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Publication numberUS1293218 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 4, 1919
Filing dateFeb 6, 1918
Priority dateFeb 6, 1918
Publication numberUS 1293218 A, US 1293218A, US-A-1293218, US1293218 A, US1293218A
InventorsDuncan W Shannon, Thaddeus N Harris
Original AssigneeDuncan W Shannon, Thaddeus N Harris
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US 1293218 A
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APPLlc/Tmu man 553.6. ma.

1,293,218, v Patented Feb. 4,1919.




struction and operation which may be readily applied to an internal combustion engine of standard construction. A further object is to provide a plug the various parts Lof which maybe quickly and easily disassembled for cleaning or repairing. `further object is to provide a spark plug provided with means for securing the terminal carrying elements in proper position and for also closing theicasing which carries the plug when the plug is-removed'thus permitting the plugto be removed without stopping the engine. 'Further objects will appear from the detailed description.

In the drawings: Figure 1 is a longitudinal section through a plug constructed in accordance with our invention.

. Fig. 2 isa top plan view vof theplug.

Fig, 3 is a longitudinal section through the plug showing the terminal carrying members in partial withdrawn position.

-The body orcasing 1 of the plug is of usual construction being provided intermediate its ends with an integral nut 2 and having the tapered threaded. neck 3 which is adapted to be threaded into the usual bore 4 provided in the cylinder head 5. rlhe casing l receives a cylindrical'metallic sleeve G threaded therein. This sleeve is provided at its outer end with a hexagonal head 7 which facilitates threading of the sleeve into and out of the casing. Head 'i' is provided with a central cylindrical recess which receives the threaded neck 8 of a securing nut 9. A tube 10 of porcelain or other suitable insulating material is mounted yin tube 6.

and is provided, at its inner end, with a tapered portion 11. This tube is provided with a terminal member 12 in the form of a metallic rod which extends the full length of the tube, the inner end of this rod being spaced over the arcuate terminal member 13 Specification of Letters atent.


Patented Feb. 4, 1919.`

Application led February 6, 1918. Serial No. 215,653.

carried by the tube 6 at the innerA end thereof. The tube 6 is provided at its inner-' end with an inner annular shoulder 14 which; engages the shoulder at the' inner end Ior tube, 10 formed by the reduced portion l1. This' shoulder acts to positively limit thev inwardmovement of the tube. The outer portion l1a of tube 10 is slightly tapered, and the securing nut 9 is provided with aeorresponding axial bore. By threading nut 9 into head 7 the insulating tube 10 is forced inwardly and secured in proper position so as to. have the terminal members disposed in. proper spaced relation. A metallic disk 15 is secured on the outer end of tube l0 and carries Y ner end of this screw engages into an annular groove 20 fornied'in the outer face of sleeve 6. In this manner screw 9 eiectually prevents rotation of the-sleeve thus securi the contact points in proper relation to eald other.

ln use'this spark plug will operate in the well known manner, the terminal rod 12 being connected to one side of the battery through the usual induction coil, and the engine being grounded to the other side of the battery. if the plug needs to be cleaned or repaired while the engine is in opera-tion, this may be effected without stopping the engine. By turning' the screw 19 out of engagement with the tube 6, the tube and the elements carried thereby may be readily removed from the body or casing 1. When the sleeve has been turned outwardly a sufficient distance to insure that the inner terminal member 13 is beyond the screw 19, screw 19 is then turned in so as to extend completely across the bore of body 1 thus efectually closing the same, it being understood, of course, that the diameter oi.l the screw is slightly greater than the interior diameter of casing 1. After the screw has thus been turned in so as to close the casing, the sleeve 6 and the parts carried thereby may be completely removed thus permitting the plug to be quickly and easily cleaned or repaired.

During the repairing or cleaning of the y :.plug, it is not necessaryI to stop the engine as the casing 1 is closed, as above noted. 'When the plug has'been repaired it may be threaded into the casing l'a short dista-nce, after which the screw 19 is turned out so as to clear the sleeve,- the tube then being threaded inward into its innermost position.

'26 ed in said casing, means for releasably securing said tube in the casing, said securing means being adapted to close the casing when the tube' is removed therefrom.

2. In spark plugs, a casing having a longitudinal threaded bore and a transverse threaded bore intersecting the same, a sleeve Athreaded into said longitudinal bore and containing any insulating element, the sleeve and element carrying the terminals, and a screw threaded into vsaid transverse bore .against the sleeve, the screw being of a size to be projected across the longitudinal bore when the sleeve is withdrawn and close said bore at that time.

3. In a spark plug, the combination with a casing having a longitudinal threaded bore and a diametric threaded bore intersecting the same, said bores being of approximately the same size; of a sleeve threaded into said longitudinal bore and having an external annular groove adapted to register .with said diametric bore when the sleeve 1s 1n proper position, an insulating element carriedwithin the sleeve, terminals carried by theA sleeve and element, and a screw threaded into said diametric bore and engaging said groove when the sleeve is in place or adapted to be projected across its longitudinal. bore to close the same when the sleeve is withdrawn. v

4. In spark plugs, a casing having a longitudinal bore, a tube threaded through said casing, the casing being also provided with a diametrical bore, and a screw threaded into said diametrical bore for engagement with the tubeso as to normally prevent ro1 tation thereof, said screw being adapted to extend across the interior ofsaid casing so as to completely close'thesame when the tube is removed.l

v5. In spark plugs, a casing, a tube mounted in said easin and provided at its inner end with a terminal member, means for. releasably securing said tube in the casing, and a terminal member carried b and electrically insulated there om, said terminal member being spaced from the first mentioned terminal member, and said securing means being adapted to close the casing when the tube is removed therefrom.

In testimony whereof We aiiix our signatures in presence of two Witnesses.



Copies of this patent niay be obtained for ve cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. C.

the tubei

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