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Publication numberUS1306029 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 10, 1919
Publication numberUS 1306029 A, US 1306029A, US-A-1306029, US1306029 A, US1306029A
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US 1306029 A
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avmlcmxom man cm2-1.19m.


FIG. 1

`face pocts by which PETER 0:@

View of simile? form h@ soie pmzs @mi Fig, 5 is se View @swing tha striking* face of fthe #um v The sda plais lar in shape an.

is pcwzay made Lz-reg .it has srxw fm its 1199er Ming; @ne club may be "mei pr f" fo'm Sla soe plate subsmmiay the same; thcfa" :ness extending from the inne? s'kng fac@ of the club mwardvthe-mntfevse pherbof as at 4, and than incmss tk@ hicmss of the sole pate me :r 5, such ncwse being made gradua, as iusm'fa; mad farming STATES ,PAT-g@ Cama? ber 391e galaxie L face, 55, which 's ii by. scm@ @if pate upm?. thai mu., ma sity rgeaeessngf; t wir-mism du?) maf' 1 and .'E, the. to@ am prov-idas :forti:- "2

ber plate, which is inclosed hy the niet-al sole late and the smooth bottom face-oi the woo en club head.

In golf clubs having wooden heads it is desirable to have the median line of the head permanently marked to guide the stroke of the user. To this end I place on the top face of the club head a line of tacks 10 extending transverse of the club head, which guides the user in striking the ball either in full or light strokes thereon. WVhile I have referred more particularly to golf clubs having Wooden heads, it is apparent that the invention is equally applicableto heads formed of other light material such for instance as aluminum, where the head would need the addition of further weight to make it effective.

What I claim 1s: 1. A golf club having a Wooden. head and a metal sole plate,' said sole plate being provided with pockets adapted to be filled With iiliettl plugs for varying the Weight of the having a sole plate, said sole plate being provided with a row of pockets adapted to 2. A golf club having a Wooden' head and head.

1 3. A golf club having a Wooden head and having a metal hase plate provided with an upwardly extending lug, said lug having pockets to receive the plugs l'or varying the vweight oi thehead.

Il. A Agolf club having a wooden head and a metal base plate having a portion of the saine of uniform thickness and another p0rtion of the saine of increased thickness, said hase plate having in both these portions thereof a row of pockets to receive Weights for varying the Weight of the head.

5. A golf club having awooden head and a metal hase plate secured to the under face thereof and having a recess extending along the striking face of the club and the filling of fiber fitting in said recess and inclosed between the wooden head and the base plate.

In,- testimony whereof, I, the said WIL- LiAM ROBERTSON, have hereunto set my hand.




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