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Publication numberUS1289830 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 31, 1918
Filing dateFeb 5, 1918
Priority dateFeb 5, 1918
Publication numberUS 1289830 A, US 1289830A, US-A-1289830, US1289830 A, US1289830A
InventorsGustave A Leimecke
Original AssigneeGustave A Leimecke
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US 1289830 A
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APPLICATION man FEB. 5.191s.

Patentud Dec. 31, 1918.

Z?wmfar wiaae Lzkrzeak GUS'IA'VE A. LEIMECKE, OF ST. LOUIS, MISSO''RI.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 31, 1918.

Application filed February 5, 1918. Serial N0. 215,460.

T0 all wkom z't mag ooncern:

Be it known that I, GUSTAVE A. LEIMEOKE, a citizen of the United States, residing et St. Louis, Missouri, have invented e certain new zmd use1t'ul Improvement in Bag-Holders, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, such as Will enable others skilled in the art to Which it appertains to 11121k6 and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this speoification.

My invention relates to a bag holder of the type particularly intended for use in mail or postal cars for supporting and holding in open position, mail bags or pouches while the same are being'filled, and seid holder capable of being readily shifted into an out-of-the-way position while temporarily out of service.

The principal oloj ects of my invention are, Co provide a simple and convenient bag holder Which Will be effective in holding the znouth of a bag 01 mail pouch in full open condition While seid bag is being filled; further, to provide a simple form of bracket or support for the holder Which Will perrnit the latter to be readily shifted from one position to another, and said holder and its supporting means being very compact and occupying comparatively little space While not in use.

With the foregoing und other objects in view, my invention consists in certain novel features of oonstructiou and arrangement of parts, hereinafter more fully described and claimed, and illustrated in the aceompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a top plan view of a bag holder of my improved oonstruction With dotted lines showing a bag or mail pouch supported by the holder.

Fi 2 is a sectional view taken approximate y on the line 22 0f F ig. 1.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail section taken approximately 0n the line 33 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 4 is a front elevational view of a braoket which forme the fixed support for the holder.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged detail section taken approximately on the line 55 of Fig. 2.

Referring by numerals to the accompanying drawings which illustrate a practical embodiment of my invention, 10 designates a plate which is secured in any suitable manner to a, support such as a, Wall or post, and formed integral with or fix =d t0 seid plate is a horizontally disposed tubular housing 11. Formed in the front Wall of this h0using is a slot 12, one end of which termindtes in a notch 13, the same occupying a osition approximately in horizontal aline ment with the oenter 012 the housing 11 and the other end of this slot 12 extends down- Ward as designatkad by 14 and seid downwardly extending portion terminating at a point directly below the axis o1 longitudinal center of the housing 11. Loosely mounted Within this housing is a cylindrical member 15, preferably of metal and seated therein is one end of a short rod or pin 16, the same extending outward through slot 12. This memberl5 is adapted to rotate freely and slide lengthwise through housing 11, and consequently pin or r0d 16 can be moved through slot 12 so es to occupy the notch 13 therein or the extreme lower end 14 of seid s ot.

Secured in any suitable manner to the top of the tubular housing 11 is a small metal plate 17, the edges of Which are turned up t0 form a holder for a cardboard strip such as 18. Secured in any suitable manner to the outer end of pin or rod 16 is the rear rail 19 of the bog holding frame, seid rail being preferaloly in the form of a tuloe. Connected in any suitable manner to the ends 0f this rear rail are tubular side mils 20, the same occupying planes parallel with eaeh other.

The rear rail 19 and pair of side rails 20 constitute a three-sided frame to Whi0h the side and rear Walls of the bag o1 pouch is connected.

Arranged to slide freely within the tubular rails 19 and 20 are short cylindrical blooks 21 and seated in eaoh block and projecting outwardly through a short horizontally disposed slot 22 is' a hook 23. All of these hooks ar e adapted to engage in eye- 1ets located in the upper portions of the Walls of the bog or pouch and as the blocks 21 are free to move within the rails 19 and 20, these hooks can be readily adjusted t0 accommodate the eyelets in the bag.

When the holder is in use, the frame 00mposed of the rails 19 and 20 is swung upward into a substantially vertical osition and pin or rod 16 shifted into the notch 13 et the upper end of slot 12 with the result that the bag holding frame is supported in a firm and substantial manner and the bag o1 pouch which is applied to seid frame Will be held with its mouth in fu1l open position.

When not in use, the beg holding imme- 20 when seid freme is swung downwerd.

(See Figs. 1 end 2.) Preoticelly ell meil secks or pouches ere provided eround the upper edge with e drew-string b, the seme sliding freely through e combined letch end teg holder c. VVhen the beg is eppli ed to the freme it is err'enged so thet the ends of this drew-string end the teg holder ere positioned et the front or between the forwerd ends of reils 20. Wheh the mziil metter hes beten disipributed end the lerk desires t0 remoire the beg o1 pouch from the reck, the letoh end teg holder .0 is gresped in one hend end with the other hend, the ends of the dr ew-string ere drewn thfough seid letch end teg holder. At the seme time,

-the perts ere given e slight upwerd m ove ment, end es e result of such movement end the pull upon the drew-string, the upper edge 015 the beg or po1ioh will loe reedily defieched from the hooks 23, thus meterizilly deoreesing the time end lebor ini olved in removing the seck or pouch from the freme.

It Will be understood thet where my improved beg holder is used in th e mei l service, e cerd upon which is prin ted or written th e neme of e City or Stete cen loe re-edily inserte d in the holder 17, thereby forming e guide f0r the proper distribution of meil mM- holdem of my improved construction ere oomperetively simple, cen be eesily end cheeply menufectured, end provide simple end efiicient meens for supporting meil begs end pouches while meil metter is being distributed.

It will be reedily understood thet minor chenges in the size, form end construotion of the Verious perts of my improved beg holder mey be mede end substituted for those herein shown end described, without deperting from the spirit of my invenion, the scope of Which isset forth in the eppencled cleims.

I cleim:

1. A beg holder comprising e plete With en ettecheld housing heving e loeyonet slot in its, side, e moveble member in seid hous- .ing beg supporting erms, end e pin rigidly connecti ng seid moveble member to seid erms end moveble in seid slot.

2. In e device of the eless described, e rigidly fixed housing provided in its side With e beyonet slot e member loosely mounted in seid hous'ing, e pin seeted in seid loosely mounted member end moveble through ehe beyonet slot in the housing, e freme seour.ed to seid pin, end beg engagin,q hooks on seidfreme. In testimony whereof I hereunto eflix my signeture this 211d dey of Februery, 1918.


Gopies of this patent niay be o blainecl for five cents eaeh, by aqj.dressi ng the Conimissioner 01 Patents, Washington, D. O.

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