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Publication numberUS1298844 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 1, 1919
Filing dateMay 13, 1918
Priority dateMay 13, 1918
Publication numberUS 1298844 A, US 1298844A, US-A-1298844, US1298844 A, US1298844A
InventorsArend Wichertjes
Original AssigneeArend Wichertjes
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US 1298844 A
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1,298,44., Patented Apr. 1, 1919'.

y WW1/r, H



Application led May 13, 1918. Serial No. 234,046.

yat Chicago, in the countyy of Cook and State have invented certain new and of Illinois, f h hth o w 1c e useful Improvements in Levels, following is a specification.

My invention relates to levels and has for its primary object. the provision of animproved mounting for the bubble glass of a level so that the same may be adjusted with relation to the straight edges of the level frame and held with veXtreme accuracy iny any adjusted position. A further object is the provision of an improved construction and an improved arrangement of mountings whereby spaced, parallel straight edges of a level frame are each provided with its separate bubble glass adjustable` with great accuracy in the frame. In connection 4with this second mentioned object,a further object is the provision of an arrangement 'of mountings whereby space within the level frame is conserved, the weight of the .entire level minimized, and compactness of the mounting secured.

Other objects andadvantages of my invention willl appear 'from the following description, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings which ,form a part of this specification and illustrate the preferred embodiment of the invention.

In the drawings:

Figure 1` isl a front elevation of a;level embodying the present invention and with portions broken away to shorten the gure.

Fig. 2 is a similar view illustrating an arrangement modified from 4that of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a section taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 4 is a section taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of a pivot plate employed in the construction of Figs. 2 and 4.

Referring particularly to Figs. 1 and 3, numeral 10 indicates generally the frame of a level having the spaced, opposite, parallel straight edges 12 and 13 and the end projections 14 and 15 which are alined at right angles to the straight edges. In a squared aperture 16 formed within the frame 10 are positioned two bubble-glass holders, one numbered 17 for edge 13 and one numbered 18 for edge 12. These holders comprise i cylindrical metal tubes, each cut away as at Specification 'of Letters Patent. y Patented Apr, 1 1919.

19 to expose to view a bubble-glass 21 containing a bubble 22, the latter indicating in the usual way the truly horizontal position of its respective straight edge.

,Two spaced, parallel lugs 23 are formed on the exterior ofl holder 17 and project toward holder 18, the latter being provided with an exteriorly formed n 24 which fits betweeny the lugs 23 and is connected thereto by a pivot pin 25. vThe lugs 23 andn 24 are all iin-shaped so that there may be relative movement between the two holders about pin 25. The snug tit of iin 24 between lugs 23 maintains the two holders constantly in a common plane. Holder 17 is held in the frame by set screws 26 and 27 and pin 25,; while holder 18 is held by set screws 28 and 29 and pin 25. These four `set vscrews are threaded into the frame 10 and at their inner ends bear. within hollowed bosses 31 formed for'their reception on opposite sides of the cuts 19 of the holders. -Viewing Fig. 1, shouldthe left hand end of holder 17 be too high to accurately; indicate the horizontal position of edge 13, itis adjusted by loosening set screw 27 and tighteningl set screw 26. This movement of the setscrews and holder 17 has no adjusting effect whatever on holder 18, which latter remains exactly as it was before the movement of holder 17. By a similar operation of set screws 28 and 2 9 the holder 18 may be adjusted, as required within the frame without affecting the position of holder- 17 .It willv be .noted thatA the interfitted holders 17 and 18 are held within the frame 1() only by the four set screws 26, 27, 28 and 29. Their removal and replacement when broken is therefore very quickly accomplished.

At 32 is indicated a set of holders in al1 respects the same as those numbered 17 and 18 but mounted in the frame 10 at right angles to edges 12 and `13 in order to operate in conjunction with the end projections 14. The holders indicated at 32 are adjustable in the same manner as holders 17 and 18.

Referring to Figs. 2, 4 and 5, a wooden level frame 33, recessed as at 34, is fitted with a holder bracket 35 formed with alined rectangular apertures 36 and 37 within which are respectively positioned bubbleglass holders 38 and 39 supplied with bubcut away at 19 as mentioned heretofore.

are duplicates of holders 17 and 18, but are connected by pivot pins 25 to lins 41 formed on pivot plates 42 screwed or otherwise fastened into the bracket-35.A AThe Acuts19 are edge 13 and that in holder 39 With edge 12;.

thesejtwo holdersfbeing axially alinedfinfthe bracket 35, thereby admitting of the construction of a very narroyv'levelframe"33" Whichwwillibeglight in Weight and occupy littlelspace in' atool chest, j For adjustment of-zh lde'fy 38' I `p'rtn'fide large headed set sc're'vvs`l-43, the vheads-fof 'Which are' trans versely apertured 'forf insertion of a light nail Or' other' wire rod 'whereby' they may be turned; theselieads standing between frame 33! and: braclet. 'The inner ends ofthese set sdrew'sl ntlthehol-loivsfof the bosses 3l'. Similar'fset' screws 44 .hold holder 39 in p-lacein the' bracket'- and provide for its adjus'tment. Fin 4 1, by fitting snugly Within lllgz 23,l O'hOld'er's 38l and 3,9 prevent lateral movement' of these. holders Within' the l bracketfand: frame, Whileoperation'of' the set. screws1 43.v and' 44 as describedl a'bove in connection Withisejt screws` 26130129 accomplishe's anyfdesired' rotationof the holders 38fanfd39Ligthe*frame and about: pivots 25. VVhil1V I7 have: illustrated and' described tliegpreferred embodiment: of my invention, it iglobvious .that ones'killed: inrthe'a'rt may make'. modifications'. thereofr Without4 depart- .ing fromd the spiritof" the' invention. I

Wish,"therefore,. not' to. be. restricted' to the precise oonstr'u'ctionshomi, exceprnlnv so far Sthe sa1i1 e'-fislin'flitedinv the appended claims.

. I claimt Y 1i. Ina'leve'l,thecombination Witha frame having `opposite str'aightfedges, of a' bubbleglassjholder Vjz'o'r reach edge, Vsaidj holders loe-r i'n'g inter-connected for` .adjustment relative to said frame in the plane thereof, and four setscreWsby-me&nsof Which only said holders are retainedwithin the frame.

2. In a level, the combination With a frame having opposite straight edges, of a bubbleglass holder for each edge, saidr holders being inter-connected for adjustment relative to saidframe' in -'the plane thereof, and four set screws 1by means of Which only said holders are retained in the'frame and adjusted.

3. `Ina leveLthef combination Witha frame having' oppositestr'aight edges, of a bubbleglass holder for each edge', said holders heing pivotallyv 'interconnected and-adjustable With respect to the" frame vindependentlyVl of each other.

4. In level,the combinationvvithfa frame having opposite straight: edges, of a bubbleglass .holder for. each edge,. said holders beingy pivota'lly vinter-conntected at a point, equidis'tantfrom the ends'of each;

nln'a'level, the 'combinationwith a frame having opposite straight edges, of a vbubloleglass'holder for each edge, said holders being positionedside by side vvithinithe frame, a lug onone yholder overlapping an-on-the other, holder,l anda pivot pinconne'ct-ingthe overlapped portions.l

l 6*. Ina'level, the combination with a frame having 'oppositestraight Iedges, ofl a hubble glass holder for each edge, "a Hat lug on "one holder projecting toward. the other holder, a .iat fin on' saidfother- 'holder paralleling' and overlapping the lug", ai pivot pintraversing said lugand fin, and apaiii'of set'- screwv'sfor eachy holdel,"threadedl into the framea'nd interfittingl 'W'ithf the: holder on? opposite' sides of said pivot ,'pin.' A Y In testimony whereof aHiXmyls-ignature.'

't 'Ai'enND'f wenn-arms,

riammissione; armaments,

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U.S. Classification33/383, 33/385
Cooperative ClassificationG01C9/28