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Publication numberUS1298398 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 25, 1919
Filing dateJan 17, 1916
Priority dateJan 17, 1916
Publication numberUS 1298398 A, US 1298398A, US-A-1298398, US1298398 A, US1298398A
InventorsGeorge E Purple
Original AssigneeFlexible Steel Lacing Co
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Securing device for lamp-guards.
US 1298398 A
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Patented-Mar. 25, 1919.




1,298,398 I Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Mar, 25, 1919 Application filed J anuary 17, 1916. Serial No. 72,483.

To all whom it may concern: shown at 15. Each of the upper semi-cir- Be it known that I, GEO E E, P R E, a cular members 12 is provided with an ear citizen of the United States, residin at La 18 on the opposite end provided with an Grange, inthe county of Cook and tate of opening 19 therethrough. The ear 18 is Illinois, have invented new and useful Improvided with an annular upstand ng provements in Securing Devices for Lampflange 20 stamped up therefrom and which Guards, of which the following is a full, lsinternally screw threaded for engageclear, concise, and exact description, referment with the screw which secures thetwo ence being had to the accompanying drawsections of the guard together. Each mem- 10 ing, forming a part of this specification. ber 12 is beaded outwardly as shown at 21 My invention relates to securing devices for engagement with a corresponding head for lam guards and the like, andmore on the lamp socket 22 whereby when the specifica 1y to means for securing two secmembers 12 are drawn together the guard tions of a lamp guard placed onthe socket will be securely clamped on the socket and 415 in such atinanner that it will be difiicult for held in place. The members 12 are held an unau' horized person to remove the guard together by means of two screws 23 each of from the socket. which comprises a threaded portion 24 for One ofthe objects'of my invention is to engagement with the internally threaded providean improveddevice of this characflange 20, a smooth reduced neck ortion 20 ter which shall be simple in. construction, 25 which lies within the opening 1 when efficient in use and eas to manufacture. the members 12 are clamped together, and Further objects wil appear from the dea frusto-conical head 26 which engagesthe scription taken in connection with the apcar 16. The head 26 is provided with an pended claims. axial cylindrical recess 27 and an eccentric 25 In the drawings, in which I haveshown cylindrical recess 28 extending from the retwo embodiments of my inventioncess 27, these recesses being provided to Figure 1 is a side elevation showing a receive a suitable key 29 for operating the lamp guard secured in place on a socket; screw. The key 29 comprises a handle por Flg. 2 is a side elevation of one of the tion 30, a cylindrical stem portion 31, a 30 securing screws, the head being shown in part of which will fit snugly within the section on the line 2-2 of Fig. 3; recess 27, and a turned-down cylindrical Fig. 3 is a planview ofgthe securing portion 32 extending from the stem portion screw; 31 which is positioned and proportioned to Fig. 4 is'a section on the line 4-4 of Fig. fit snugly in the recess 28.

'1. showin the manner in which the two The use and operation of my improved sections 0 the guard are secured together; device is as follows: The key 29 is inserted Fig. 5 is a detail showing a key used in so that the cylindrical projection 32 fits in securing the guard in place on the socket the recess 28 and the key is then turned to and removing it; remove the screw 23. The two sections 11 40 Fig. 6 is an axial section of a modified are then opened about the hinges 15 and form of screw; and brought into position about the bulb of the Fig. 7 is a plan View of the screw head lamp and the portions 12 brought into enshown in Fig. 6. gagement with the socket 22, the bead 21 Referring now to the drawings in detail I fitting over the corresponding head of the 45 have shown my invention in connection socket. The screws 23 are then again with a lamp guard, indicated in general at threaded into the flanges 20 by means of the 10, comprising two similar sections 11. key 29 to clamp the members 12 tightly Each of these sections comprises an u per against the socket. The unthreaded aperand lower semi-circular member 12 an 13 turcs 17 in the cars 16 are just large enough 50 respectively, united by ribs 14 which are to permit the threaded portion 24 of the shaped and positioned so that the two secscrew 23 to be threaded therethrough. This tions, when placed together, will inclose construction will prevent the screws from the bulb of an electric lamp. The lower falling out of the ears 16 when they are not semi-circular members 13 are hingedly sethreaded into the flange 20. The neck por- 55 cured together in any suitable manner as tion 25 of the screw is small enough to per- I -mit the screw to rotate freely in the opening 17 after the. portion 24 has been threaded therethrough. The head 26 is' made frustoconical (being beveled ofl' atan angle of about 22 and one half degrees to the axis of the screw) in order that'it ma be very diflicultfor any one to get a goo hold on -the head of screw by means of apair of pliers or. the like as the jaws of the pliers will slip 011' of the inclined surface. Both of, the recesses 27 and 28 being circular will afi'or'd no hold, for an angular instrument 'such as a three corneredfile or screw driver so that it is almost impossible to remove the screw without havin a key which will fit both of the recesses 2 and 28. I

In Figs." 6 and 7 I have shown a modified form of locking screw. having a frustoconical head 33 having an axial circular recess 34 from which extends two eccentric circular recesses 35. Fo'r'operating this lock nut a key is provided having 'a portion fitting snugly within the recess 34 and portions 1 extendin therefrom; fitting in the recesses 35. Wit this form of screw there is no tendency for the key to bend in the axial recess when the ke is turned as is the case with the modification of Figs. 1 to 5.

.Having thus described my' invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is L'Means for securing two sections of a lamp guard having registering apertures together comprising a screw for extending through one of said apertures and for threading into the other aperture, said screw having a head having a deep axial recess circular in cross section therein, and a second recess circular in cross section extending -centric thereto.

from the bottom of 2. Means for securing two sections of a lamp guard havin registering apertures together comprising a' screw for extending throu h one of said apertures and forthrea mg into the other aperture, said screw havin a head having a deep recess therein exten ing in the. same direction as the axis of the screw, and a second recess extending from the bottom of said first recess and eccentric thereto. 3

3.'Means for securingtwo sections of a said first recess and eclamp guard having registerin apertures,

comprising a screw for extending into the other aperture, said screw having a high, upwardly-tapering frusto-conical' head having a deep axial socket therein for engagement with a key, said socket being provided with a recess extending from the bottom of said socket for preventing rota-' tion of the key in the socket, the slope of said frusto-conical head being such that it like.

- In witness whereof I ha scribed my name.'


ve hereunto subcannot be firmly grasped bypliers or the r

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