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Publication numberUS1303814 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1919
Filing dateJun 5, 1917
Publication numberUS 1303814 A, US 1303814A, US-A-1303814, US1303814 A, US1303814A
InventorsErnest Willard Craite
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US 1303814 A
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E. w. CRANE;



1,303,814. Patented May13,1919.

Elma/WM Tdallwhom it may concern: f Be 7 known that I, 'ERNEs'r container.

H ERNEs'r .WILLARDCRANE, oFBUENAvIsTA, FLORIDA, nssleivoitor onE-HnLrTTo Q I crrARtEs H. 000mm, or BUENA vIsrA, FLORIDA.

. LmuIn-coNvEYER.

I Q WILLARD CRANE, a citizen offthe United States, residing at Buena-Vista, in the county of Dade and State of Florida, have-invented certain new and usefu-r Improvements in Liquid- Conveyers; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full,-clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable Others skilled in the art to which 4 it appertains to make and use the same" i I i The invention relates to a liquid conveyor;

The object of the present invention is to provide a simple, practical and efficient device of strong, durable and inexpensive construction designed for conveying oil or other liquid from a barrel or other air-tight container to a'non-air-tight receptacle by introducing air pressure into the barrel or A further object of the invention is to provide a deviceof this character which'willbe adapted to be easily and rapidly screwed into a bung hole and in which the discharge tube may be readily turned to discharge the liquid at the desired point.

With these and other objects in'view, the

7 invention consists in the construction and novel combination of parts hereinafterfully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawing and pointedout in the claim hereto appended; it being understood that various changes in the form, proportion, size and minor details of construction, within the scope of the claim, maybe resorted to without departing fromthespirit or sacrificing 7 any of the advantages of the invention.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a side elevation partly in sectionof a liquidconveyer constructed in accordance with this invention. V

Fig. 2 is an enlarged sectional view of the same.

Like numerals of reference. designate corresponding parts in all the figures ofthe drawing. V

In the accompanying drawing, in which is illustrated the preferred embodiment of the invention, the liquid conveyer comprises in its construction a tapered bung. 1 having exterior screw threads 2 and adaptedto be screwed into the bung hole 3 of a barrel't, as clearly illustrated in Fig.1 oi the drawing. The bung 1 'isprovided atrthe'v top with a polygonal flange 5 adapted to receive 'tainer.

a wrench or other tool' for screwing it into and out of the barrel or other container.

' Thebung l, which may befconstructed of any suitable material, is provided with a central opening or. passage 6'for the discharge ofthe liquid, and thesaid opening is enlarged at the upper end to form a re- 'cess 7 for the reception of the lower vend of a goose neck discharge tube 8. The goose neck discharge tube 8, which may be of any "desired length and shape, is provided at'the -:lower end with an annular flange 9 fitted upon the bottom of the recess 7 and secured. therein by means of a threaded ring 10 which has a threaded engagement with the bung at 11 at the upper portion of the side wall ofthe recess 7.

The bung is also provided in its lower end witha recess 12 receiving the upper end of an inner tube 13 provided with a flange 14 fitted against the top wall of the bottom recess and secured therein by a threaded ring 15 having a threaded connection at 16 with the lower portion of the side wall'of the lower recess. By swiveling or connecting the upper discharge tube and the inner or lower tube 13 with the bung in this manner, the bung may be readily screwed into a barrel without rotating either of the said tubes and it ,may also be quickly removed from the said barrel or other conouter goose neck tube to be readily turned in the desired direction.

The inner tube .13 is provided with a lower telescopic or adjustable section 17 which is adapted to extend to the'bottom of a barrel or container, as shown. The adjustable telescopic section' passes through a gasket 18 which is held in a unionl9 threaded .onto the lower end of the inner tube 13 at Also the connection enables the The gasket 18 may, however, be mounted 7' in any other desired manner andit adjustably holds the telescopic tube or section.

The bung may be provided with washers or gaskets if desired, and the outer end of the discharge tube 8 is provided with a valve or cut-off 22 for controllingthe discharge of the liquid.

. The bung is also provided with an air passage 23 having an enlargedthreaded portion 24 at the upper end to receive a suit able pipe connection or coupling for connecting an, air supply pipe 25 to the bung Compressed air may be supplied, to the. barrel from any suitable compressor and it will 'force the liquid out of the barrel into a suit-, able receptacle 26 and the discharge of the liquid may be controlled by the cut-0E 22. The air pressure is retained. in the barrel or other container until the liquidis expelled from the same, by means of a suitable check valve27 located in the air supply pipe 25 or in the air passage 23. This check valve is of any desired construction, and as any form of check valve may be employed a detail illustration of the same is deemed unnecessary.

What is claimed is: s

A liquid conveyer of the class described including a bung adapted to be secured in Copies of this patent may be obtained for recess, a goose neck outer discharge pipe having a flange on the lower end thereof positioned in the recess, a lockmg ring threaded into the recess and arranged to swivelly hold the goose neck in position, a

valve carried by the outer end of the goose neck, an intake tube carried by the lower 7 end of the bung, and means carried by the bung for admitting fluid pressure to the interior of the barrel for forcingthe liquid out through. tubes and. liquid passage. v V In testimony whereof I afi'ix my signature in presence of two. witnesses;


'Witnesses: v


five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, -Washington, 20. 0.?

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U.S. Classification222/398, 222/400.7
Cooperative ClassificationB05B9/0822, B65D47/242