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Publication numberUS1287956 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 17, 1918
Filing dateDec 26, 1917
Priority dateDec 26, 1917
Publication numberUS 1287956 A, US 1287956A, US-A-1287956, US1287956 A, US1287956A
InventorsJoseph Saul Gendron
Original AssigneeJoseph Saul Gendron
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Pipe, dril-rod, and casing puller.
US 1287956 A
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Patented Dec. 17, 1918.



Too whom, it may concern Belt known that I, Josm'u' SAUL GEN- nnosga citizen of the United 'Statesfresidnods or casings-for permitting the North I)akota, ha\1e invented ,a new Pipe;

lh-ill-llod, andC asing Puller of .Whiclr the I following is a specification.

This invention relates to form of pipe. drill rod and casing puller or extractor,capable of-being easily and quicklyengaged with sections off-pipes, drill lifting or extracting of the same from theboflr and for 'allowing "the same. to b.e freel \7 rotated in order that the couplingsof other sections which may be engaged therewith and be disengaged therefromw Another "ai id equally i n'i portant object-of cthe 'inrention' is to proridei a dei'icefofthe character mentioned which when engaged with an object will have the line of pull directed -to the center of said object and as a consequence,"materiallyfacilitate the removal thereof,

Other objectswlll be in partflobvu'ms.and

in part pointed outhereinafter.

The improvements in the dctailsand arrangement of parts iv-Ill be apparent from an inspection of the acconipanyi'ng drawingfs in connection with-the specificdescription hereinafter contained and wherein the )re- 1 ferred ()Il'lbOd'llllOllt of the in'ventionis dis-- closed for the purposeof' imparting a full understanding of the same,

- In the drawings: i 4

Figure I is'a persiwcitive of the improved device, and v If' Y -F,ig.v.-2 is a vertical-section theret'hrough.

Hailing more particular reference to the drawing in connection with'which like re.f-'

jerenc echaracters will designatecorrespond I i'ug .parts throughout the several 'views, 1

designates the. 'in'i 'iroved device in its entiretV.'.the same obviouslv. being constructed from a single '-len gtli of netal,preferably squa'rod,- bent to constitute'a looped body,

the lower endof which is reduced and bent vlaterally to form a segmental ]i\ Into which the coupling element; of the pipe, drill rod or casing sectionstobe lifted thereby are passed; the lower nmrglnal portion 0 [said coupling element resting on the same,

Specification of Letters raitent.

mg atLoma, in (aval'ier county, State of imp'rorenieuts in well drilling appliances and it is .the principal object of the invention to provide a novel othei -scctionstb'a'efron1,. v

Ashcreinbeforc indicatedgd do not wish to-be understood as confining the invention- Patented. Dec. 1 *7, time.

' Applicatioii filed'Deceinber 26, 1917. Serial No. 208,891.

' The spaced sides of the iooped bed are otfset' as at 3, preferably at points intermediate the upper and lower ends, and as will be noted,"are spaced suflicie itly to allow the coupling element, which is of a diameter greater than the diameter of the pipe, drill rod or casing engaged thereby to pass therethrough andin this way cause said coupling element to be loosely seated on said segmental jaw-2.

The upper end of the looped body 1- is elf-settherefrom as at l and is arranged in \'ertic al al uenz' at with the center ofthe vjaw '2. 'l'len'cc, when a cable or like connection 5 is secured thereto and dis rendered taut to support the device. the resultant line fpilll or'drafi will be accurately ceiitere 'l' with respect to theccnter of the'jaw and the object engaged orresting thereon and to be lifted thereby.

From the foregoing, by those skilled in the artthat l have pro i'dcd an exceedingly sim-pleand efficient derice for use in lifting. removing ,or extract,- ing pipe's,' drill rods or casings from the bores of wells, the same by reason of its construction, being capable of being quickl) and readily engaged-with an'objcct. thus. rendering it desirable for use as a picking tool also. Further, due'tothe manner in which the device is engaged "with an object. sai i'l object can be freely rotated 'in the event that it ,is necessarv to disengage or uncouple to the particular embodiment chosen for illustration herein, nor-to the exactconstruction. arrangement and adaptation of parts shown and described, butl reserve the right to-makc an cluingcs illlll'tllttl'illlOllH that fairly fall within the spirit and scope of the invention. r r

1 claim: 4 w

A I device of.- the" character described in- -cl uding a: elongated looped body portion having the lower portion thereof constricted and formed with a rightangularly disposed jaw and the upper portion thereof bent laterally and ajrrangedin vertical alineinent ith the centerof the jaw whereby to render it will be-appreciatcd the same in Vertical alinemen't; with the line of pul-l. v v


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