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Publication numberUS129086 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 16, 1872
Publication numberUS 129086 A, US 129086A, US-A-129086, US129086 A, US129086A
InventorsGabriel Benda
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Gabriel benda
US 129086 A
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mpmvement in DoH-Heads.



Specication forming part of Letters Patent No. 129,@86, dated July 16, 1872.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I7 GABRIEL BENDA, or Coburg, Germany, have invented or discovered certain new and useful Improvements in the lianuiseture oi' Doiis and other like figures for the amusement or instruction of children or for artistic purposcs5 and l do hereby declare that the following is ai'ul1,clenr, and exe-ct description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawing and to the letters and iignres marked thereon; that is to The object of this invention is to inannfee ture doils and other like f1 gures in such nienner that the heed or face can be altered or varied at pleasure by the substitution of enother port or ports, mask, or face; end for this purpose I construct the body in any ordinary manner, and I forro thehead piein--th at is to say, form a dummyheed, or hee-d with outV e face. Ineke forces, masks, and heeddresses, or portions of the heed seperately, and provide these with elastic bands, or other equivalent fastenings, so that they may be atteched or united, es required, to the dummyhead.

In carrying out the invention I make a dummy-head consisting of only the back halt' of a head, aszseen at a., in Figures l, 2, and 3. This dummy receives the fece or front portion b, which is provided with a piece, o, to take into e corresponding socket, d, in the throat or neck e. The faces are further secured to the head by other 'astenings, such as a snap, a hook, or an elastic bend, es represented respectively ntf, g, and k, in Fig. 1, or the back ot' the fece-piece i) may have a doveteil or a dovetniled groove, j Fig. 2! corresponding with a dovetaiied groove or dovetail, j', in the front of the dummy-piece a, or both pieces may be dovetail grooved to receive a double doi-*etsii slide, as et if, Fig. 4. The front portion b may ne either e face, es in Figs. l and l, or it muy be a plain or dummy-piece, as in 3, ceri ing the general contour of a foce Withoutfeeturcs, being in this case adopted to reeeiye masks, which ere attached by elastic bands or otherwise. The back portion c of the head may be, as shown in Fig. l, Vadapted to receive e Wig or other headdress, which is secured thereto by elastic bands or otherwsepr this portion of the head may be dissected j es shown in Figs. 2 and 3, so that the dissected pieces 'i 'i may, when required, be teken out and rcplaced by others which are of dierent form or are provided with a different style ohead-dress. ihese dissected pieces 'L i.' when in place tit together end into the dummy-*piece c by means of grooves and projecting tiiiets or ribs, or are otherwise secured. In some ceses dissect the fece in a similar Way-that is to soy, l forni the face in several piecesg one er more ot which maybe removed and replaced by others. For esempio, one piece may carry-the eyes? another the nose, and e third the month.

By constructing dolls or other like figures, as before described, a great variety in the features and appearance can be obtained by changing the face, musk, or other detachable parts7 still using the saine body and dummyhead.

It will sometimes be desirable to niche the dolls arms and iegs removable, so that others may be substituted to correspond with aitered characteristics in the face or head. For in stance, if a nigger face be attached? their".

corresponding black legs and arms may also be applied.

What I. claim? end desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

The dummy-head, consisting of the baci; portion ar of e head formed to receive any desired fece or front portion b, as described.

n combination with the back portion o, the front portion b, formed with the part c to enter the socket d, in the back portion, and the dcveteil slide j, or eqniveient thereof, substantally as set forth.

Forming the back portion o in dissected or removable parts i i', substantially as and for the purposes Yset forth.

In witness whereof l, the seid GABRIEL Burton, have hereunto set my hand this tenth Y dey of February, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-two.




172 Fier/t Street, London. ROBERT Ensems,

32 Loedoo itin-ii, Leedos.

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