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Publication numberUS1292318 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 21, 1919
Filing dateApr 30, 1916
Priority dateApr 30, 1916
Publication numberUS 1292318 A, US 1292318A, US-A-1292318, US1292318 A, US1292318A
InventorsBirchard E Holton
Original AssigneeBirchard E Holton
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US 1292318 A
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Patented Jan. 21, 1919.

8 ll 5 I 2 7 3 Im/en/ivf:

Darohwrd E. H olton,


Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed April s'o, 1916. Serial No. 231,763.

To all whom it may concern;

Be it known that I, Bmcnano E. HoL'roN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Los Angeles, in the county of Los Angeles and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Air-Brushes,

,of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to air brushes and consists of the novel features herein shown, described and claimed.

One of the principal objects of my invention is to make a material tube for delivering the material to the point of the atomizer, the tube being removable and interchangeable, so that by manipulating a set screw a tube carrying one material may be removed, and another tube carrying a different material instantly applied.

- Another-object of my invention is to make anair brush, in which the air and material connections are both at the extreme rear end of the main head, and above the hand-hold,

so'as to avoid the trouble of having the hose connections dragging over the fresh work.

Another object of my invention is to make a single trigger control for the air and meterial, and to provide adjustments so that the air will be turned on before the materialis turned on, and so that the flow of material ma be accurately regulated,

Figure l is a side elevation of an air brush embodying the principles of my invention.

. Fig. 2 is a sectional elevation on a plane parallel with Fig; 1. t

Fig. 3 is a front elevation looking in the direction indicated by the arrows 3 in F igs. 1 and 2, parts being broken away and shown in sections,'and parts being broken away to economize space. I v

if The nozzle support 1 is cylindrical in end elevation and a bore 2 is formed from the front end face, the forward end of the bore being screw-threaded, and there being a lateral port 3 leading to the bore, and a seat 4 around theouter end of the port. The paint nozzle 5 is screwed into the bore 2,

and has an orifice 6 leading through its tip,

1 conical.

and a valve seat 7 at the inner end of the orifice, and a passage 8 leading from the bore 2 to the valve seat .7. In front of the end face of the support 1, the nozzle 5 s The air nozzle 9 is screwed upon the end of the support 1 concentric to the paint noz-1 .the support 1, in communication-with the chamber 11. 1 a r The main frame 13 has acircular head '14 provided with a nipple'1'5; and; a' piece of tubing 16 fits tightly upon the nipple-15. {A

corresponding nipple l7-is formed upon the rear end of the support 1, and fits tight in a the end of they tubing 16, so as to connect the support 1 to the main frames The main frame 13 has a housing chamber 18 extending backwardly from the head 14. "A' bear- Patented Jan. 21,1919. I

ing 19 is formed 'at"the"rea'r end of this chamber. The paint valvestem 20 isslidingly mounted in the bearing 19, and extends through the chamber 18, through the head 14, the nipple 15, the tube 16, the nipple 17,

and the bore 2, to the valve seat 7, and has: a

needle oint 21 extendinginto orthro'ugh the ori ce 6. An expanslve coil spring 22 is placed upon the valve stem 20, in the chamber 18, against the forwardend ofthe bearing 19, and 'engagesaspring s'e'at upon the stem 20, the tension of thes'prin'g 22 being exerted to hold the needlepoint21 against the valve seat 7, to stop the fiovv'of paint. A trigger 24 is pivotally mounted upon a pin 25 in the upper part of the" chamber 18,.and extends downwardly through the wall of the chamber. p f

The main frame 13 has a removable side plate 26, so that when the plate '2 6' is removed, the chamber 18 is open, as in 2, 1'

the side plate being secured in place fby screws 27. The'air hpse' 28 slips upon the nipple 29, and the nipple 29 is 'connectedto the air valve casing 30' by a union The principal part of the air valve casing 30 is located within the chamber 18, there being a notch 31 in the rear wall of the main frame, so that the valve casing isplaced, in

the notch, and the plate 26 a plied to hold,

the casing in place. Set scr ws 32a re, iii

,serted through the plate26 to engage the forward end of the casin'gBO, and a slmilar set screw-is inserted through the. back side of the frame-to engage the other side ofthe casin 30. A valve seat 33 is formedlin the valve casing 30, a valve stem 34 -is slid- "384s formed around the nipple 17 said pipe 39" ingly mounted in the casing, the forward end of the stem 34 engaging a cam 85 projecting backwardly from the trigger 24. A valye-J3,6, u-pon the valve stem 34 engages a seat 33, and a spring 37 is inserted behind the valve, the tension of the spring being exerted to hold the valve closed. A chamber the stem34, in front of the va'lve seat 33,and a pipe 39 leads later ally from the chamber 38, through the wall ofi'the' valve casing, 33, and then forwardly through the nipple 15, and into the end of connecting with the ports12,leadi'ng "to the chamber 11 and to the orifice 10. A U.-shaped link 40 extends around the pipe'39, and hasa bearing por-. tion 41 in position to engage the spring seat 23'; the ends of the link being connected againstthe stem 20, there being lost motion to the-trigger 24 .by spring 42 connects the bearing portion 41 to thetrigger 24, the tension of thespring being exerted to hold the bearing portion 41 between the bearing portion 41 and the spring seat 23, so that the trigger 24 may be operated to unseat the valve 33, and allow air' to blow through the orifice 10, without 5 unseating theneedle 21, to open the orificeb,

I ing to needle 21 from andthen continued operation of the trigger bring-the bearing portion 41, into engageinent" with the valve 23,- and unseat the i the seat 7, to open the orifice 6 to the desired extent. The object being to operate both valves with a single trigger and to make it easy to use the device as a'blower, and at' thesame time have the paint shut off, and then after the air is flowthe desired extent, to turn on the paint as desired. I

A s'et'screw 43 is screwed through the wall of the frame 13, directly behind the lower end of the trigger 24, so-that by manipulating the set screw, an adjustable stop is formed to accurately limit the movement of the" trigger, so as to limit the opening of the paint valve. A hand-hold or grip 44 extends downwardly from the'main'frame- 13.

i A paint hose 45 is slipped upon a nipple 46 and the nipple 46 is secured to the paint tube 47, by a union 48.

A seat 49 is, formed upon the upper side and rear end of :the

frame 13, to receive the rear end of the tube 47, and the forward end A of'the tube is turned downwardly and fixed 4. A s'etscrew support 5O extend upwardly from the back side of the frame 13, and

-- the paint over the seat 49-, and the setscrew' 51 mounted vertically through this set. screw support engages a seat 52 upon the paint tube 47, to hold the rear'end of tube rigidly in place. A second set screw support 53 extends upwardly from the sides of the nozzle support 1, upon opposite sides of the seat 4, and has a crossbar 54 through which the set screw 55 opertube 47, and

and connecting a pin 41. A retractile coil naeaem ble to place the paint hose 45 above the air hose 28, at the rear end of the mainframe, and at the same time deliver the material directly to the nozzle, thus avoiding the lia- "bility of the paint hose dragging over the fresh work, as in the old constructions, where the paint hose extended downwardly from the nozzle.

Various changes may be made in the arrangement and details of construction without departing from the spirit of my invention as claimed. 1

I claim:

1. In an air brush, a main frame, a paint nozzle mounted upon the forward end of the main frame, an air nozzle mounted upon the forward end of the main frame around the paint nozzle, a valve for controlling the passage of paint to the-paint nozzle, a valve for controlling the passage of air to the air nozzle, a paint tube removably mounted upon the main frame and discharging into the paint nozzle.

2. In an air brush, a main frame, a paint nozzle upon themain frame, a paint valve construction for controlling the paint nozzle, an air, nozzle around the paint nozzle, an air valve construction for controlling the air nozzle, a paint tube mounted on top of the main frame and connected to the paint nozzle, and having a nipple adapted for 0on nection to a paint hose, and means whereby the paint tube may be removed.

3. In an air brush, a main frame, a paint nozzle mounted upon the forward end of the mainframe, an air nozzle mounted upon the forward end of the main frame around the paint nozzle, a valve for controlling the passage of paint to the paint nozzle, a valve for controlling the passage of air to the air nozzle; there forward and rear ends of the top of the frame; a set-screw support extending upbeing paint tube seats at the.

'wardly over the rear seat, a set-screw in the 4. Inan air bru sh, a main frame, a paint nozzle upon the main frameila paint valve construction for controlling e paint nozzle,

an air nozzle around'the paintnozzle, an air 5 valve construction for controlhng the an nozzle, a. trigger for controllin I constructmns, a. set-screw the two valve or adjustably controlling the movement of the trigger, and a paint tube mounted on top of the main frame and connected to the paint nozzle.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


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U.S. Classification239/415, 239/424, 239/527
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