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Publication numberUS1287842 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 17, 1918
Filing dateNov 6, 1915
Priority dateNov 6, 1915
Publication numberUS 1287842 A, US 1287842A, US-A-1287842, US1287842 A, US1287842A
InventorsFarron S Betts
Original AssigneeVictor Talking Machine Co
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Album for holding talking-machine records.
US 1287842 A
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LZSPSQQ., Patented Dec. 1T, 1918.



v ggg'ygggo Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Dec, 17, 1913,

Application filed November 6, 1915. Serial No. 59,929.

To all wwm zt may concern. back, said back being preferably slightly Be it known that I, FARRoN S. BETTS, a curved in transverse cross-section as clearl 55 citizen of the United States, and a resident indicated in the drawings. The back is preiof the city of New York, in the countyof erably made of wood, although, if desired, New York and State of NewYork, have inothersti light material ma be employed. vented certain new and useful Improvements To this back 1 is secured t e back of the in Albums forb Holding Talking-Machine cover 3, the .Opposite sides of which are 60 Records, of .which the following is a speci-l iiexibly attached to the side boards 4' and 5. ication. To the back 1 may be also attached a ring The objects of my invention are to provide or loop 6 tofacilitate the .withdrawal of the an album neat and attractive in appearance album from` a cabinet. y in which talking machine records can be Secured to said back 1 in the grooves 2 of 65 conveniently stored; in which the record t e inner side thereof are a series of record containing or holding units are snugly and holding units 7, each unlt having its rear securel held, but from which said units may edge snugly fitted-into a groove respectively, be easi y removed and replaced; in which and each having a series of oblong eyelets 8 the envelop or record container is provided adjacent said rear edge of the same. 7o with a stiiiene'd portion coperating with a Also secured to the back 1 by screws 9 are rigid back or side to which the record holda serles of long1tud1na1ly curved locking or i mg units are Secured so as to prevent the retaining bars 10, the said screws enterin liability of tearing or breaking the envelop; the inner side of said back on the ribs 11 bean@ 1-,0 prevent the records when placed in tween sald grooves 2 and said bars 10 being 75 the envelops or containers from slipping in separa-ted from each other longitudinally of the envelop to a position near the edge of the Said back by distances corresponding to the album to which the envelops are attached, dlStmCeS between the eyelets .8 ill Said I'eC- n which position the records .would be liable ord holdmg umts 7. Preferably said retainto become broken in opening the album, and lng bars 10 are rectangular 1n transverse 8o in which position the records have a tendcross-section and comparatively snugly flt ency' to separate the envelop or container Into the oblong eyelets 8. The thickness of from the back and to unduly wear the enthe inner edge of each unit 7 is substantially velop or container. the same as the width of the groove 2.with A Other Objects 0f my invention will appear 111 WhlCh 1t 1S adapted t0 be t'ted, SO that 85 in the Specification and claims below, When each 111111'. 1S placed in p OSltOD. in its In the drawings forming a partof this respective groove and the locking or retainapplication in which the same reference` lng bars 10 are inserted through said eyelets l characters are employed to designate the 8 and is secured to the back 1 by the said same 'parts throughout the various views, Screws 9, the inner edge of said units will be 9o Figure 1 is a perspective view of my imirmly and r1 dly secured to said back 1. proved album .with all but one record con- Sard locking ars 10 are preferably longitaining unit removed showing the constructudlnally curved to conform to the curva-- tion of the album; the manner in which the ture of the inner sideJ of the back. 1.

record containing are secured to the Each record contalmngjor holding unit 7 95 back, and indicating 1n dotted lines and in consists of a plurality of envelops and in the a partial sectional view of the corner of one drawmgs of th1s apphcation I have shown l envelop the manner in which each envelop each unit as comprlsing two envelops 12 and or record container is folded; and 13, although, if deslred, more than two en- Fig. 2 is a sectional view of a portion 'of velops may be combined to form a unit. 10o

the album through the back of the album on hese en velops are securely fastened toa plane parallel with the top and bottom gether adjacent their rear edge by said eyeedges of the cover. lets 8. Each envelop prefere. ly consists of r1`he album consists of a back 1 provided a single sheet of stiff paper or other iexible with a series lof longitudinal grooves 2 exmaterial folded to form an envelop closed on 105 tending the length of the inner side of said three sldes vand open at the top. In the drawings is plainly illustrated the manner in which each sheet o paper is folded to make an envelop. Beginning at the vertical edge 111, the sheet entends rearwardly to the rear edge 15 or" the envelop to forni a da 16, is then folded at said edge 15 and exten s to the iront edge 17 to :torni the iront side 18, :trom which edge 17, said sheet is folded rearwardly to the vertical line 19 lying Within the nap 16, to orin the rear side 20 or the envelop. nalong the line 19, said sheet is again tolded, and brought `lorvvardly, and terminates in an edge 21 substantially parallel to the first mentioned edge 14 to 'Ecrin a ilap 22. The forward edge ol the 'flap 16 is glued or cemented to the rear side 29 or the envelop and the front side or the ilap 22 is glued or cemented to the inner side el? the liront 18 or the envelop.

l" l`lie lower edge 23 or each envelop is pro1 vided with a liap 24. which is olded upwaidly an'd is glued or cemented to the back of the rear side 20 oi? the envelop.

By the above construction, it will be apparent that betvveen the edges lll and 19 there is a double thickness of the material oli the envelop to stillen the envelop and similarly between the edges 19 and 21 there is another double thickness o1 the said niaterial 'for the same purpose. With the rear edge of each unit snugly i'itted 'vvithin the grooves 2 o' the bacl 1 and with each envelop or container provided with the stiliened portions above described as lying be tween the edges 1d, 19, and 21, the Whole construction or the envelop is very materially stijened, and made durable, and the liability oi breaking or tearing` an envelop out of the cover is greatly reduced. "Ehe providing oit the envelop with the iold along' the edge 19 also prevents the record contained between the *front and rear sides 18 and 20 respectively ofthe envelop from slipping any nearer or closer to the back than the edge 19. lt is to be understod that this feature othe invention is not dependent upon the particular side oi the album to which the envelops are attached, but the folded portion 19 of the envelop is located adjacent that edge by which the envelop is secured to the album andl operates to maintain the records in the holder away from the securing edge of the envelope, it being irn material Whether they are secured at the back or at the side of the album in so 'lar as this feature or the invention is concerned, so long as the records are kept avvay from the hinging portion o' the envelops forming. the leaves oi the album. lnasmuch as the units are flexible between the edge 19 and their point of attachment to the retaining or lockinga bars 10, this construction reduces the liability of the record being broken as the lids o the album are turned. MoreL1 over, the 'old along 'the edge 19 prevents the records :zrorn .slipping rearwardly and becoming wedged between the converging front and rear sides of the envelo Whic Wedging action would have a ten ency to unduly weaken theliexible portion betvveen the edge 19 and the eyelets, and would tend to separate the iront and rear portions ot the envelop by tearing them from their eyelets 8, and from the ack 1.

Secured to the ends or the back 1 and overlying the grooves 2 therein, are end plates 25-25, each secured to the back 1 by screws 26 extending into the back lon itudinally o1 the ribs 11 formed between te grooves 2 on the inner'l side of the back 1.

These plates are adapted to stiden the baclr, and to prevent injury or breaking o' the ribs 11 as the record album, filled With records, a record cabinet, and serves to give the top and bottom ol the book a very neat, attractive and strong appearance.

By virtue of the above construction, a very strong, neat and durable record album is easily constructed, the same being pro.

vided with record containingunits which are readily inserted in place, and irmly united to the back, and in which, When a record containing envelop becomes Worn or broken or torn, a new one may be inserted, to replace the broken one, Without making it necessary to replace or change any other unit than the one of which said envelop is a part,

Although 'l have described but one ernbodiment of iny invention, 1 do not Wish to be construed as being limited to the exact details or construction, inasmuch as various changes may be made Without departing `erom the spirit and scope of this invention as defined in the appended claims.

W hat l claim and desire to secure by lietters Patent is:

1. ln an album 'for holding talking machine records, the combination or a back having a series of longitudinal grooves in the inner side thereof, a cover secured to said back, a series of record holding units each unit snugly itting into a groove in said back respectively and having a series of eyelets adjacent the rear edge thereof for holding said units together, and a series of retaining bars secured to the said inner side o1 said back and overlying said grooves and spaced from each other to correspond to the spaces between said eyelets in said units.

' 2. ln an album for holding talking machine records, the combination of a holder and an envelop retained therein at one edge, consisting of a single folded sheet or` suitable material provided With a doubled portion .adjacent but spaced fromv and parallel to said edge, orming means to retain a record the envelop away rrorn said retaining is drawn out of and replaced intov ico In an album for holding talking mambination of a back to retain record holding envelops therein with a plurality of en- 5 velops provided means cooperating means on the back to with integral hinging with said retaining hinge the envelops in the album, said envelops provided With means to retain the records forwardly away from the hinge.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set 111 y hund, this third day of November, 1915.


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