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Publication numberUS1298618 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 25, 1919
Filing dateDec 6, 1918
Priority dateDec 6, 1918
Publication numberUS 1298618 A, US 1298618A, US-A-1298618, US1298618 A, US1298618A
InventorsFrank Wloszek
Original AssigneeFrank Wloszek
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Soldier's armor.
US 1298618 A
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,PPLlcATsoN FILED DEc.6.1s1a.

l ,298,6 1. 8 Patented Mm. 25, 1919.




Patnted Mar. 25,1919.


MMPI/away www mr mmm; Pun-s m. www@ FRANK WLOSZEK, OF LACKAWANNA, NEW YORK.


Application led December 6, 1918.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, FRANK WLoszEK, a citizen of the United States, residing at Lackaw'anna, in the county of Erie and State of New York, have invented new and useful Improvementsin Soldiers Armor, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to protective armor for soldiers, and has for its object the provision of a body protector formed of a plurality of hardened steel plates hingedly connected together so las to accommodate the movements of the wearer, the device being provided with straps engageable about the body of the wearer and being further provided with a separable metallic neck encircling member whereby the device will be effectively maintained in position and prevented from displacement when in use.

An important object is the provision of a device of this character which has its rear side upholstered or cushioned so as to render it comfortable in use.

An additional object is the provision of a device of this character which will be comparatively simple and inexpensive to manufacture, highly eiiicient and durable in use and a general improvement in the art.

With the above and other objects and advantages in View, the invention consists in the details of construction to be hereinafter more fully described, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a front elevation of the device applied,

Fig. 2 is a side elevation thereof,

Fig. 3 is a rear elevation detached,

Fig. 4 is a cross sectional view,

Fig. 5 is a longitudinal sectional view taken through the center of the device, and

Fig. 6 is a plan view showing the neck engaging member in open position.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, I have shown the device as comprising a plurality of main plates 10 which are formed of hardened steel and which are preferably substantially square in shape. All of these plates are hingedly connected at their meeting edges by hinges 11 which are secured upon the rear sides of the plates 10. Hinged upon the upper edges of the uppermost ones of the outer plates 10, as shown at 12, are other plates 13 which have their inner edges curved, as shown at 14. These plates 13 are adapted to be disposed upon the Shoulders of the wearer and have their in- Specicaton f Letters Patent.

Patented Mar. 25, 1919.

serial No. 265,569.

ner edges curved for the accommodation of a neck engaging member including front and rear ring members '15 and 16 hingedly connected at one end, as shown at 17, and detachably connected at their other edges by a latch bar 18 `pivoted at 19 upon the section 15 and engageable with a keeper 20 on the section 16. This neck engaging member is connected with the remainder of the device by means of a hinge 21 connected with the lower forward edge of the section 15 and with t-he upper edge of the uppermost central one of the plates 10.

Secured to the lower outermost plates 10 are waisthencircling straps 22, one of which is provided with a -buckle 23. Secured to the plates 13 and to the straps 22 are other straps 24.- which are provided with buclkles 25.

In order that the device may be rendered comfortable in use, 'I provide a continuous upholstering or padding 26 which entirely covers the rear sides of all of the plates 10 and 13.

In the use of the device, the latch bar 18 is disengaged from the keeper 20 after which the section 16 is swung upon the pivot 17 so that the sections l5 and 16 may be engaged about the neck of the wearer with the plates 13 engaging upon his shoulders and the plates `10 disposed against the front portion of his body. The straps 22 are engaged about the waist of the wearer and adjusted by means of the buckle 23, and the straps 24 are then engaged and adjusted within the buckles 25 so that the device will be properly supported upon the body of the wearer. The section 16 is then swung into closed position in relation to the section 15 and the latch bar 18 is engaged with the keeper 20 so as to hold this neck engaging member in proper position.

From the foregoing description and a study of the drawings it will be apparent that I have thus provided an extremely simple device which will be a very efficient pro tection for soldiers especially in bayonet attacks. It will also be noted that the construction of the device is Such that the various plates may move with respect to one another so as to accommodate the movements of the wearer. In view of the fact that the neck-engaging member is hingedly connected with the plate portion of the device it will be readily seen that the device may be substantially flattened out so as to occupy but little space in `storage vand transportation.

While have shown A'anddescribed the preferred embodiment of the invention, it will of course be readily understood thatvf-I reserve the right to make such changes in the form,` `construction Vand arrangement yof parts as will not depart from the spirit of the invention nor the Scope ofthe `appended claims.

Having I.thus vdescribed my invention, yI olaim: l p

/1.,`A1devioe of fthe Character described comprising a iplurality of metallic 'pla-tes arranged yin kvertical and horizontal rows, hinges secured fupon vthe rear sides of said plates and Connecting the edges thereof, Shoulder-'engaging plates hingedly .connected `with'the upper edges of the outermost ones 4of the uppermost row ofsaid first named plates, interengaging wais'tfeno-ircling straps secured upon the outermost ones of the lowermostl row of -said first named plates, interengaging straps secured to said first named straps and to said shoulder plates, and a Heek engaging kmenfib'er hing-v 'edly Yconnected with the upper edge of the -veentral 'oneofsaiduppermost row of plates.

2. A device of the character described "comprising a plurality of metallic plates arranged in vertical and horizontal rows, and rhin-'gedly connected at their meeting edges, shoulder engaging plates hingedly oonneoted'upontheupper edges of the outermost ones of the uppermost row of saidifirst named plates, and having their inner `edges curved, {body-engaging strapsv securedy to` hingedly `Connected with lthe lulg-permedge of.

the Central. one in the uppermost rowof said eentralplates. `v p y"In testimony whereof Iaflixmy. signature.


Copies of`t"his patentmay `loe obtained 'forive =eents each, b'yfadressilng 'fthe Commissioner ofPteirt's, Washingtommfc.

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