy means of a eluteh memher 1t) fixetl to the sleeve amt a seeoml eluteh menl her 2t) splinetl to the shaft amt movahle into :tml out of engagement with the memher 1f h v means ot a lever 21.. By this means. when the eluteh niemhers are out of engagement the e vlimlers having eom'ieetion with the sleeve are remlerett itlle. there heing no reeiproeation of the pistons therein. amt as will he explained. the explosive tluitt ma v he (an ott' from these e vlimters' so that the v will simply revolv I ahout the axis of the engine.

In ()ltlt'l' to provitle tor the attmission ot explosive gases to the e vliutlers aml the exhaust ot' hurut gases theret'rom eaeh e vlin- (ltl' has a single port. \vhieh ma v he in the emt as shown at 22 in Fig. l aml tltttlll Fig. 5 or on the sitte as hown at 23 in Fig. 5 amt tletail Fig. T, l have herewith shown a eomhination ot' hoth: the port in one halt the e vlimlers heing lm'ateil preterahl in the emls thereot as at :22 while the remaining ports are pret'erahlv loeateil at the sitte ot' eaeh ot the remaining e \'limlers as sho\\ u at 13. To properly eontrol the tlistrihntion ot these gases there is tlll])lt) \'ttl a valve plate. EH having a tlange 25 extending: over the tn the inner t'aee of this valve plate is an exhaust groove 2t? amt an inlet groove 27 areuate in t'ormation amt over whi h the ports-l t slu'eessively pass (luring operation. In the tlange 2-3 are similar grooves. 28 heing the exhaust groove amt 25) the inlet groove.

The exhaust grooves are provitletl with.

ports '0 to whieh are eonneetett pipes 31 joinetl to a ring hox It! Itltllllllttl on an annular-exhaust hox It! amt eo'mmunieating therewith through ports 52'. In like manner the inlet grooves are eonneetetl h v pipes 33 to a ring hox H- tlltHttltttt on the hox' 52" amt hearing against an annular supply ehest; or hox It!" throutl'h ports l't 'l'hese eonueetions are ma te neeessanv h re: son ot' the revolution of the. valve plate.

In olftler to aeeomplish this revolution of the valve plate there is lH'tH'lttttl a ttitl'ereutial gearing eonsisting ot' a gear 3 \vhieh is lt'e vetl to the shat't I a gear 217 revoluhtv mountetl on this shall amt tixetl to the. ear rier It amt itller pinions 3h whieh are tHUllHtCtl on shafts. t? 'arrietl hy a rim tt) shown).

BEST AVAILABLE copy set-urettto the valve plate 24. Now it will he seen that. it the shat't he hehl stationary the reeiproeation-ot' the pistons will etl'eet revolution ot'the earrier with eonsequent revolution of the gear 37 wlneh will operate the'plnious so that the) will revolve ahout;

the shat t at one half the speett ot' the earri r' amt in the same ttireetion. In a similar inanner. it' the earrier he lltltl stationary amt the aetion of the pinions. revolve lHlthWill'tt at one halththe speetl ot the. shat t, ulul it hoth earrier amt shat't' are releasett the) will revolve at the same speetl in opposite tltltt' tions amt valve plate it aml ring-gear l t amt gear t? will remain stationar v. the pinions its only turning on their axis allowing the engine to run itlle.

In ()l'tltt' to etl'eet the restraint of the shal't or earrier t'rom movement there is provitletl on the gear 3t) a hralt'e (lrum ll whi h is sllll'OlHltlttl h a h 'ulie haml l2 capable of heing t'oreetl against the tlrum h\' a lever (not shown). fi'i'milarlv the'earrier is pro- \ltlttl with a hralt'e t'lrum ltsurroumtetl hv a hralt'e haml t5 operatetl h v a lever (not 'lhus it will he seen either the shat't or earrier may he loelt'etl against movement am'l tlu engine may he thus operatetl haelt'wartt without shoelt' or jar to any of the parts. or hoth hraltes may he thrown otl' amt the engine startetl or permittett to run ltltt.

.To etl'eet translation ot' this revolution ot' the engine into availahle power the ring -t whieh. it will he notetl. revolves whenever the engine is in motion either haeltwartl or t orwar l. earries a he'vel gear ltt \\'llt('lt meshes with a hevel gear 'ti' tlXttl on a shal't 1H supportetl in a suitahle hearing ti) in a housing .7 eoveriug all the gears amt whieh ma v he nsetl as an oil reeeptaele so that the gears mav he run in oil amt thus he prae ti allvnoiseless. amt also l'urnishing splash oiling for all the parts.

The sparking S ttltl. emplo vetl herewith eonsists ot' a eopper ring 51 earl'ietl hv in sulation 52 llXttt to the valve plate 2 t. This ring reeeives enrrent fro a suit-ahle spark eoil or magneto (not shown) amt t'rom this ring exteml eomlm-tor 5Z3 leatling to atljnst ahle. hrushes 5t whieh lie in the paths ot park plugs 55 earriett h the evhmters I'- My .this means the relative rotation of the earrier amt valve plate eauses lnult't amt hreak engagement. ot the eurrent in said plugs amt hrushes at; pretleterminett inter vals on rotation of saitl earrier amt valve plate. eausin; explosions in the e vlimlers at the eml of compression periotlsf 'lhe engine may he startetl lna nllull or .h Httaehing an) ot' h me -hanieal start tttl ltlt) titt) ing 33 and 3%, the device shawn tarsa end and in'iparting lYm'VQEP remaining cylinders iv series of cylinders fixed to said carrie' an ers, or compressed air may he adniif on of the intake groove, aitliey 0r 2 any suitable devica preferably hv duplicating said intake groovcsavith the explmnva mixture.

- The air pressure atlniittml'tn said ti'un'vit will enter the port sncce passing over Said groove, ,3 in Said Cylinder from the nut i allowing the opposite in the regular Way until said device providing area i the intake 33 h v a check It isfohvions that mini 1 may he made in the form am of this invention. withnutdl the material principles thartlm therefore, wish tn confine inys'vlt' within the scope claimed;

' Having thus described tin: inwntiuin 1h claimed, is c i 1. In an explesive enginip a shaft. a rarrier revolnhle with respea-t to (aid shaft. a series of cylinders linked tn said irarriaiz runpistons in said cylinders having crank nection with said shaft, a ditlareni'ial inp; having one gear ixed to tlush a second gear fixed to tha carr er a vided with pinions hctiveon tl tinned gears. a valve plate carried pinions and controlling: this adini gases to and from said cvh pendent means to restrain the inn-mama the shatt and carrier. 2. In an explosive engine. a a

l provided each-with aport for the :Hll'llhSlOll and exhaust 0t pistons in said cylinder having}; crank connection with said sha'lt,

a dillerential gearing having 210 gear fixed rier revoluhln with respect to said shaft. a

series of cylinders iixvd ins-aid narriar and provided each with a part "fnr the adznisami and exhaust of gas pistons in said der having 0 'ank connectinn with said shat a differential gearing having mm gran lixvd to the shaft, and a second grin-final in llw carrier and provided with idlmpininns rimnecting the first mentioned gears, a valve lata carried by the pininns and having aren, t n inletand plural exhaust pasid 1 arts registering suc- ',h one of the exh: nst and one passages and the reniaii'iing nn successively with the other friction lwaltes arranged to the i at .ncct V )n with said 2 t\'li]; Ont gear til mid gznnr iixet tn the l .'i ll idlerpiniens canznantionad gaars, a valve i a: pininns and l aving arcinlt ad exhaust pa sages Whereivith t nnris saw-: sai'-xi ,lv registarand means to nnaat certain 01. aid. piston from said a slnfit a car intent to said shat't, a l. saidrarrie and l h a port for thcadmission axiianst m". gases, pistons in said cylinder iavinnf uranlt connection vvith said shaft, a lil erwn ial gi'oaring having one gear fixed tn the shaft and a sec'nnd gear fixed to the 'nvidnd with idler pinions connnzntinnt-ti glrarspa valve the nininns and having: arr: t ad plural exhaust paw v rgistaring sanah and one in? xazaaining ports l ly with the other past nwans in dis-connvrt cartain at 1 (ms f'nm' s id shaft. in. an explosive ngina, a hnusingi, a shaft a carrier revnluhle with rvspert to said sh: it, a serios 0i cvli'nders tilted to said nar- (l r vided each with a part tnr tha on and axhaust of pistons in fvlindnr havingcrank rnnnaction. with 1 two sets of cams, one

till 9 saiu c said shalt in; means of sat at (Janis tried to said shaft and one set nxhaust a thn pr) ans lixvd to a sleeve revolnhlo on said shaft with means for making; said sleeve and means for shutting oil the suppl of explosive mixture to one of the inlet pns'sagl'es. and means' tor tiring said explo ive mixture at predetermined times.

7. in an explosive engine. a housing. a valve having: arruate plural inlet and plural exhaust passages movahlv mounted with respeet to said housing. a earrier plateearr vin; a multiple of evlinders movahlv mounted with respeet to mid valve plate: the said e vliuders earh with a port f r the admission and exhaust of gase in and through mid plural exhaust passages in mid valve plate.

pistons in said e vlinders having operative onneetion through e '('etltl'le straps \\ith a hatt perpelnlieular to said e vlinders. said llul t having two et ol eains one set of eatns lixed to said shal t and one set ol rains lixed to a sleeve revoluhle on mid shaft with means l'or llltthlllQ' said sleeve rigid with said shal't. a dill'erential "eariu; having one gear lixed to the shat't and a seeond gear lixed to the e vlinder earrier and provided with idler pinions me 'hiu; with the lirst mentioned gears. the valve plate earried h th pinions with means for supplying: said inlet passages with explosive mixture the ports ol' eertain uvliuders re;1'isterin; Hll('('t l\tl with one of the exhau t and one of the inlet passages. and the ports ol' the remaining e vlinders re{ istering' suer'essivelv with the other passages.

means tor shuttin; oil the supply of explosive mixture to one of the inlet passages. and mean-- for tiring mid explosive mixture at predetermined time in an explosive engine. a housing. a valve plate having areuate plural inlet and plural exhaust passages and mounted to we late on said h u ing. a earrier mounted to rotate on the \alve plate. a pluralit ol' e vlinders attaehed to the arrier and pi tons in said evlinders l|:l\lll operative eonneetion with a shalt a-rpe1idielllar to said eylinders. a dill'erential gearing mounted on mid shal't. one gear ol' whit-h is lixed to the shaft and the opposite gearing lixed to said e vlinder arrier and the idler pininns ol' said dill'er ential gearing lixed to the valve plate.

9. In an explosiw engine. a hou ing. a shaft. a earrier revoluhle with re peet to said shal't. a series of evliiulers lived to said arrier. pi tons in said e vlinders ha vin; operati\e eonneetion with said shall. a dill'ereutial gearing havin; one gear lixed to said 'arrier and a set'oud gear lixed to the shaft. and pinions hetween the lirst mentioned gears, a valve plate carried h the. pinious' and eontrolling-the admission otgases to and from said vlinders aiul means to eontrol the movement of said valve plate.

ill. in an explosive engine, a housing. a perpeinli ular shatt. in mid housing. two gears mounted on said shaft. one of said gears hein; lixed and one rotatable with ret eet. to the hat't. pinions in me h bet ween BEST AVAILABLE cop.

the said gears. a ring gear carried by said pinions. a valve plate attached to said ring gear and rotatahl v mounted on said housing a earrier plate rotatably mounted on saic valve plate. a series of cylinders rigidly mounted on said earrier. pistons in said Cylinders having operative eonneetion with said shaf't. eaeh of mid e vlinders having ports, said valve plate having exhaust and inlet passages with wi iieh said ports register, and

indent-intent mean to seleetively restrain the movenn-nt ot' the shaft and carrier.

11. In an explosive engine. a housing, a sha t't revoluhle in said housing. a valve plate revoluhle with respeet to mid shaft and housing. a carrier plate slidahlv mounted on said valve plate, a series of e vlinders fixed to said earrier. pistons in said e vlinders. eeeentrie lixed to mid shaft, a fraetional number of said pistons having operative eonneetion,

wizh said eeeentries. a sleeve on said shaft, other eerentries fixed on said sleeve, the remainder of said pistons having operative eonnertion with the last mentioned eeeentries. and means for eausin; mid sleeve to revolve with said shal't.

12. Ta an explosive engine. a housing. a

valve plate having areuate plural inlet and plural exhaust passages and revoluhly mounted with respeet' to said housing. :1 *arrier plate llda l mounted with respect to said valve plate. a series of e \l-inders tixed to said earrier and provided eaeh with a ort for the admission and exhaust of gases,

said ports registering periodieally with said passage in said valve plate. a shaft perpendienlar to said' e vlinders. pistons in said evlinders havin; operati\e eonneet-ion with the shal't. and means for dist-onneeting certain of said pistons l'rom operative eonnecwith one of the exhaust and one of the inlet pas ages in said valve plate. and the ports of the remaining eyli'nders registering sueees i\el with the other exhaust and inlet passages of said valve plate. means for supplying said eylinders with explosive IIIl'X- ture thr ugh said valve plate. a shaft perpendieular to said rvlinders. pistons in said e vlinders operatively eouneeted with the shaft. and means for diseonneeting a fractional numher of said pistons from operalive eonneet ion with the said shaft.

H, In an explosiveengine, a housing, a, sha it. a earrier revoluhle with respeet to said shat't. a plurality of ovlinders fixed to said earrier and provided eaeh with a port for rotatahly 110 the admission and exhaust of gases, pistons" in said cylinders having operative connec-v tion with said shaft, at difierential gearing hzwin one gear fixed to the shaft and a secon I gear fixed to the carrier and provided with idler pinions connecting the first' BEST AVAILABLE COPY the inlet passages and the ports of the re maining cylinders registering successively with the other passages, and means for disconnecting certain of said pistons from operative connection with said shaft.

In testimony whereof, I afiix my signature, in the presence of two witnesses.

JOSEPH W. Jones.



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