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Publication numberUS1291809 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 21, 1919
Publication numberUS 1291809 A, US 1291809A, US-A-1291809, US1291809 A, US1291809A
InventorsEvert Cornelis Ekker
Original AssigneeEvert Cornelis Ekker
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Military dress.
US 1291809 A
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- E. c. muy

ummm onfss. v MPUCIOK "LID AY I. HIC. 1,291,809. Patented Jand 21,1919.

mnj m die@ l nl. Il.. ncnbunn. 1an...

Thermodcrn art offi .ance of the viniltery To concern: l f i, 'i ,Bel it ,lmown that I f Evnirr Commun Enum, residing at The Plague, Netherlands,

' lsub'ject of theQueen of the Netherlands,

have invented certain new andueeful Imporovementsin .Military Dress, ofv which the llowin'ifgisaspecicetion. f

This invention relates to. military dress.

glitin'g obliger the eoldiertofbe as little visible ne possible in the battleiieldillly, encroaching upon thie re- .qulrement the rielr tofbe hit is' considerably .increacedi .Accordingly the outward appearha'e sudor-ed an impercoptibl'e, though` stro transition from the former gently-colo luniform and glittering eccoutremente into the gray-green drem .and dead-colored accoutrements of v the present. Yet bv. this transition the purthe disadvantage edh l .Which poee aimed at'has not. been attained sam- .fe as the material from which the modl ern uniforms are made, is still visible durin theday-time at e-rather greet distance,

w creas at' night, ingtlie-glnie of searchinto the desired neutral hue. Acco the cloth may ehow a pattern in red, blue and vMoreover Athe military dress, in'use nuwen 0r other ments or the .that, seeii'at a certain distance, the colors cloths loee all ltheir freshness after e short unsightly f neutral hue.

v sharply defined from each other or they mav lights, it even contracts more with the eur- 'I'Qundings than the cloths formerly in use.

rdayinfniade out ofthe 'grayyieh cloths has yet anot er importent disadvantage: ilractice hssteught that these use and communicate a dowdy' and ap errance to the wearer.

itis quite certain that the appearance ofthe :soldier influences his morele,'the dieadvantage of the retrogradation of his outwerd ehould not be underrated. That the French vniilitary admita'tlic value o this factor ie proved by the circumstance that it did not eliminate the red trousers, notwithstanding the greater .ow this inventionv intends to provide a new in identies the wearerv with his surroundings 'and' which does not pimms or unsightly a pearance i ering to wearing4 apparel o a gra ,grecnybrown-gny or o corresponding pla n Accordin to-this invention the dress is made out o .clothnlwhicli chown pattern fjmay. for; instance bexcompoeed o vei'iiinent for instance vwise neutrallycolored bac nations of' twovof tary dren, which', better than those im-0F THF lGUE. Hummm.

. WWQIIGMMM L Patented Jan. e1, 191e. Apeiimueii ma my inicie anni in. cam.

l 'diierently colored stripes,

strips, dots, slililaree, ornaments or the like, the colors 0f cli are'chosen and combined in such a wa that, if seen'at a moderate distance, the di ereiit colors may be clearly discerned so rece has a many colored appearance, while lontlie contrary, when the diseftnnce'augmei'its; there colors melt into n single hue, which-as much as possible corresponds with the color of those surround- Zig? in whichthe dresses are chiefly to be ."l

'varicue parte of the pattern, 'en stripes, stripe, talleres, ornaments or the like, exist- For this purpose the'hues of the ing on e cloth, of which the` dresses are madc, are clioeen of such s h'nd and in ysucliniutual proportion that, if seen toigather at some distance, the dresses assume ii grayieh h h neutral hue. eieiitl gthe -gre'en clot w ich is pre- 1 may my sary thetjn the cloth used the three primary colors (vin: red, yellow and blue) are preegreen or brownish gray or other To satisfy this requirement, it is necesent in such mutuel proportion that they neutralize each other and melt te other yellow, for instance composed of red, yellow and blue stripes, strips. dots, s uares, ornailre in such mutua proportion,

ass into each other at the borders of the iferently colored figures, which the pattern. The colors may also be applied (woven` printed, etc.) on a.

ayish oir-otherund.

It is evident that instca of the three primary colors red, ellow and blue, there may also be need co ors which are combithoee primary colors or of all the three' the colors of the attern may be either only such combined eo ors, or besides these-one or more of the pure pr`imary colors may be procent ne well, provided only that the condition has been satisfied that, if the combined colors are thou ht reduced into the primary colora of wliic they ere combinations there primary colors be compose present in a mutual proportion, which suina I be purpoee. In this manner the following combinations may forinstancebe used: -red and\ green; yellow and violet; blue` and orange; orange, violet und green.

In using combined colors either alone, or together with' the -Iiinar'y "ones,"the cblors may again be s arplv `defnedifor.,pass into each other at thc borders of the' fd'ures, or Ybe appliedon a neutrally colored cback- "onnd,' as statcd'heretofore in" 'the cose of lo tdie primary colors beingvusedralone.

The accompanying drawings illustrate by way of exainplegvamous embodiments'ofthe invention.= c .l vfFi ure l-shows al-1nilitary-- unifornrnn whic the threefprimarycolors aroma according -to-afzstriprattern.

.-Fig.2 shows partie :erumonnfwtlngptttern .0f uares-.finr-two colors. s 'Fi 31; owmparbofm uniform-inwvhxeh the t reewcolorsi-arer repree'ohtedivinirregu- Alux"designs.- i *Figi 4; shows arte'rr'` afd uniform witlri de- `si ne in Athree c'o orsshadinginto each other. --c nlthe embodimentfof my inventiomjshmvn in'Figfl 1' of the' accompanyingrdrawmgsrfa `eonventional -forinfof military uniformi. is -clis`closedmade from cloth whereinthreeiprimary colors are shown'.zin-zigzagfstripes as -shown et. y1. The diierchtoprimaryrcblors indicated .as 2,? 3 and 4 in lthe` drawingsmay be arranged in rectangular blucirsf'5,rzsaid Vblocks being preferably o theT same -v'vidth 4as the desired stripe andfelongatedfin form. They maybe arranfged 'at rightangles/tolone 36 'anotherfso (asto.4 ormfaf zigzagrstripe,ras valtrove seti forth. It` is'to be' notedl' #further that the-blocks f color` arealternat'ely nrranged in 4the stripes, and that: the adjacent -stripeshave the order' of alternation f ad- 40 vencedor retarded 'onercolor so as rto cause no two like colors to lie side by'side' either longitudinally or transversely of the stripes.

F ig. 2 shows a military uniform usl'co'ntemplated --by the invention wherein f the l colors are arranged in squares as shown at 6. In this arrangement', two colors may be'used, as indicated at 7` and 8,-v'vhich colors may'be red and green, yellow and violet.'blue-and orange, etc.` as hereinbefore explained. The colors are shown'disposcd in regular'vertical and horizontalnstripes, 'said stripes being composed of 'alternatinqsmalli rectangles of `different colors. thus:givingdransverse'and .longitudinal alternation of:colo`rs. ltfis to be noted 'that' in thisiarrangemeht ofcolors ftheaseparate blockw'nre preferably-iin the formof small squares. y

.'If. desired, the'colorsrmay belarron'gedhin irregular patches :asshowrt in 'Figa 3. :This lnure sets forth; irrognlarapatchcsof three Ycolora 9, 10 and' llnsaid'colors beingf'preferably the primary colora arrangedinmn irreg- .nlarmannerfsnd nltematedfsoinmto have .patches of like coloralwayafaeperetedibyrone .onmerqlpltahesohdtarant colora. l

"irregular and "intermer in E' ,thisarrangemenh the 1n ividual colors are til'natev iii'terming r fromsaa' distance.

r Still..anothermannerL of..arr:angin the feblorsitqfgive :the desired results is is iown inAFig. 4 wherein the three primary colors 12, 1,3 and lei are arranged in analternating manner. 1n 7o shdd or interwoven into each other along thelr adJacent edzes so as to give a more mmg of colors when .'iew'ed The colors to be used may have all the shades from softtohnrd; providedonlythnt Iatlreirimhtuuh value" be 'equal ;'-when applylng ors-instante wsoft blue* color; the red. i and .-yellovebior shoiild-abeietinswwel-l g1 om thc so' other-handrwhemusing for irtnnce` aehord rredfathei blue and eHow-should.' possessfn corresponding h nessniso thatnthe'hree rcolmsrmuv." rieutulizefeach--otherl .=Byi. applying". this'invmition. ther.uni-form H lflteeps the. 'ehamoten-forewhichi itfiwas" des- :tined .iox-ginaly; anomaly to improve 5 the rmoralecofi the wearer; by--eorxiinnnicntingly a -mslr nd'nehtroirtwnd appearances-*whereas 'thernnionn'lwhen zmadinltheeid, 1protects 9o better aguinstf.- being'observedt no some fdistancehby cruisingt thernrearerfto'zdisappear mmongohis :surroundings There azre knowncldths-ivhich showvmany colored stripescor the like; for instance' for 95 -fltirlieshdress withv these-.clothe however, che vaim Wasi ai'waysi :to "choose: ther colorsfsueh -that,see1r at a distnnce,they kleepfasinueh A asnpossible rthe i same` `amiearan'ceasllijrntlie fproxirnity, "in --contradistinrtion I*with #the 190 cloths accordimrtothis inventionxwhe'reds -amed atproducing a' reeheaudy irrfpres- `sion: 'wllile at some-distance 'the colorsmolt together intoa" Frayish" hue.' corresnmidlng "ronndinirs Ha ving -nowdescrihed my invention.z 'what iI` claim' as new' and 'desire -to' secure byi l'u'etF ters 'Patent is: v

1. A military dress comnrisingcldtlihavimrwoven therein a plurality of colors-said oiors bcinnnrramred in `senarate andl a'lt'ernatimz natchesandof a' character'ns torcftain'their `true shade when 'viewedfrom n, "predetermined "distnnce. lint-'Which *When 115 viewedrorrb'eyond' sniddistance'tvill merge info av unformnetrhlline.

'2. Wkxniltarv 'dresscrrmnrisinyr'ciotli havinq woven therein a nlnralitvf colors,"shid .'-c'olorsb'eimz disposed' 4in editi-cent arid` la'lter- 120 mating "natches'the individual* eolorswelng f nrmacedinvsepamte pat'chotnndfbenq sept rahd' h vlonefor 'more oatchesfF'dilerent -cclors,\ im of said'celnrs beim or a `hrmacter from t non famme. `im which when htngmmfthenrapimlity Si leolors; the un Lettone individual colors being arranged in separate patches and like colors being separated by one or more patches of different colors, said adjacent colors being interwoven adjacent their coinciding ed and bein of a chan acter aste merge into a neutra hue when viewed from a distance.

4. A military dress comprising cloth havin dinpoeed therein in seperate adiacent an alternating atches three primary colore, said colore i351 preeent in mutual proportion and unifo y distributed.

5. A military dress com risin cloth having dipoead therein a p urali t of colors form' adjacent patches, the a hes of any color joining patches ofa iiierent color on all their sides, said colors being present m mutual proportion and .uniformly die tributed.

6. A' milita dress comprising cloth having disposed t erein complementary colors formin adjacent patches, the atches of 'any color n joinin patches of a iferent color on all their si es, said colors being resent in mutual proportion and uniform y d1atributed. i'

In testimony whereof I ax my signature in presence of two witnesses.



H. J; Koor, A. C. Ganan.

dnpluolthlsteataayhohtamel ferm mmennmhywhueiastmwmmmnhmu. Watagtoamf

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