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Publication numberUS1283656 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 5, 1918
Filing dateApr 11, 1917
Priority dateApr 11, 1917
Publication numberUS 1283656 A, US 1283656A, US-A-1283656, US1283656 A, US1283656A
InventorsRiley M Burke
Original AssigneeRiley M Burke
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Device for repairing cars.
US 1283656 A
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1,283,656. Patented Nov. 5, 1918.-


INVENTOR ATTO R N EY WlTNESSES In: mu: mu: m. mam-unm. rum-awn. a.


2 SHEETS-SHEET 2 m: mum: rnnu m. rmurmz. mu


Frankfort, in the; county DEVICE FOR REPAIRING CARS.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, RILEY M. BURKE, a citizen of the UnitedStates residing at West I of Franklin and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Devices for Reairing Caraefwhieh the following is a specification.

My invention relates to an apparatus for facilitating the repairing of cars, and the principal object of the invention is to provide anapparatlls, of this character that will tom up.

Another object of the invention is to so arrange the parts that the operation may be performed by one man.

Another object of the invention is to so construct the apparatus that it can be cheaply and quickly built and yet be of maximum strength.

A further object of the invention is to provide means for holding the car in raised position and another means for turning the car while so held.

To accomplish the above and various other objects, my invention consists essentially of a frame work that can be easily and quickly assembled and adapted to be placed over a track and of means carried by the frame work whereby the car can be raised off the track and turned over.

The invention also consists in certain other features of construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts, to be hereinafter fully described and specifically pointed out in the appended claims.

In describing my invention in detail, reference will be had to the accompanying drawings, wherein like characters denote like or corresponding parts throughout the several views, and in which:

Figure 1 is an end view of the apparatus.

Fig. 2 is a side view thereof.

Fig. 3 is a section on line 33 of Fig. 1.

As shown in these drawings, I form the supporting frame work of the four uprights 1 of tubing, each upright having its lower end threaded into a base piece 2 and its upper end provided with a slot 3, into which fits one member of the T shaped top rail 4, said rail being held in place by the bolts 5, this arrangement being shown in detail in Fig. 3. Two of the uprights are connected t gether y he bra es 6 which pass hro gh Specification of Letters Patent.

raise" the ea'r'e'ir' its track and tu'rnriit bot Patented Nov. 5,1918.

Application filed. April 11, 1917. Serial No. 161,290.

holes in the uprights and have their ends threaded to receive nuts 7, as shown in Fig. 3. r 1

8 indicates plates bolted to'th'e beams 4 and having curved slots 9 therein to receive the shaft 13. On'the top ofthe .T shaped beams 4 I locate brackets 10'. each forming a fulcrum for a lever 11 The lower ends ofthe levers are provided with bearings,

vwhich receive the. shaft. 13, onvwhich' are 'm'ountedthe' wheels 14' carrying the chains or ropes. 15 which are adapted to engage. the cal-16.

The levers 11 are operated by ropes 17 secured to a shaft 18 mounted in bearings 19 on the frame and this shaft is rotated by means of a crank 20. A ratchet wheel 21 on the shaft controlled by a pawl 22 prevents the shaft from'turning in the other directlon.

On one end of the shaft 13 is secured a groove wheel 23 which receives a belt or rope 24, said belt passing over a wheel 25 on a shaft 26 supported in bearings 27 on the uprights, said shaft being operated by means of the handle or crank 20 which is removable from the shaft 18, and the shaft is prevented from slipping by means of a pawl 28 and a ratchet wheel 29.

When it is necessary to do some repairing to the under side of the car, said car is run to the apparatus and the ropes or chains 15 are passed around the ends thereof as shown. Then by rotating the shaft 18 the ropes 17 are wound thereon and the levers 11 are caused to turn on their fulcrums 10 and thus raise the shaft 13 so as to lift the car off the track. It is only necessary to lift the car a short distance so that the flanges on the wheels will clear the rails. The car is held in raised position by means of the pawl 22 and ratchet wheel 21. Then by removing the handle or crank 20 from the shaft 18 and placing it on the shaft 26 and rotating said shaft the shaft 13 is turned by means of the belt 24 and thus the car is turned over so that the bottom thereof may be gotten at to do repairing thereto. As the shaft 13 moves upwardly the belt 24 is tightened so it will rotate the shaft when the shaft 26 is turned.

The shafts 18 and 26 are so located that a man can first raise the car off the track and then turn it over without moving from one p sit on an wi h he sa es handle or cran It is thought from the foregoing that the advantages and novel features of my invention will be readily apparent.

I desire it to be understood that I may make slight changes in the construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts, provided that such changes fall Within the scope of the appended claims.

I claim as my invention:

1. A device for repairing cars, comprising a frame Work, a pair of levers fulcrumed thereon, a shaft carried by one end of said levers, means connected With the other end of the levers for actuating the frame to raise said shaft, means on said shaft adapted to engage the car, and means for rotating the shaft to turn the car.

2. A device for repairing cars, comprising a frame Work, plates having curved slots therein supported on the frame Work, a shaft mounted in said slots, means for lifting said topics of this patent may be obtained. for

and means for rotating the shaft to turn the car.

3. A device for repairing cars, comprising a frame Work, plates having curved slots therein supported on the frame Work, a shaft mounted in said slots, levers fulcrumed on the frame Work having one end engaging said shaft, means connected to the opposite ends of the levers for actuating the levers to raise said shaft, Wheels on said shaft, flexible cables engaging said Wheels and car, and means for rotating said shaft to turn the car.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two Witnesses.


Witnesses J 0111a BRoY, FLOYD WALTERS.

Washington, D. Qt

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U.S. Classification414/678
Cooperative ClassificationB66F7/22