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Publication numberUS1301834 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 29, 1919
Filing dateFeb 2, 1916
Priority dateFeb 2, 1916
Publication numberUS 1301834 A, US 1301834A, US-A-1301834, US1301834 A, US1301834A
InventorsArthur S Gilman
Original AssigneeArthur S Gilman
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Multiple form-sheet.
US 1301834 A
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Specification of Letters Patent. Patent-,edi 29), 11919,

Application filed February 2, 1916. Serial No. 75,660.

'To all whom it may concern.'

duplicating type writing machines for thev purpose of forming a multiplicity of records or documents with one type writing operation. Y

The object of the invention is to provide such a form sheet wherein the various slips which together constitute the form may, after detachment, be readily identified either for ling or when it is desired to select a slip of a given character. A

The said invention consists of meanshereinafter fully described and particularly set forth in the claims.

The annexed drawing and the following I description, set forth in detail certain means embodying my invention, the disclosed means, however, constituting but one of various mechanical forms in which the principle of the invention may be employed.

ln said annexed drawing y Figure lrepresents a perspective view of a multiple form strip embodying my invention, the said figure showing the obverse side of each slip and also showing the strip in a partially distended or separated position for the purpose of more clearly showing the difference between the individual slips.

Fig. -2 represents a. perspective of such strip but showing the reverse side of each sli ghe illustrated embodiment of my invention comprises an. integral strip 1 of paper which may be of any desired length `and which is folded in a zigzag form to provide a multiplicity of registering slips 2 superimposed when they are stored prior toruse or when they are being used in the type writing machine. That p-art of the strip which is to form the edges of the slips is partially perforated in the lusual manner in order to facilitate folding, as will be readily understood.

Prior to folding `the strip, it is passed through a suitable coloring machine and each slip has applied to its obverse and reverse sides a coloring fluid of distinctive color, each slipbeing thus provided with a foundation color different from that of all of the others. The slip is then passed through a printing machine which impresses upon one or both sides, as the case may be, of each slip the desired printed form matter in the usual manner and as will be readily understood by those skilled in the art.

Where thepaper originally is white or any other color, the imparting of color to one of the slips maybe omitted and l have illustrated the third slip to be of the original color of the paper, namely, white, the other slips being colored green, brown, blue and pink, respectively. With the printed matter or legends shown to be impressed Yupon them the respective slips in the illustrated embodiment of my invention, form a slip for the salesman, an aclmowledgement of the order, the origin-al invoice, a dupli cate for the factory and a duplicate for the office respectively, although it will be readilyunderstood that any desired forms maybe provided byl the use of suitable printed matter.

After the strip has been manipulated in the above described manner, it is then folded and ready for use. ln such use, as Jneretofore, carbon papers are inserted between contiguous sheets so that. the typewritten matter placed upon the uppermost slip is duplicated on all of the others.

After the typewritten matter has been inserted, the -strip isl removed from the 'typewriting machine and the slips detached from each other. After they are so detached, it will be seen that each one bears a distinctive color, the color being the same on both the obverse and reverse side of each slip. Being so colored, they are readily distinguished from each other by color so that when it is desired to select a given form for the puiL pose of examination or for filing or for any other purpose, such form may be so selected in a ready manner by its color alone, the clerks having such selection in charge becoming in a short time familiar with that color which is identified with a certain form. This being the case, therefore,'i`t will be seen that it will not be necessary to rely upon the printed matter for the ready selection of a desired form and much time and labor is thus saved, as will be readily understood by those skilled in the art.

I desire to be understood that lf do not limit myself to slips which are provided with a solid foundation color but any ar- 4lines placed more or less closely together might be used which Would give the general impression of solidity of color, or any. one of various other means embodymg the principle of my invention, might be used Without departing from the spirit thereof.

llt may be found advantageous or desir able in some cases to4 have the strip include one or more slips of duplicate color, Where such duplication would not seriously prevent or interfere with the ready selection which this device permits In such event instead of all of the slips differing from each other in color, eachY slip Would be of a color different from that of at least some of the others, the samel principle of the invention being, however, still present.

As an example, it might be found desirable to vary the illustrated form by increasing the length so as to add say three more slips having duplicate colors, andthese three slips could be separated in their entirety and the remainder of the slips used in an entirely different department of a 4given business than that in which such remainder Leonesa of the slp'svvouldbe used. ln this event the strip would Simply embody two duplicate examples of my invention, such torn oiif portion formin one strip' of slips of different color an the remaining/portion of the strip forming another strip of slips of diderent color.

Modifications other than that above suggested might be made embodying my in-v different color and the colors being substantially coextensive With their respective slips.

2. An integral strip of paper folded zigzag and forming 'a multiplicity of strips for manifold purposes, adjacent slips being of different color and .the colors being substan tially coextensive with the respective slips, said adjacent slips being also provided with printed legends and corresponding blank spaces in register.

3. An integral strip of paper foldable zig zag to form a multiplicity of strips for manifold purposes, adjacent strips being of different color, the colors being substantially coextensive with the respective strips on both sides throughout.

Signed by me, this 18th day of January,


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Cooperative ClassificationB41L1/22