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Publication numberUS1294752 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 18, 1919
Filing dateFeb 27, 1918
Priority dateFeb 27, 1918
Publication numberUS 1294752 A, US 1294752A, US-A-1294752, US1294752 A, US1294752A
InventorsFred F Ballard
Original AssigneeFred F Ballard
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Head-carried light.
US 1294752 A
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Patented.. Feb. 18,1%.

IA Pfl/i172.

ffllfff/l//l TESE...

' 54am/woo@ 2%? Jaw/22W;



i. "Biftrs'tf Letters Patent Patented-Feb.. like; M119.

n mamma mofa sebra-awa?, 1518.1. serial ne arcaica Ta all whom t may concern. v

Be; itflmerwn` thatfIffFnEo F. BALLARD,

a citizen of the United States,

Hot Springs, in theconnty. of Garland and State of Arkansas, havenxented certain new .and useful Improvements in Head-Carried Lights. ;1 and-I do .'.dwlare i* the i followi Y, to

be a full, clear, andexact description o .tba

' invention, such as will-.enable others skilled in the art to which it appertainsto make and use the same.

My invention'has for its object to provide an extremely simple and inexpensive, yet a highly efficienti and convenient light to be mounted on the head of the user through the instrumentality of a head band or other suitable head gear, the device being intended principally for automobileI trouble on the road, although it is 'equally well adapted for use by physicians, surgeons, plumbers and other artisans requiring such a device.

With the foregoing general object in view the invention resides in the novel features of .construction and vunique combinations of parts to be hereinafter fully described and claimed, the descriptive matter being sup plelnented by the accompanying drawing which forms`a part ofthis specification and in which.:

`Figure 1 is a perspective View of the invention applied;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged perspective view showing the plug Vwhich carries the-lamp disconnected from the socket carried by the head gear;

Fig. Sis a detail vertical section on the plane of the line 3-3 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a detail horizontal section on the' plane of the line 4-4 of Fig. 2; and

Fig. 5 is yet another detail vertical section showing more particularly the means for holding the plug in the socket.

In the drawing above briefly described,

the numeral 1 designates a support which' may be in the form of a head band'or any other preferred type of head gear, said support having on its front side a socket 2 in which is removably received a plug 3 from which an arm 4 extends forwardly, said arm carrying a suitable electric light 5 having a push button switch 6 for illuminating and extinguishing the same. ElectricA current may be supplied to the light 5 by any preferred means, but I prefer to employ the usual two-wire cable 7 leading from either f,.a,v.plfurali.ty of batteries .8. carried in fsmtableypccketson a.. belt 9.

Thecsocket2is. formed of. asngle-vertically ,disposedsheet metal plateseeured 'along its vertioal'renter.tqthesupport 1 by.

rivets orth'e'like'lO las seen in Fig. 8, the

. opposite ends ofsaidyplate-beingfbentlater` .allgrginto forwardly converging relation to form the sides 11 of the socket, the fr ont edges of said sides extending in parallel 'relation as seen at 12. The plug 3 is of dovetail shape and is received snugly between the sides 11 of the sockets, the front edge of ,said plughavin a vertical rib 13 located between'the para lel portions 12 of said sockets. The rib 13 is formed with a socket14 in which a, spring pressed detent 15 is received when the socket is in place, to holdl said socket an'd the plug in proper relation.

The upper end of the plug 3 is preferably provided with a hook 16 whereby it may be suspended if required, and .an -additional hook or eye'17 isl provided at the lower end of said socket tesupport the cable 7.

An ear 18 is formed integrally with and extends forwardly from the rib 13 of the plug 3the rear en'd of the arm 4 being connected to said ear by a pivotal and frictional joint 19 of 'any preferred construction. The arm in question is formed of a rear section 20 which is connected to the ear 18 as shown for vertical swinging, and a front section l21 similarly connected' to said rear section at 22, the section 21 being twisted between its ends at 23 so that its front end is located in a horizontal plane, said end being connected to the rear en d of the light 5 by a frictional and pivotal joint 24. The three joints 19, 22 and- 24 permit the light 5 t0 be moved into practically any. required position for obtaining the vbest results.

The device is particularly well adapted for 'automobilists when changing tires or making necessary repairs on the road at night or in unlighted garages, but it will be clear that it may be used to equal advantage for numerous other purposes. Since probably the best results are obtained from the exact features shown and described, these features4 are preferably employed, but within the scope of the invention as claimed, numerous minor changes may well be made. Also, it is to be understood that the plug 3 may be removed from the socket 2, in which case the device may be used as a hand lamp without the support. When so used, the hook 16 is often of great advantage since by its use the light may be supported in con- 5 venient positions for shedding its rays where necessary.

I claim: The combination with a support adapted to be mounted on the users head, of a verti- 10 cally disposed metal plate secured at its central portion to the front of said support, the two ends of said plate being bent laterally into forwardly converging relation and then extending forwardly in arallel relation, a 15 dove-tail block receivedp slidably between FRED F. BALLARD.



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U.S. Classification362/103
International ClassificationF21L4/06
Cooperative ClassificationF21V21/145, F21L4/06
European ClassificationF21V21/14L, F21L4/06