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Publication numberUS129037 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 16, 1872
Publication numberUS 129037 A, US 129037A, US-A-129037, US129037 A, US129037A
InventorsWilliam M. Kiechneb
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Improvement in jelly-glasses
US 129037 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 129,037, dated July 16, 1872.


To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLIAM M. KIRCHNER, of Pittsburg, in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful Improvement in J elly-Glasses 5 and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawing forming part of this specification, which is a sectional view of my improved jelly-glass and cap.

My invention consists in the construction of a pressed jelly-glass, internally threaded, and finless so far as the screw-threads extend, and suitable for use, with a glass cap having a downward, externally-threaded, iinless ange. A iinless gasket-seat is made on the cap above the threaded ange, to extend out over the edge of the glass.

To enable others skilled in the art to make and use my invention, I will describe its construction.

The bowl a is made by placing the molten glass in a drop-mold of the proper shape, which is attached -to .the upper end of a verticallymoving standard, which is operated by means of a lever up against a core or plug threaded at its base, which enters the mold, and against which the glass is pressed into shape. The threaded core or plug is so secured in a threaded box 'as to allow of its being retired or withdrawn from the mold by unscrewing. In the operation of pressing the glass forms around the threaded base of the plug and forms a screw-thread, b, around the inside of the mouth of the jellyglass a. The core is then unscrewed from out the mold, and theglass is complete and ready to be removed and finished in the usual manner.

The press just described for forming the jelly-glass forms the subject-matter for a separate specification.

The cap cis made in the same way, by placing or screwing in the mouth of the mold an annular ring having a shoulder for formingv the overlapping gasket-seat a, and the inner face of the shoulder threaded for forming the screwthread around the outside of the downwardprojecting iiange e. The mold is operated in the manner described,l up against a smooth plug, which enters and presses the glass into shape; or the mold may be stationary, and the plunger descend therein in the usual manner.

The screw-thread i is formed around the ou tside of the ange e by the glass pressing in around the thread on the ring, after which the ring is unserewed from the mouth of the mold and the pressed cap is removed.

Thus I am able to make a pressed jelly-glass internallythreaded, inless not only in the bowl but across the screw-thread, which heretofore has not been accomplished in pressed articles of glass; and also a pressed-glass cap suitable for use therewith, having a downwardly-extending, threaded, Euless flange, e, and a laterally-extending tinless gasket-seat, o.

In using my jelly-glass I iind it is better to put a gasket of paper or other like material upon the gasket-seat o, since it prevents the glass cap from becoming set on the mouth of the bowl. When this happens the cap is often very hard to remove, as is frequently illustrated in the case of glass Stoppers in bottles.

What' I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is,-

A inless pressed jelly-glass, composed of the bowl a, and cap c, with screw-threads and gasket-seat, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I,the said WILLIAM M. KIRCHNER, have hereunto set my hand.




Cooperative ClassificationB65D1/0246, B29B2911/1402