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Publication numberUS1286998 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 10, 1918
Filing dateFeb 13, 1915
Priority dateFeb 13, 1915
Publication numberUS 1286998 A, US 1286998A, US-A-1286998, US1286998 A, US1286998A
InventorsClemens Graaff
Original AssigneeClemens Graaff
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Fire-extinguishing arrangement for aerial craft.
US 1286998 A
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Patented Dec. 10, 1918.


' subject of the ing at Linkstrasse To all whom it may' c 'o n'cern: I


Bea known that I, cmmsaenm, a

The re'sen'tinvention relates 65 fireextingui's a gas generatingattachmentadaptedto he opened ffronr outside "and-several jet pipes in taehments l; "From.,the fcontainer for the 'ex-:

branchedi from-the said container. In mo tor driven air shipsfthe container for the extinguishing liquid; made of, a suitable size; is disposed at 'a suitable "part of the craftv The container may also, be'flnadetd communicatewith several gas' -g'enerators, so

as to allow of increasing the' pressure of the'" extinguishingjliquid attwill, orto' allow of squirting repeated eharge's of thefcontainer.,

Within the reach of thedriver of the-Craft one. or several levers :are provided for oper atingthe gas generatingattachment or

tinguishing liquid" *proceeds a "system 1 of [either rigid or movable jet pipes,- Whichare carried {all over the airship. In these pipes casing v-with valve w; a hand lever for 'op erating this valve and 'a jet nozzle This stop valves may bellprovided which, if desirabl e,fmay also be controlled. or operated 'frornflthe driv'ens @stand. ;I n fa'eroplanes likewise, alever-for operatingthe gas: gen} crating-attachment, and the' stop valve of a .jet pipeleading to thecarbureter of the'mo-' tor and preferably-providedwith a spray reach of the aviator. 9 A-fsecond preferably flex'ible,1is also carried upto-the vl prises a' handle, a'ispraying nozzle, a 'stop valve. E Such-sjetfl directingdevices nray; be, sides; also-heemployedion the jetipipes onvalve and an operating lever extendingover the handle-,1 for controlling the .sal'd stop board motor-driven airship s. The Whole -ar'- rangement will be more compact and-simple', for use on aeroplanes,;if a container for the extinguishing liquid, also containing a pressure gas generating attachment; "is, secured Within the reach of theiaviator to one of the posts of the aeroplane. v In the accompanyingdrawing the present rmn-nxcrmeuxsn ne ARRANGEMENT FOR AERIAL CRAFT.

o j Shecification xii- Letters Patent. I Patented Application filed Ema, 1a, 1915. serial No. 8,024.

l invention is exemplified in German Emperor, and resid-,

. B r n, rm y,-

' have invented certain new --and usefu l rIm provements' in .Eire-'Extinguishin Arrange'-- v n ents' f or AerialCraft, of-whiph he follow; ingis'aspecification.

The charging mouth of the co ing arrangement for aerial/ craft;pcylinder f, fThe' arrangement,consists' essentially ofa container "forjthe extinguishing liquid with --jetidirec'tingdevice likewise Within the reach :of theaviator. In the a f pipe 15. a cock orvalve z isfitted. This pipe,

'IfOrmIOr-uSeon anaeroRlane.

a oi instruetio nal. I

thedrawing ais-'the'container forthe xt ngu shmg' liqu dfwhich i detachablys'e cured by Ineans pf a suitable-holder lb with M I I stv-eyof the aeroplane Within the reach ofitheaviator'.

ntainera is \surroundedl ithin the latterby'a tube or 5 whichprevents, a. known manner', -the container from being completely "filled; so that .an air; space will remain in g .the samewhen "it has been-charged. 1' the charging mouth of the container a the cap it is fitted'a rota- ;table ring-m, which has an arm 01, To the Y litteris pivoted a lever o-by mea'nsfof which e pin 11,- which 'is under. action of a spring :a set screw 9 or th'like.

recting devicefcornprising a handle a valve whichis similar to pipe e -isyreadily'detachable from its 'c'o-nnectionto container .0, and ing nozzle at its end are disposed within-the s preferably rigidly fittedl andleads to tha :carbureter-of the motor; where it terminates generator g'start vthe latter and'o'pefn the valve 2,}W ereupon aspraywill emerge from the nozzle Land immediately extinguishthe hifirei If. fa ufire breaks out elsewhere w on- 4 the r ng -m'is secured to thene'ek' k by means of "so Y Withinthecontainerjafisdisposed an outeletjplpe 1'3 to which are connected, outside o'f the container two jet ,pipes's and If. The former is flexible and closed with a jet' di- -tor will, "by depressing the lever 0- of the gas A 'i 'erat'or. g'orrthe like is fi ttedf In the feapjh V a 16 -"of.,the mo uth a percussion'pin iisguided which-serves .to open the'fgasgenerator g. 1 On the neck k of lies'or hangs air craftp-the aviator will likewise open the A generator 'g, then seize the jet directing device w and on depressing the lever w he will islet. the jet of extinguishing liquid emerge from the fire.

nozzle'y 'and direct it against the 'I-claiiiri I I v A firei: extinguishing arrangement foraeroplanes consisting of a container for an extinguishing liquidsecured to a part of the frame of the said aeroplane and within easy reach of the a\'iat-01 ',.a gas generator within said container, a cap closing said container, a spring actuated lever for operating the gas generator, a ring bearing said lever and being rotatably mounted upon the neck of said closure cap, a set screw in said ring for securing it to the cap in a predetermined position and a branched pipe leading from said container, one branch of said pipe connecting with a pipe containing a Valve Withinreach of the aviator-and terminating in a spraying nozzle positioned adjacent the carbureter of the motor, the other branch leading with a flexible hose to the aviators seatand terminating in a jet directing device comprising a handle, valve, valve operating lever'and jet nozzle. 7

In'testimon whereof I atfix'my signature in presence of two witnesses.


llitnesses: v


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U.S. Classification169/62, 169/88, 169/51, 169/74
Cooperative ClassificationA62C3/07