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Publication numberUS1299050 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 1, 1919
Filing dateSep 17, 1918
Priority dateSep 17, 1918
Publication numberUS 1299050 A, US 1299050A, US-A-1299050, US1299050 A, US1299050A
InventorsCharles Goodrich Southmayd
Original AssigneeCharles Goodrich Southmayd
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US 1299050 A
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Patented Apr. 1, 1919.

N w K 5 ajoarw/am oiem'rrnv To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CHARLES Goomnon SOUTHMAYD, of the town of Aurora, in the'county of York, in the Province of Ontario, Canada, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cigarette- Makers, of which the following is the specification.

My invention relates to improvements in cigarette makers, and the ob ect of the invention is to devise a very simple maker by which the cigarettemay be formed up and filled by hand to the proper consistency, so

that the cigarette will draw well and in other ways be a perfect cigarette.

A further object is to make a device such as may be conveniently "carried in the pocket, and, therefore, always ready for use.

My invention consists of a split spring metal tube preferably corrugatedand having a split funnel formed at one end provided with a clip for holding it in the vest pocket, and a plunger normally held within the split tube and adapted to be utilized in connection with the funnel for filling the cigarette as hereinafter more particularly ex lained. J

igure 1, is a perspective view of my improved cigarette maker.

Fig. 2, is a view showing the paper gummed on the exterior portion of the tube and the funnel filled.

Fig. 3, is a longitudinal section through Fig. 2 at the commencement of'thefilling of the cigarette.

Fig. 4, is a similar view showing the tube filled preparatory to discharging the to-.

bacco into the paper.

Fig. 5,, shows the cigarette partially filled.

Fig. 6, is an enlarged cross section through I tion and funnel portion are split throughout and preferably of spring metal and the.

tubular portion may be corrugated. The tubular. and funnel portions are split in order to be slightly compressible when the,

cigarette paper is placed. thereon and is made corrugated so as to reduce the amount of tobacco therein, so that when the tobacco is projected into the paper it will loosen up Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Apr. 1, 1919.

Application filed September 17, 1918. Serial No. 254,450.

or extend sufiiciently so that its density willthe corrugations.

It will be seen on reference to Fig. 1, that I provide a spring clip d attached to or forming part of the funnel and this spring clip has a curled edge 4', which enables it to be inserted over the edge of the ocket and thereby hold the cigarette mal er in place and prevent it being lost when it is not in use. 1

In Fig. 2, I show the cigarette paper 5 wrapped on the exterior of the tubular portion 2.

In Fig. 3 I show the cigarette maker in the process of making a cigarette and in this figure 6 is the plunger. This plunger 6' is adapted to force the tobacco down into the tubular portion until it reaches the bottom thereof and the proper amount is projected into the tube to form the filling for Such a' cigarette maker as I have described is extremely simple.

It is important that both tube and funnel portion be split. The reason is that where damp or fine tobacco is used and packed into the tubular portion the right density for smoking it is impossible to eject it unles the whole tubular and funnel portions are compressible so that there is an equal compression tion making the charge inside of a less diameter than the tube when it is in its normal position. The action is this-the cigarette paper is wrapped around the split tube when in its normal condition; the charge is rammed home; the tube and funnel portions are then grasped by thefingers near the top and bottom, so as .to press the edges of the split together, thereby compressing the charge of tobacco evenly from end to end and making it of less diameter from end to end of the tubular poras l then the tube when sprung out again into end at the funneibecause in this case the edges of the split could only be pressed together at the bottom end and the u per end would still be larger and, there ore, the charge would be tapered. with the larger portion of the taper at the top, thereby pre venting the ejection of the charge into the paper. As the tube is compressible from the outer edge at the funnel end to the outer edge of the tube end the compression is equal throughout and the charge of an equal diameter throughout but of a less di-' ameter than the tubular portion when it springs back to its normal position.

It will thus be seen that a cigarette having tobacco of the proper density is insured so that the smoker may be able to drawthe smokeinto the mouth with facility and not.

be troubled with a too tightly wrapped cig- J arette which increases the density of the tobacco to such an extent that the cigarette 1 is practically unsmokable. In short the cigarette produced by my maker has not only the advantage ofv a hand made cigarette but also is muchmore presentable and uniform in its make up.

It will also be seen that my cigarette maker may not only be used for-making cigarettes but also as a pencil holder. In fact the pencil may, if desired, form the plunger It will be noted from. the showing of Figs 2 and 5- that the edges of the split -formed in the funnel overlap one over the other, 'The object of this is to prevent the tobacco passing down the split into the por-. tion of the split in the tube and against the edge of the cigarette paper wrapped around the tubular portion. If this was to take place the paper would be split as thetobacco is forcedv by the plunger into the tubular portion of the filler and thereby spoil the cigarette. By providing the split portion of the funnel with overlapp ng edges this is prevented and the upper edge of the cigarette paper protected.

What I claim as my invention is- 1. A cigarette maker comprising a funnel portion and a tubular portion forming an extension of said funnel portion split throughout the length of both portions thereof.

2. A cigarette maker comprising a funnel portion and a tubular portion forming an extension of said funnel portion split throughout the length of both portions thpireof and straight through from end to en 3. A cigarette maker comprising a funnel portion and a tubular portion split throughout the length of both portions with the edges of the split portion of the funnel overlapping.


M. EGAN, i N, Games.

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