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Publication numberUS1287771 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 17, 1918
Filing dateJun 20, 1918
Priority dateJun 20, 1918
Publication numberUS 1287771 A, US 1287771A, US-A-1287771, US1287771 A, US1287771A
InventorsCarl J Schmitt
Original AssigneeCarl J Schmitt
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Toy house.
US 1287771 A
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f0.1. SCHMITT.



Patented Dec. 17, 1918.






' Patented Dec. 417, i918.



4Specification of Letters Patent.

' Patented Dec. 17, 1918.

Application filed J une 20, 1918. Serial No. 240,909.

To all lwhom it may concern: A

Be it known that I, `CARI. J. SCHMITT, of Brooklyn, in the county of .Kings and in the State of New York, new and useful Toy House, and do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof.

My invention relates to toy houses and has for its object to provide a knockdown house adapted to be assembled into a substantial structure-for use as a toy and to be taken apart and packed compactly in a comparatively small box for shipment or for storage. For purposes of illustration a toy log cabin substantially reproducing the log cabin in which Abraham Lincoln was born has been chosen as one embodiment 0f my invention.

Other and further objects of my inven -tion will be apparent from the following description ofthe above mentioned embodiment and from an inspection of the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view of the completed toy house; y

Fig. 2 a perspective-view of the house partially assembled;

Fig. 3 a perspective view'of one of the wall units o the toy house;

Fig. 4c a perspective view 'of a house;

`Fig. 5 a perspective view of the chimney of the house; I

Fig. 6 a perspective view of the roofvof the house; and

Fig. 7 a perspective view of' the house knocked down and packed in a box for shipment orfor storage.

gable of the Similar reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the drawings.v

1n the embodiment illustrated in the drawings referenee character 1 indicates ore of t is shown as a substantially round piece having adjacent each end, substantially semi-circu- 2 of. a 'diameter equal the piece itself or of an adjacent piece. The

recess is adapted to fit over an adjacent piece to -lock the pieces together and so that the units will form a wall without substantial interstices. these pieces may be Each of provided with a hole 3 extending there# through, preferably at-the bottom of recess 2. 1n order to provide for doors or windows, some of the units are short and have the semicircular recesses at one end only as indicated have invented a certain j to that of by provided with recesses at all as indicated by unit 5 in Fig. 2. A bottom piece 6, door, 7, window 8, gables 9, chimney 11, androoflZ- also may be provided. Gables 9 preferably are formed in one piece and with a hole 10 at each end to receive a rod or extension piu 15 to be described hereinafter. Chimney 11 likewise preferably is in one piece. Roof 12 preferably is jointed. at its peak 13 so that it may be folded for packing and one end may be provided with a notch 14 to fit around chimney 11. j

' The units are adapted to be assembled as indicated in Fig. 2. On base 6- are assembled units 1 and 4, together with door 7 Rods or -though the recesses generally are su cient.

-to hold the units together sufficiently to form a permanent structure. As the height of the walls increases window 8 is inserted with shorter pieces 4 and 5, and thereafter units 1 until the desired height of the Walls is attained. Gables 9 then; are placed on the two completed end walls, the rods or extension pins 15 extending through the .holes 10` provided therefor, chimney 11 is -set in place, and roof 12 laid over the gables. The frames of the doors and Windows may be provided with j grooves in order -to receive the adjacent wall units and enhance the stability and appearance of the coin leted structure. t

any modifications of my invention will be apparent to those skilled in the art without departing therefrom or from the scope of the claims, the embodiment described being chosen only for purposes of illustration.

Having described one4 embodiment of my invention, what I claim is 1. In a collapsible toy house, walls formed of a series of substantially round pieces having adjacent each end substantially semicircular recesses of a diameter equal to that of the piece and adapted to fit over a piece of substantially the same diameter,y a door and a frame therefor, a window and a frame therefor, pieces of substantially the same diameter as said first mentioned ieces and adapted to fit in said walls adjacent Said frames, gables, and a roof adapted to eoversaid -walls and gables to form a, toy house. v j v j unit 11 in Fig. 2, and some units are not 2. In a colla sible toy house, Walls formed of a series o substantially round pieces having adjacent each end substantiallyl seml-olrcular recesses of a diameter equal to that of the plece and adapted to t over a plece of substantially the same diameter and provided with holes extending through the bottom of said recesses, rods ada ted to extend through said holes when the pieces are assembled in Walls, a doorand a frame therefor a Window and a frame therefor,`

pieces of'subst'antially the same diameter as I said first mentioned gieces and adapted to fit in said walls a jacent said frames,


gables, E*Tand a roof adapted to cover 'said walls and gables to form a toy house.

3. As an article of manufacture, a substant'ially cylindrical piece adapted to forrr acterized by a substantially,semi-circular recess at `one end of a size equal to that of half the cross sectional sizeof an adjacent similar piece, and adapted to receive an unnotched In testimony that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand. CARL J. SCHMITT.l

portion of said adjacent similar a unit in the wall 'of a toy house and char-

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