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Publication numberUS1294027 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 11, 1919
Filing dateAug 25, 1917
Publication numberUS 1294027 A, US 1294027A, US-A-1294027, US1294027 A, US1294027A
InventorsEdward F Baum
Original AssigneeEdward F Baum
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Mechanically-operated toy.
US 1294027 A
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m mm Patented Feb; i1, 191% citizen of the device neon, or woninnnfrsnoiao,

if ii httg'i'. Specification of Letters Patent,

Application filer. August $85, 191

To aZZ whom v4; may concern:

Be it imown that l, EDWARD United States, in the county BAUM, a residing; at

vYVormleysburg, of (lumber-'- land. and State of Pennsylvania, have made new anol nsei'ul improvements in hiechanically-Qperated. Toys.

B y invention relates to that class of toys representing an animal in form, preferably a frog or toad, propelled by a mechanical device Which the purpose of my invention is to provide a toy of this description, simple and substantial in construction which will have a life like action when operatecl.-

I attain the object of my invention by the illustrated in the accompanying crowing in Which-- Figure is a perspective siole view. Fig.- 2

a iongituri-inal cross sectional view. Fig.

3 is a longitudinal cross sectional view showing a moelification' of the same. Fig. i is a perspective side view showing the manner in which the toy is operated.- Fig. 5 is a sectional plan View which more fully illustrates the arrangement of the mechanism andconstrnction thereof.

Similar letters refer to throughout the several views.

In Fig. 1 A. is a shell of sheet metal or other suitable material shaped to represent the head, body and hind legs of a frog. 5 b are the front legs which are. fastened to a rozi 0, which passes transversally through the shell it, from side to side and turns in the holes f f which act as nearin e is a pin attached to the shell A. on. the outside to arrest the rearward action of the legs 6 b anclto hold them in the proper position when the toy is at rest.

lin Fig. 2 a coil spring is shown securely attacheci to the rod 0 the other end which is fastened in any suitable to the inner surface of the shell ll Fig. 3 a spiral spring s is substituteol springs shown in the other VIEWS.

Inasmuch as it is obvious that the rod 0 with such.

is actuated by a spring, and.

vex-sally through the similar parts of a shell in the form for the coil Serial Ho. 189,200.

To operate a toy made in accordance with my invention, the shell A. is pressed downward as shown in Fig. at which forces the fore legs 45 Z) forward in a longitudinal directron, engaging and tightening the spring 8 on the reel 0 Vfhcn the pressure is quickly removed the tension on the spring 3 is re leased and the legs 6 5 are draw rearwarcl force that the entire toy is thrown upward andior'warcl from its base for short distance alighting in a sitting posture simulating the jump or hop of a live frog. The operation can be repeated at will and when a stick, cane or red is used to apply the pressure the frog or toad may be propelled or chased for an indefinite distance aflorcling unlimited amusement, especially for a child.

Having described the construction and operation of my invention I pray that Let ters Patent may be granted to me for the same in accordance with the following claims.

1. in a mechanical a shell in the form hind legs of a frog,

toy the combination of of the head, body and a rod extending trans shell from shonlcier to shoulder and turning in a rotary direction. in bearings therein, front legs attached. to said rod and a spring reciprocating therewith for actuating the same.

2. In a mechanical toy the combination of a head, body and hind legs of a toad, a reel extending transversally through the shell from shoulder to shoulder and turning in a revolving direction in bearings therein, front legs attached. to saicl rod, and a spring reciprocating therewith for actuating the same.

.3. in a mechanical toy the combination of the sheil A, the front legs 6 e, the rod 0, the bearings f f, the pin 0 and the spring 8, substantially describes.

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U.S. Classification446/312
Cooperative ClassificationA63H11/06