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Publication numberUS1286446 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 3, 1918
Filing dateApr 3, 1918
Priority dateApr 3, 1918
Publication numberUS 1286446 A, US 1286446A, US-A-1286446, US1286446 A, US1286446A
InventorsJohn Thoma Jr
Original AssigneeJohn Thoma Jr
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Washable slipper.
US 1286446 A
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J. THOMA, 1n.


APPucATxoN FILED APR. a. |9\a.

Patented Dec. 8, 1918.




FIG. l

ms 'mmm wenn; ca. mmm-uma.. wmmmm. u. c.

`ironia Trione, an., or manina, New Yoan."

` i i will iv a \ WASHABLE surreal recare.. t

` ra @amaai a mayaaaafem.-

Be `it-` known that l, oHN THoMA, Jr.; a citizenof the United 4States of America, residin at Medina, inthe county "of "Orleans t and" tate of NewfYorkghave inventedcer- A further object ofthe invention is the provisionof a carrying means for a stiener arranged in connection withthe `inner sole whereby the inner sole andstittener are flatly maintained entirely within the slipper upon the outer sole thereof when the device is assembled, the inner sole and stitfener being separable from the outer sole upon flexing inner sole upon bendingin an opposite di-` whilethe stiifener is detachable from the rection.

A still further object the device is tof provide a slipper of washable material adapted for `detachably mounting a stiifener upon the inner sole thereof and having a retaining connection with theinner face of the outer sole of the slipper whereby the stiffl ener may be readily separated from the `slipper upon slightly flexing in opposite direetions and without abruptly bending or cracking the stilfener. e t y f e t With these general objects `in View and others that will appear as the nature of the invention isbetter understood, the same consists in the novel construction, combination and arrangement of partshereinafter fully described, 'illustrated `in :the accompanying drawing andpointed out in `the, appended claims. i 1 t v In the drawing forming a partofthis application and in which like numerals refer t to corresponding,partsthroughout the several views, y t t i .e e t t Figurel is a` perspective view of the def` vice with the inner sole and its stiiener bent outwardly of the slipper as positioned dur-` i ing the assembling or disassemblingoperas i tion of the stilfener with the inner sole;

Fig. 2 is a central longitudinal sectional i Specification of Letters Patent.

E n application flied aprn 3, 191e. `seran no. 226,538;

`a counter and upper portion;

Patenten nec.. s; raie.

view of the device inits complete assembled arrangement;

` Fig. 3 illustrates a step in the "assembling ordisassembling of the outer sole with the` innersoleand stidenergand a i Fig.` a isa planview `ofthe y heel portion of] the stiiener.`

t Referring more in detail to the drawing,

my invention is illustrated tin1 connection with a formofslipperlO of the usual form inwhicha counterportion is omitted but it` i i willbe `understood that the device is *also i serviceable in `connection with a slipper or a shoe ofditferent form and with or without The slipperl() provides an outer sole l11 having a" toe-covering or portion l2 secured to the outer edge thereof while an inner sole 13 is marginally secured totheedges of the` outer sole lliand toecovering 12for form-` ception of a suitable stiii'enerll.` `All por1 tions ofthe slipper are formed of washabley material excepting thefstiffener 11i which is formedof such materialas fabric board, or other` flexible` sheet material.` a t f The innerfsole 13 isseparated from the` outer sole llithroughout the entire heel and `ing apoclet adapted for the removable `ref;`

instep portions ofthe `inner sole being only i secured thereto at its toe portion, the connectionbeing indicated as `far asthe points 15 at opposite sides ofthe toe portion` of the; slipper lying within the toe-covering por` tion '12 thereof. A pocket 16 is formed upon the underside of the heel portion of the inf ner sole 13 adapted for receiving the heel` portion 17 of the sti'enerll when the toe portion of the stiliener is arranged within `the, pocket` formed `between the toe portions of the said outerl and inner soles.

xBy referring to Fig. lof the drawing, it will beunderstoodthat upon flexingthe stiffenerlli in the `manner therein shown,

theheel portion of the stirifener lli lmayi be i readilywithdrawn from or inserted within theheel pocket 16 of the inner sole 13. A suitable binding I18 is preferably arranged around the free edge portion `of theinner sole 13 extending between the two opposite points 15V of the slipper and also binding the outer edges of the pocket 16.

A fla 19 is secured upon theinneriface of theheeportion ofthe outer sole 11 beneath sole 13 with the stilener 14 attached thereto 'which flap 19, the heel portion of the `inner i is adapted tol be projectedand withdrawn upon ieXing the stilener 14 in the manner indicated in Fig. 3 of the drawing. A binding extends entirely around the outer sole 11 and overlies the outer edges of the flap :19. The stifener 14 being formed of flexible material which will -readily bend-y without' breaking is readily attached in this manner to the inner sole 13 and the heel portion `of the.` inner sole readily positioned beneath theiapliothe outer sole'11 when the'slipperis ready to wear as shownin Fig. 2'of' the drawi'ngfWVhen it is desired to remove the' stitfener1i'to wash: the `slipper,"the

stifener and inner sole varebent substantially "centrally atthe unattached edge/por A tionA of .the inner sole 13 being benty outwardly between the vpoints l'15"of 'the' slipper andthe inner" end or mouthedge21 of the flap '19, vsuch `withdrawing Voperation lbeing indicated' in Figi 3 'of the drawing while it wil'lbeunderstood that a reasseinbling'of the devicefis accomplished" by"reversing' this operation. y r v M The Arthur Hale patents-'are well'lrn'own tothis applicant 'andisu'ch' structures are :not

broadly elaimedibutr'what my invention does coverV is the substantially Vlocking 'of ajfremovable stiffener in' 1place* by vinserting the heel endof theinner sole and sti'ener with-` lintheheel flap ofthe outer sole entirely inside' of the"v slipperahd taken'. together with the structure which'renders theinsertion and removal v'of vthe stifenerlff an easy operation dueto the rear movable portiontof 'the'inner sole 13 betweenjits points 4of attachment'l with '.the outer'sole andrthe adjacent edge 21 of "the 'receiving "flap 19. The 'stirlener 1.4L' is substantiallyfof:thesame'length as the inner sole' lf3; and slightly stretches the inner sole duringthe'assembled'operation so that the innergfsol'e' is maintained in' stretched relationsggupon"the'onter/sole 11 when posiy instepl` portionifor 'i the inner sole, an inwardly opening pocket upon'the under side of the heel portion ofthe. innersole adapted for thereception vof thek heel -portion lof a 'stiffener when arranged 4betweenl the inner and'foutersoles, 'and a flap upon the inner sideof `the heel portion of the'outer sole having Van unattachedinner edge serving as a mouth portion adapted for the reception of said heel portion of the inner sole for positioning the same beneath the said Hap flatly .arranged upon the outer sole.

. 2. A washable slipper comprising an outer sole and ya ltoe-covering with annini'leiwsole marginally secured within said toe-covering and being substantially of the same length as the outer sole, receiving pockets upon the adjacent inner faces of theheel portions .of both ot said soles, and a'sti'ener'cadapted for 'arrangement between said'.inner and outer` soles withthe heel portion`th'ereof within both of said' pockets when the slipper is arranged for use.

` 3." Awashable slipper coinprising'van outer sole and a toe-covering carriedtheieby, .an inner sole having its toe portion'secured to the edges of the outer sole with `unaltached' freeinstep and heel portions, a pocket upon the lower face of" the heel' portion' of the inner sole, and a iiap upon the '.inner iaceofthe' heel portion of'alhc outerfsolc terminatinglshort of'the instep portion "of the slipper and adapted for the reception ofthe li'eel portion of the inner sole when thedevice is assembled.

4." A washable'sli'pper comprising an` outer sole and a `toe-coveringv carried thereby,`. an inner sol'e'having its Vtoe portion secured to tlieedges of the outer sole with unattached tree'instep and heel portions, a. pocket upon the lower face' `of the heel portion. of the inner sole, and a'iapupon'the' inner face yoi the heel portion ofthe outer sole terminating short of the instep portion of the'slipper, a1 flexible stili'ener positioned between the `toeV portionsof said inner and outer soles'with the heel portion of' the stiffener removably arranged within the pocket ofthe in11er'sole5y the heel portion of thc' stiiener and inner sole 'together with said pocket beingadapted for arrangement beneath the said'iap between' the Hap and.l the heel por tion of Atheouter sole whenthe slipper is arranged ior use with the inner solein-'smooih stretched relations upon said stiifencr.

5. A washable slipper comprising an outer siole'and` toe covering, an inner solo having ai marginal portionthereof vattached to the outer sole. Areceiving `pockets uponv the :1djaccnt end faces of the unattached portions ofboth of said soles, and a stiencr adapted for arrangement between said innerand outer 'soles with an end portion thereof withinbotho said pocketswhen the' slipper is arranged for use.

In testimony whereof I aiiiX myysignature.


Copies"ofi-thispatent'may be obtained for'rve cents e'acln' 105#'addressingthel Commissioner at Patents,

i l Washington, D. C.

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