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Publication numberUS1291191 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 14, 1919
Filing dateDec 17, 1917
Priority dateDec 17, 1917
Publication numberUS 1291191 A, US 1291191A, US-A-1291191, US1291191 A, US1291191A
InventorsPerle Gibson Semple
Original AssigneePerle Gibson Semple
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Bed-covering and the like.
US 1291191 A
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Patented Jan, 14,1919.

" genannte-December17.1917.: serilnjzoasze,

` T o'allwhomlz-'t mag/concern.' l Be it known that I, GIBsoN SnMrLn, a 'citizen'fof the VUnited States,l residing 'at Stamford,in. the countyof Fairfield andlState-"0f Connecticut, haveV invented certain newand-usefulImprovements in Bed-Coverings and the like, of whichthe following is a'fspeciication, reference being hadtherein to the accompanying drawing.

This'invention relates` to improvements in bed coverings, and more f' particularly to blankets and the like for babies cribs or carriages,

The invention has for'its .object the provision'vv of 'an'article ofthe character stated, soform'ed thatin use, it will 'be impossible for an infant to kick-off its covering, to eX- poseits' handsv to the colder to suck its thumb.v 5 r The `invention also embracesI the provision of acovering'having improved means enablingeasy attachment thereof about the neck of the .infant and'- Ialso provided vwith a bib portiomconveniently va separate element,-

` to protectthe coveringl portion in a manner readily understood.

' As a artof this specification I have illustrated t e preferred embodiment of the invention, and an inspection' of such= illustration in connection withthe specific description hereinafter contained, will make clear the features-to which 'I have alluded, and

also other' features in detail and arrangement of parts, all presenting an inexpensive,

I 'simple and serviceable article.

of the blanket In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a front view complete.

Fig.. 2 is a rear view, and i Figs. 3 and 4 are transverse sectional views, the former showing the manner of closing the blanketproper about the neck of the infant, and the latter showing the manner of closing the bib.

c lReferring ings whereln like reference letters designate the same parts of the several views, A represents the body of a blanket or other bed covering, usually of a suitable material and size .for a babys" crib or carriage2 although the material is optional, and obviously any.

size desired may be employed. Bis a neck openin formed in the blanket of a size to close y surround the neck of the occupant, .56 access to the neck opening being afforded through a. divided portion C in the upper sEMrLE,; orvsrnigrronconnncricur.

more specifically to the drawrounding said nec end ofthelblanket butoifset* to one 4side of thercenter'of the, neck opening'so that the -head ofthe occupant will not bear thereon, and the' divided portion being overlapped `as shown and secured by spring-ball fasteners D or equivalent devices with a loinger overcold air possibly reaching the underside of :the blanket "from gaining` access to the head orneckof the user.

lapping portion outermost and facing ,toward the adjacent edge of the blanket lto ,prevent E is a .bib-of light, soft, washable material provided with a neck openingv F `adapted to register with thel neck opening in the blanket. The bib is conveniently of rectangular outline and provided with `diagonally disposed button holes G adapted to de tachably receive buttons H suitably positionedand secured on the face of the blanket A. Those. portions of the bib overlying the vupper divided portion of 'the blanket .and

adapted to underlie the back and sides of the head 4of the user are continuous whereas the lower central portion of the'bib is divided as represented at J to enable the bib to be readily slipped 4around` the neck and to be then secured in place through the medium Vof an intermediate button K also fastened on the face of the-blanket and engaged by crossed, inclined, button holes L in the overlapping -edges of the divided portion of the bib, the

crossed orintersecting button holes tending to more adequately maintain the-closed or' buttonV and button hole engagement of the bib when in use. Above the engagement just defined, thatis at the inner ed es ofthe overf lapped .portions of the bib an at the marginal corners of the neck-receiving portion, are

furnished a pair of short tapes or flexible tie members M adapted tobe drawn together and tied to secure the bib about the neck of the infant, these tie members aifordingmeans;4

for adjusting the size of the neck opening within reasonable limits. While I have herein Vdisclosed a special embodiment of the invention, itwill be ap@ parent to persons skilled in the art to which the invention relates that the invention is capable of embodiment in other forms of de vices as may be comprehended `by the heretoappended claims.

What I claim is:-.

1.` A bed `covering of the characterl delscribed provided witha neck opening and a detachable integral bib completely suropening to constitute a i' protector adaptedvto nnderlie the headl and 'i 1 the'head of A1the user, and having a'bib p01@ a 1n part. tooverlie 'thebody below the head, the coveringfand body ofthebib having dithereo'faround the neck o l, portions of.` both the covering andbib may .vided vportions permitting the placing ft e . nnderlie thehead ofthe use v scribed 2.o A `bed lcovering of the character de Y ing', the coverngja'nd bib 'having-divided V 'portions fpe'rmittin "the piacingfthereof ."around the neck o .the.1 1aer@\vv.herebypor "tions of the covering andbib 'may underlie,fvvv

the head lof .the user, the; said' divided por# tionsofthecovering and bibbein' 'arrangedv f at diferentlpoints relativetoeac other,

3. A 'bed coverin^` of the character-'dej scribed rovided-Wit aneckopenin 'anda 2e i opening, the coveringand bi A havingY divided portions permitting the..placing thereofl g' jaronnd the vneck'of the user whereby'gporf L tions of the coveringjandibibmay.underlie. the head 'of fthe. \user,` the said- 'dividedpr'f tions of the covering and -bib being located.. re'spective1y .at the upper portion-.ofthedetach `1e bib Surroundin" said-nec 'covering and opposite .orl lower' lportion of .14. A @man i means;H

user whereby lprovided with a neck openin' and a .detacha 1e bib surroundngsaid nec open'- of"the charactergde'l scribed provided wit a neckreoeiving'open- V'.in'gadjaeent a part adapted toV underliethe head .of `l tl 1e"user, and having a bibl portion* *adaptedtos'urround the neck of 'the user,

vfsfaid bib'being divided atoneedgeand f u r -nished vvitheep'arable fastenin' A 'covering "of hec aracter dei scribed `prov'fided with! a @neck receiving .opening adj acent-a part-adapted to. underlie' tion surround the neck of the u ser, said lbib being 4divided7 at one edge and furnished' with sep'arable fastening means,

*said fastening means including an' attachment 4between the bib andthe covering, and

joining ja ...portion adapted to underlie -the headfoffthenser, and having a'bib'portion a 1'so.provided 'witl r'a neck opening, the bib portion'b'eing divided *at fa point leading to "ftheneck opening, 'andv means for securing .the :divided: parts together.

f .7rA .bedcoveringof the character de.- -scribed...provided'lwith 'a neckopening adjoining a portion'. ada ted .to underlie.' the headof the user', and... aving a bib portionv `'also'providedvv-ithia neck opening, the bib portionbeing di'vff'idedA at a 'point leading to the necko ching', .andfadjnstable'means for an attachment betweenthe adjacent'adjoinf ing'parts of thedivided portion of the bib.

@6. A .bed covering of the character de-v v-' 'scribed' provided wlth a neckopening adthefdividedparts together and

substantially a's",described.`

-jlErnnnM Jarman. y

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Cooperative ClassificationA47G9/02