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Publication numberUS12831 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 8, 1855
Publication numberUS 12831 A, US 12831A, US-A-12831, US12831 A, US12831A
InventorsAlbert W. Roberts
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US 12831 A
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NToaZZ may @nacer/rt Be itknown that @I, ALBERT W.`


NozzLn :Fon `HOSE-Hires.

. Speincatinofretters Patent No. 12,831, `dated May s, 1855.

` z RoBEn'rs, of I-Iartford, in the'county of Hartford, the

"State of Connecticut,` have invented a neW and useful` Improvement `in the Construction of" Nozzles for `HosePipes i, for Extinguishing Fires; and I do hereby declare that the following is a fulland` exact description thereof',` reference beinguhad to `the accomy pany drawings and tothe letteijs of reference marked thereon." 1

The nature ofbmyinvention consists in constructing a `nozzle or` tip "for [hose pipes by; which the size-of the stream can bel changed at the will `of the pipe holder.

To enable othersskilled infthe` art to make and use my invention Iwlll proceed tojdescribe its construction and.ope-ration.` l

` i Figurel, side elevationof nozzle; Fig. 2i, `plan showing top ofupper platewith end of ""nozzles; Fig.` 3,\plan `offbottom of lower plate showing theendwhichl is attached to the pipe; Fig. et, verticaltsection of nut or ring which holds: the upperand lower plates together; Fig. `5, `vertical sectionshowing nozzles, plates "and nut; Fig. 6, plan of un-` der side of `upper plate; Fig. 7, plan of `upper `side. of lower` plate withspringttci;

y Fig. 8, vert-icalsection of lowerplate showing spr1ng,ilever, and index point.

pipe isjattached; B B B`B,nozzles or tips of different sizes; C, upper" plate; D, lower i plate; E, nut or ring; "I", thumb-piece; G,

holes for index point; K,ditterent sizes of are made `of different sizes Ifor` throwing `different size streams, `and are riveted or screwed into `plate (3.` `The cen-ters of ,each

of the four holes K K K K in plate C, are the same distance from the center of plate. The plate D has one hole, the center of which is the same distance from center of plate, as 1n C. The nut E has a shoulder that fits the `shoulder on plate C. D has a screw cut on its edge, to which the nut E is screwed, thereby drawlng the two plates'together.

`F is a thumb piece attached to lever Gr,

which by being pushed in by the thumb or finger, the index point I is thrown out of the holes J, leaving the two plates` t be turned without obstruction. 4, y y

The` four holes J J J J are made in the underside of upper plate C, andare so made that when the centers of either of the four y holes K `K K K, exactly 4correspond with` center of L, the index point I is thrown into J, by the lspring II, attached on the under sideof lever G. The two surfaces C and D 'are made to fit eachother perfectly water tight by being ground together. Also the shoulders at C and Ethe nut E then being `screwed down'onto the leather packing M leaves the upper plate free to be turned to either of the required holes.

The advantages of this improved method of changing nozzles is that it can be changed at the will of lthepipe holder, from a larger 1 to a smaller hole, raising a powerful stream i LetterA,` thatpart of'nozzle to which the instantaneously by its diminished size and `consequent increase of force.

VVhat I claim as my invention, is i l The combination of twoor more movable nozzles or tips of different""sizes, attached to one pipe, which can be moved bythepipe holder or his assistant, to change the sizeof `,the stream whenin motion, for fire" engines or other` purposes. i j i ALBERTW-ROBERTS- ,VVitnessem j r WATERMAN ROBERTS,


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