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Publication numberUS1299647 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 8, 1919
Filing dateMar 18, 1918
Priority dateMar 18, 1918
Publication numberUS 1299647 A, US 1299647A, US-A-1299647, US1299647 A, US1299647A
InventorsLeander W Wood
Original AssigneeLeander W Wood
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Combination acceptance, order, and plural check blank with index-keys.
US 1299647 A
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L, WOUD. coMmNAnoN AccEPrANcf, ORDER, AND PLURAL CHECK BLANK wam moex KEYS. APPLICATION FiLED MAR. 18, 191B. 19299964776 Patented Apr. 8, N919.


To all 'whom t may concern.'

'starren efra- LENDEE, W. W001i), 0F FO'TNELLE, W.


Application filed March it,

ABe it known that l, LEANDER W. Woon, a citizenof the United States, and resident of Fontanelle, in the county of Adair and State of iowa, have invented a certain new and useful Combination Acceptance, Grder, and Plural Check Blank with index-Keys, of which the following is a specication.

The object of my invention is to provide a combination acceptance, order and plural check blank with index keys,` ot simple, durable and inexpensive construction.

More particularly it is my object to provide a combination blank having arranged thereon certain printed matter and certain blanks in different logical arrangement with relation toeach other, whereby a proper record may be kept of a' number of business transactions.

A further obj ect is to provide such a blank having printed mat/ter and indicating characters arranged thereon in such a manner as to enable the user to keep a record of business transactions and do away with the keeping of a number 1of books oi account and the like.

Still a further object is to provide such a blank and index key which may be used to record an order for goods, the agreed price and the discount terms, and an agreement to pay, with an indication of the bank of the payer, and to provide as a part oi' such a blank a stub record.

With these and other objects in view my invention consists in --the construction, arrangement and combination of the various parts of the device, whereby the objects contemplated are attained, as hereinafter more fully set forth, ointed out in my claim and illustrated in tile accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure l shows a plan view of the face of my improved combination blank.

Fig, 2 shows a plan view of the reverse side thereof illustrating matter which may if desired, be printed von the'face of the blank; and

Fig. 3 shows a plan view of a portion ci a blank showing a slightly modified `form oi the index key.

lt will be understood that the blanks may be arranged in pads, in a book or holder and comprise in eachcase preferably a stabil and a body B. A scored orperorated line,

Specification of Letters Iatcnt.


Patented it, illtla iets. sensi no. aeaeea.

-indicated yby the reference character itl, is

provided at the edge of the stub.

(ln each stub l preferably provide indicating characters 'll showing the date, with a blank l2 adjacent thereto. There are also provided on the stub indicating characters Name Amount-Q Acceptance dating, Deposited, Stock, Collection Paid7 with blanks adjacent thereto. Dotted lines may be provided for the' blanks.

There is also provided on the stub, indicatingcharacters i3 which may be the letters A', E, C- and D for a purpose which will hereafter be more fully referred toi On the lbody B oi the blank there is provided an address'line le with a date line blank l5 adjacent thereto. On the bodyis provided indicating characters, such for 1n-v stance as Acceptance date or an abbreviation therefor indicated .by the reference charac-ter 1G and the blank line 17 adjacent thereto.

rihere preferably also provided a blank line 18 followed by Thirty days or similar indicating characters, a dollar sign and a blank 19.

Adjacent tothe blank 19 is a blank line 230 preferably followed by the word Grdc Suitably located are indicating characters for the word Number indicated by the reference character .21 and followed by a blank line 22.

Suitably arranged on the face of the body l of the blank is the word Eating tollowed by a blank line 23.

Suitably arranged on said blank is the word Discount or an abbreviationthereo and a blank line 24: adjacent thereto; also suitably arranged are the words Any bank or payor7 and underneath said words are the words Pay to endorser tollowed by the blank space. Adjacent to thewords Any bank or payer is the word Depository or its equivalent, and it desired the names of certain banks such for instance as First National and. State Savings.

The names of the banks are preferably arranged in column form and are followed by indicating characters such as A, B, and so forth. lin the column just indicated is a blank line 26 followed by a further indieating character such as C. Adjacent to the blank 25 are the words The undersigned will pay to holder the amount of this order, less 2 er cent. one, 1 ,per cent. 20, net 30 days, pa1d at depository or their equivalents, and the last named words are followed by a blank line 27.

Suitably arranged on the blank is a blank signature line 28.

Suitably arranged yalso may be a blank line 29 followed by the indicating charbe desired. This index key may have the face of the bl words and letters shown, or others which would satisfactorily explain the use `of the key letters hereinbefoae referred to. In Fig. 3 I have shown a did'erent form of the inldeX key, very little space and could be placed on the ank.

On. the back of the blank there may be printed, if desired, suitable lines for the payee and payer. y

In explaining the use of my improved combination blank, it may be s aid that some of the indicating characters mentioned Vand some of the blank lines indicated are optional and may be used -or not, and that some of the indicating characters and blank lines are used for recording some transactions while others are used for recording other transactions.

An important feature in connection with my blank arises from the fact that these various indicating characters and blank lines are suitably and conveniently arranged on a single sheet making it possible with the single sheet to record a large number and variety of transactions.

For the sake of illustrating the advantages of my improved combina-tion blank and the variety of uses to which it may be put, I will mention two different transactions Iand explain the method of recordingthem, and in connection therewith will mention some of the further advantages of my blank. l

Assume that a reta-il dealer sells to a customer a load of coal. The stub is filled out with the date, the name of the customer and the amount of the purchase. 4If later on the body of Jthe blank is deposited in the bank or otherwise, the blank following the word Deposited on the stubl may be filled out. If the body of the blank is sent to a bank for collection, the blankfollowing the word- Collection may be filled out to properly indicate the transaction.

The blank following the word Paid on the transaction.

which, it Vwill be seen, occupies v incase? the stub may be filled in with the word Cash if the transaction is for cash, or may receive a check if payment is to be made at a later time, or with any other proper indicating word or character.

For the'transaction now under consideration, the body of the blank might be filled out as follows:

rl`he date line is filled in with the date of the transaction. The blank 19 is filled out with the amount of the transaction. The blank 29 is filled in with thequantity, that is the number of pounds, and the blank 30 is filled in with the amount of The blank 25 is filled in with the amount of the transaction, less the discount allowed. The purchaser signs in the blank 28.

The blank 27 is lled out with the key letter indicating the bank where the purchaser deposits or makes his checks.

if the purchaser banks at one of the banks indicated in the column, such for instance, as thel First Nationall Bank, then the key. is followed and an X is placed above the A. on the stub, also labove the following the blank 30, and also above the A fol- .lowing the -words First National. ln this case the letter A would be inserted in the blank 2i.-

lt will be noted that -in any case the blank, when filled out, constitutes la signed order, and when filled out to indicate a bank will show the bank through which the purchase:l expects to make payment.

Assume that the same merchant desires to order a bill of goods through a jobber. He fills in the stub with the proper data. In the body of the blank the merchant may fill in the date line i5 with the date of the order,- or if he desires to provide for a future payment and to make a promise to pay at that date. the date line l5 may be lled out with the future date. For instance, if the inerchant desires to enter his order for goods on the first of February', but desires to make payment on the first of May and such is the arrangement with the jobber, the date line 15 will be filled in with the date May lst. The blank 19 will receive the amount of the order andthe same amount will be inserted in the blank 30. The blank 25 will receive the amount of the order less the maximum discount. The blank 20, in case of any transaction. may be filled in with indicatinhf characters showing the general nature of the transaction.

The merchant may check his bank such7 for instance. as the First National Bank, follow the key and place an X above the A.

lf the merchant desires to make a check on the blank he places a dash above the letter o1' indicating character following the name of his bank. for instance, above the A and places a similar dash above the A following thebblank line 30 and above the A on the stu lt will be noted in the case of either of these transactions or a large number of other transactions which might be recorded on my improved blank, an instrument is completed which can be deposited by the holder at a bank for credit or for collection, and Which makes a complete record binding upon the person Whose name is signed in the space 28.

It is of course possible that these instruments might pass from hand to hand as notes or checks do.

As has already been indicated a vast number of transactions may be recorded with my improved blank. Both the stub and the body may make practically permanent records.

It will be noted in this connection that the use of my combination blank makes it possible to do away with a large amount of bookkeeping. y

'My combination acceptance order and plural check blank takes the place of a large number of different blanks which might `otherwise be necessary.

it Will be noted that Where -my blank is used it always accomplishes a number of functions. That is to say it records the amount of the transaction; the terms of pay@ ment including the discount; the day or' payment; the agreement to pay; the'nature or' the transaction; the bank at which the purchaser does business.

Where desired the blank may also be made to indicate the disposition of the instrument such for instance as deposited for collection. or deposited for credit.

The use of my blankmakes it possible 'to accomplish extensive record keeping With a minimum of labor and expense.

lt is believed that itis new in its typographical construction.

Attention is also called to the adavantage of the use ofthe key which makes it possible to indicate a variety of transactions and facts with a minimum of bookkeeping labor.

l have produced a typographical construction and form of combination blank and index keys therefor which accomplishes more than one function at a time.

Some changes may be made in the arrangement o the indicating characters of my improved combination blank Without departing from the essential spirit and purpose of my invention, and 'it is my intention to cover by my claim any modified form of arrangement or use of equivalent arrangements which may be reasonably` included within the scope of my claim.

I claim as my invention:

A combination blank comprising a stub having` thereon indicating characters for recording' a transaction including key characters, a body having a date line, and having blanks for the amounts of the transaction, Words for indicating any bank or payer` indicating' characters for banks, and a blank adjacent thereto, key characters adjacent to said last indicating characters and blank, the Words Pay to the endorser7 followed by a blank, characters indicating substantially that the undersigned will pay to holder the amount of this order, a blank line forsignature,v key characters adjacent to one or' the blanks Jfor the amounts, an index key indicating the uses of said key characters, and indicating characters for showingI discount agreements.

Des Moines, iowa, February i9, 1918'.

reasons vr. Woon;

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