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Publication numberUS1298043 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 25, 1919
Filing dateFeb 28, 1918
Priority dateFeb 28, 1918
Publication numberUS 1298043 A, US 1298043A, US-A-1298043, US1298043 A, US1298043A
InventorsJacob H Hollander
Original AssigneeSamuel J Unger, Oscar N Pollak, Jacob H Hollander
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US 1298043 A
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1,298,043. Patented Mar. 25,1919.





7 Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Mar. 25, 1919.

Application filed February 28, 1918. Serial No. 219,575.

take the place of the ordinary overcoat and adapted to give the wearer greater protection than is the case with ordinary overcoats, and at the same time to give much greater bodily freedom of action and movement than is possible with overcoats of ordinary construction.

The garment of the present invention embodies substantially the good features of a coat and pair of trousers connected together, and I have coined the term oversuit to designate the same.

Garments embodying my invention are of special value to persons engaged ingoutdoor work where eifective protection from cold and exposure must be provided and the wearer must be free to perform his work without interference therewith caused by his clothing. Suits embodying the invention are well adapted, for example, for wear by soldiers, ambulance and truck drivers, aviators and thelike, though their use is by no means confined to such classes of persons blil'. are available for outdoor wear general finother object of the invention is to provide a crotch support for the wearer whereby the liability of injury by rupture or the like, when engaged in heavy work, as lifting and so forth, may be substantially reduced. v f My invention further relates to thefimprovement'of garments of the sort referred to in a number of important particulars, and with the foregoing and related objects in view, my invention consists in the parts, improvements, combinations and features of construction herein set forth and claimed.

In the accompanying drawings forming part of this specification wherein the same reference numerals are uniformly used to designate the same parts throughout, Figure 1 is a front view of my improved garment as worn. Fig. 2 is a View showing the preferred form of interior construction of the coat portion of the garment. Fig. 3 is a back view of the coat portion of the garment. Fig. 4 is a fragmentary back view of the trousers portion of the garment with lowered flap. Fig. 5 is a View similar to Fig. 4 but with raised flap. Fig. 6 is a fragmentary front view of the trousers portion with the parts opened up to show the construction. Figs. 7 and 8 are side views of sleeves. Fig. 9 is a view similar to Fig. 6, but with the front portion in closed position.

In the drawings the coat and trousers portions of the garments are shown separately and with provision for detachably connecting them together. This is the preferred arrangement, but if desired they may be permanently secured together to make up a single combination garment, and in ordinary use when once secured together will preferably be kept in such relation. The coat portion of the suit is represented at 10. It is preferably fairly short and has not the long tail ofthe usual overcoat which is always in the way particularly of a mechanic or workman. The coat has preferably a collar 11 which may be worn open or buttoned up close to the neck as preferred, a belt strap 12 fastening in front by a buckle 13, and sleeves which can be closed by a buttoned tab 14 to keep out the cold, but these are merely preferable details of construction and do not have any particular significance in connection with the present invention.

The coat portion 10 is provided on its in terior with means for securing the trousers portion thereto and for supporting such portion from the shoulders of the wearer, and

the same preferably comprises what may be referred to as a waist 15 which has armholes 16, 16 coinciding with the arm-holes of the coat portion 10, and is adapted to fit over the shoulders of the wearer and extend about the waist and is preferably permanently secured at the rear portion of the coat member 10 as is indicated by a line of illustrated in Fig. 0.

The ilaistportion 15 may be provided with elastic straps 19, 19 having buttonholes 20, 20 by which the straps 19, 19 may be secured to the trousers portion of the "garment,

or the waist portion 15 may be provided with a Waist-band 21 secured to the main part of the body portion through an intervening I elastic or web portion 22, and said waistband 21 is preferably provided with detachable fastening means 23, as glove fasteners or the like, to co-act with the cooperating portions of such fastening members on the trousers portion of the garment. The trousers pontion is indicated generally by reference numeral 2%. The trouser legs are preferably fairly loose, as the suit is designed to be worn over the ordinary suit as an overcoat is worn over the or-di-nary suit,

ably are formed at their lower extremities in the form of or siniula-tion'of a pair of leg gings as indicated at 28, and the open seams 26 may extend to the bottom thereof, as also the co-acting fastening members 27.

The trousers portion has -a waist-band 29a: its upper margin and is provided with snap or other fasteners '30, by which it may be detachably secured to the waist-band 21 of. the waist portion by coaction. with rthe other portions 23 of such fastening devices. The rear portion of said waist-band also has snap or other fastening members 31 adapted to co-act with similar members 32 on the edges of a flap portion 33 which, when unfastened, may be turned down to the position shown in Fig. t, and the position when the parts are secured place together is The fastening. members 34am provided along the upper margin of the trousers'portion whereby the same may be secured to'the belt or waist-band 29 in detachable fashion, and a crotch strap 35 is provided which is detach-ably secured in front to the waist-band 29 as by fastening members 36, and at the rear portion thereof is preferably sewed into the flap member 33 of the trousers as shown'at 37, Fig.4.

It Willbe seen that an outer garment or oversuit constructed in accordance with the present invention presents a number of features of advantage. The person is thoroughly, protected from the elements and on and removed .as a unitary garment.

there is practically none of th e'interference w1th the movements of the wearer and of the awkwardness in handling oneself necessitated when wearing an-overcoat of *usual form. The coat --and trousers portion may be put on separately and fastened together after having been adjusted to the person, or,

as is preferably done, they may be fastened together and kept in such relation and put The legs of the trousers portion being open at their seams, this part of the garment may be adjusted by the wearer so as to be comfort-- able and so as not to pull the leg portions of the under suit upward or interfere with their correct relation to the wearer as may happen, for example, in putting on an ordinary pair'of overalls. Adequate crotch support is supplied and the same is well supported with the trousers by means of the waist port-ion 15, and danger of rupture or other bodily injury, through overexertion,

is substantially diminished.

It will be understood that the embodiment of the invention shown herewith is illustrated for the purpose of affording-a clear understanding of myinvention only and that I am not to be confined to the specifiostnuct-ure shown, but that modifications and changes therein-may be resorted to within the scope of any claims by which the invention is defined.

I claim:

1. In a cmnbination outer garment, a body portion adapted to fit over the shoulders and about the body 'ofthe wearer, a. trousers portion, a belt having means whereby it is deltac habzly secured to the trousers port-ion,

means for detacha-bely securing said belt to the body portion, a crotch support attached in the rear to the seat of the trousers portion, and means for detachably securing said crotch support to said belt at the front thereof. r

2. In a combination-outergarment, a coat portion, a supporting member secured therein and adapted to pass over the shoulders of the wearer and about the body, a trousers portion, a belt having means where by it may be detadmbly secured to the trousers portion, means for detachably securing said belt to said supporting member, a crotch sup-port attached in the rear to the seat of the trousers portion, and means for detachabily securingsa-id crotch support .to said belt at the front thereof.

Intestimonythat I claim the foregoing, 1 hereto set 'myhand, this 26th day of February, 1918.


Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. C.

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