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Publication numberUS1297831 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 18, 1919
Filing dateJul 9, 1917
Priority dateJul 9, 1917
Publication numberUS 1297831 A, US 1297831A, US-A-1297831, US1297831 A, US1297831A
InventorsArthur Gilbert
Original AssigneeHarry Jemune, Hiram E Boots, Arthur Gilbert
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Combined cigarette and match box.
US 1297831 A
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APPLICATION FILED JULY 9, |911. 122917,31, Patented Mar. 18,1919.

anrnunetnnaaor renna Hanan, rumana, Assrcnoa or ONE-THIRD To HARRY mienne Arm ONE-mmm; ro



Leonesa' Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Mar. 18, 1919.

Application filed .Tnly 9, 1917. Serial No. 179,546.

To @ZZ whom t may concern;

,Be it known that I, ARTHUR GILBERT, a, citizen of the United States, residing Terra Haute, in the county 0f Vigo and State of Indiana., have invented' new and constructed as to facilitate-the withdrawal of a match therefrom, particularly, when the handsof the smoker are incased in gloves. 4

Another object of the invention is to pro vide the box with a tray wherein the match receptacle is so arranged within the tray and is of such length as. to permit partially consumed cigarettes to be returned to the tray and carried therein beneath the match receptacle without being exposed to View when the box is opened to obtain a cigarette which has not been lighted. or a match.v

l/Vith these and other 'objects in view, the invention resides in the. novel combination and arrangement of parts, which will bc hereinafter; described and particularly pointed out inthe claim. The preferred embodiment of the invention'has lbeenjillustrated 1n the accompanying 'drawifnglfy although no restriction is necessarily-made to the precise details of construction therein shown, as changes, altera-A tions, arid modifications Within the scop'e of the claim may be resorted to when desired.'

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a. perspective view of a com- 'bined cigaretteand match box constructedV wherein the in accordance with the invention cigarette tray is shown partly withdrawn l from the casing. L.

fFig. 2 is a horizontal section on the line Fig` 3 is advert-,ical longitudinal section through the box.

Fig. ll-is a perspective view of the c1ga- 4rette tray and matchreceptacle associated y therewit Referring"nowl to the drawing in detail, the letter. A designates a combined cigarette atv -15 together with the and mat-ch box which be formed from any suitable material, such as cardboard, or the like, and wherein an open ended casing B of rectangular-shape has mounted to slide v therein a cigarette tray C in which is arranged a match receptacle D. y

The tray C is formed from a blank which includes a rectangular shaped' body portion lOfrom' the sides of which extend Aflaps 11, 12, 13, and 14, with-each of the fia s 1l and 12 scored to form panels land tongues 16 and 17 upon the aps 11 and 12, the panels and side walls of the tray, while the tongues 16 and 17am adapted to partially close one side ofthe tray when the tray is arranged in the casing B.

The flap 13 panels 18 and 19` of less length than'the flap 13 and a panel 20 extending trans- Hap lll'forming an end" is Scored to form a `pair of versely ofthe iap at one end of the panel 187 said panels 15, 18, 19'and 20 on the Hap 13 together with the body portion 10 ot the tray t'opped match receptacle'D, the panels 19 and 20 having formed thereon wings '21y which are secured to the body portion 10 of the tray in any suitable manner.

The end walls of the receptacle D which are formed by the panels 15 and 19 of the flap 13 are beveled at their upper ends' as shown to space the upper edge of the front v'side wall of the receptacle D below the upper edge of the body portion 10 'of the tray, said upper edge of the front wall of thereceptacle D being curved as shown to enable the matches Within the receptacle to be easily grasped between the thumb and finger when it is desired to withdraw a match therefrom. The bottom of the receptacle D which is formed by the panel 20 inclines upwardly and rearmirdlyiroin the lower edge of the front side wall of the receptacle D, so that the heads upon one row of matches Within the receptacle D will be spaced above the heads on the row'o matches in front thereof, thus enabling'a match to be easily with drawn from the receptacle D, particularly, when the smokcrs gloves. T'he receptacle D is of such length as to extend only half the length of the tray C, so that when cigarettes are arranged ufpon the tray between the ,Hap 14 and receptacle D, a space 22 is left within the tray below hands are lncased in forming within the tray the Open soA thev receptacle Din which may be arranged partly consumed cigarettes as shown in Fig..

consumed cigarette from View when the tray is extended beyond an end of the casing B as shown viirFig. l in the drawing.

.- .'At'this point, I wish to call attentionvto the fact thatwit'h the botes of this characternowin use, the receptacles D extend the. en-

-connect1on with the accompanyingdrawing tire "length of the box, and as .the tray is of greater length'than the lmatches now in com,- mon use, the. box must tbe inverted for the Withdrawal of a match from the holder, fur- Jhermoren with the boxes now in use to eni, a'ble the greater portion of the space within the tray to lloe utilized for'cigarettes, the

match holder is made-exceedingly narrorvv which vgreatly reduces the match .holding capaci-tyI `of the Ih'oX aswell asrendering the Withdrawal of matches 'from the box, ex-

ceedingly diliicult When the Smokers hands are incased in gloves.

.l from, after which, a'niatch may be wit-h.-

The panel'l of theiap 11 has secured thereto any suitalble mannery above the 'i open topy of the receptacle D, an albrading strip 23'upon` which the matches withdrawn from the receptacle may be struck.

When the box A is in use and itis desired to remove a cigarette therefronnthetray is moved to the `position shown in Figl in the drawing and a lcigarette extracted theredrawn fro'mthe receptacle D and struck vupon the abrading strip 23 to light the Shoulddw lsmoker deslre to board. a car,

yor enter a building inwvhich smoking is prohibited befor'ethe cigarette which was exit will Ibe concealed from view by the flap 17 should the tray lhe again moved to a position aS shown in Fig. 1, thereby preventing the smoker from-becoming ern' arrassed by the exposure to view of the partiall consumed cigarette should he desire -to oi er a friend. a cigarette from the tray.

'Frein the {foregoing description, taken in it is at once apparent, that a combined cipria rette andmatch Ibox has been provided where v matches therefrom :but enables espace to lie formed within the |`box in which partly consumed-cigarettes may 'be carried. f

. Having thus described the invention, what is claimedas new is:

I in the match receptacle is 'so constructed as e lto not4 only facilitate the withdrawal of c In a device of the class descrihedra trayl comprising a body. portion. flaps forniedf the edges of said [body portion, pgmls formed on one of said flaps, said panels being of less length Ithan 'the lap to which they 1 are secured and being located at one end of the said flap to provide a match receptacle 1n one corner of the tray Witha space loeneath and 4at thel sideo the match receptacle, one panel of the receptacle having an In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature.


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