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Publication numberUS1306391 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 10, 1919
Filing dateFeb 9, 1918
Priority dateFeb 9, 1918
Publication numberUS 1306391 A, US 1306391A, US-A-1306391, US1306391 A, US1306391A
InventorsHippolyte Romanoff
Original AssigneeHippolyte Romanoff
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US 1306391 A
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Patented June 10, 1919.

2 SHEETS-SHEET I WM s Kw4 ATTORNEY 1o.. w/Ismucruu. n. c.




Patented June 10, 1919.



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i Specification of-Iietters Patent. Patented Juin@ 10, 1919,

p Application ined February 9, 191s. serial Noaiase?. Y

pertains to make and use the same.

- The present invention relates to valves of the wing type and adapted more particularly' for use as check valvesto control the flow of fluids. i

In one embodiment the invention is of `light weight and of simple construction and well `adapted for serving as a check valve in conduit-s carrying Vair, as for instance, in conduits forming a part of antigas respirators.

In another embodiment the invention is of more rugged construction and can beused as part of pumping apparatus and the like wher@J the fluid either liquid or gaseous may be under a considerable pressure.

Other objects and advantages of the inven-tion will be made clear by the following detailed description which is to be taken, in conjunction with the accompanyingv drawings wherein Figure 1 is a sectional elevation showing the valve wings in their spread position closing the conduit; Fig. 2 is a similar view with the valve wings in folded position; Fig. 3 is a longitudinal elevation at right angles to the plane of Fig. 2; Fig. 4c is a cross-section on the line 4 4: of Fig. l; Fig. 5 is a view showing the component parts of the valve separated from one another; Fig. 6 is a sectional elevation of a more rugged modification; Fig. 7 is a tnansverse section on the line 7-7 of Fig. 6; Fig. 8 is a sectional elevation of a further modification; Fig. 9 shows the invention as applied to a pump; and Fig. 10 is a transverse section on the line 10-10 of Fig.V 9.

In the embodiment illustrated in Figs. 1 to 5 inclusive, 1 is a conduit which may be of cylindrical shape and of metal. Mounted within this with a tight fit, or soldered thereto if desired, is a reinforce-ment 2 in the form of a metal ring. Positioned above the ring-is a member 3 which may be in the form of a flat plate as illustrated in Fig. 5,- wings are mounted to swing from the lower portion of this plate. In the embodiment illustrated the two wings 4 and 5 are formed yfrom a single sheet of soft rubber and are bent around the lower edge of plate 3 where `they are securely fastened by suitable binding means as by a metal channel 6, the said plate 3 and the channel 6 thus forming the support-for the wings. Eachof these wings comprises a stift' body portion 7 which' may be of bristol board o'rthe likeand serves to give rigidity tothe structure'. As thus constituted, each wing has a stifi' body portion with a sealing edge of rubber, and the wing can swing toward or from the support 3 to permit orto check the flow of airoi' other fluid through conduit 1. Channel 6 may if desired be soldered to ring 2, or if the chan- Vnel or the plate ,3 fits snugly enough within conduit 1, the ring`2 may be omitted entirely. Under some circumstances as when Vthis valve is used in conjunction with gas masks, I omit ring 2 and I rely on the snug of the other parts to hold them in place within the conduit 1. With this arrangement it is-possible for Ithe user to reach into the conduit andextract the valve in an instant if the need for such action should arise.

In the embodiment illustrated in Fig. A6 the reinforcement 8 for conduit 9 is held in place by screws 10, and the supporting plate 11 has a hinged connection at pivot pins 12 and 13 with thc stiff body portions 14C and 15 of the wings. These body portions may be of metal and preferably at their edges are recessed to receive a rubber packing strip or edge 16- to more tightly seal the joint when the valve is closed. Strips 17 of rubber or leather may be placedovei the hinges to prevent leakage therethrough and the upper end of support 11 may be enlarged to form stops 18 and 19 against which the wings abut when in folded position. These stops hold the wings apart and thus keep them in the path of the fluidwhich, on the commencement of a return flow, swings the wings forcibly into their spread position as shown in Fig. 6.

VIn the embodiment illustrated in Fig. 8 the conduit 2O is equipped with a sleeve 21, with a flanged lower edge 22 and threaded upper edge to receive a ring nut 23. Between the sleeve and the conduit is a rubber packing 24- which under compression of the ring nut forms a tight joint between the sleeve and the conduit and positively anchors the sleeve in position within the conduit. The details of the valve wings and of their support are substantially the same as that above described in connection with Fig. 6.

In Figs. 9 and l0 the conduit 25 is in the form of a pump having an inlet 26 and an outlet 27 and having a piston 28 With suitable packing rings. 'The pistonnhasttxvo` segmental openings therethrough separated bentllzeelln ethenelnbetlilnente- Y i lclaim l! ffheteernbinaten, with. e .Verteelly nrraneresl hellen', Cylindrical element .fer the hesage .of .fluid therethrough; ,efla dialnet- ;rcjal .platelke nnernber {depeeed .rerteally Within :Seid element; .and telve @tenter-fte'- zlne nfperef,eetnnellptleel .winne .leeateflet enpeeteyeitlee efeaid lnernber and emeneetu ed ,with .the ealne .alenekthelr .heeees .enlel .Winge harina lene'th .ereeter .than .the niadine' of .Said eyhn'rreal element, lwhereby .they are ,nennelly nnenteneel in eppeeitelynelined, ninrartllypreieetl'ne ilestisnn with their 'enrred letilees reetfnnr directly eenlnet the .inner Snreee .ef .Seid element threnghent thelrentre entent- .'Senti-,elliptical wings leen-ted et 1 ei-desert {ea-id X 2. The combination, with a vertically-:ar-

ranged hollow, cylindrical'element for the passage of Huid therethrough; of a diametrieal, pl a;t e+like member disposed vertically within said element; and a valve comprisling a pair of semi-elliptical Wings located at opposite sides of said member and connected withfthersame along their basesysaid wings vhaving alength greater than the radius of said Vcylindrical element, whereby they are normally maintained in oppositely-inolined, .spread position, With their ourvedfedges vvreet-inerlitreetly e-.againettheinner enrfaee of .said element .thrnehent their; .entire tentrent, eteh .Wine henne la :etllf ,hetly x11er-tien .and n.rnbberedge- The ye@Urbinatien, with Atendait., of diametri-Cal plate .Within Said eenelnit an elliptical .elreet Lat ,rubber ie'aeengnerees .the

Vlo'wer edge of said plate*` anddiametrically 3einenaetl` thereby, .Se .es .te gferrn a pair el? @site Y .la-te; .eaeh Wing Joel..nk fierevlded With sti emng means; ancha ehaniiel ein .which thesaid `lower edge k1of said .Plate andtheheees ef eaellwingeinre htted .tese- .enre the. latter .te ; fermer; said Wings het/'ine' .nv .length greater then the .radine 'Lef ,Said eentlnt, .whereby are ,nerinnlly maintained in"oppOsitely-inclineduupxvardlyresting ,.dreetly eeainetfth@ inner .enreee el [Send `4eendnrt threnghent .their entlre entrent: In teetnn@ny whe-reef'il-atinfrny signature.

glare-.enten entretient.'

Gopiresxoftlls patent may be obtained Yfhr `live cents each, hyhadqr'essing the'CommissionerLofPatents,

Washington, D'. i0.

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U.S. Classification137/512.15, 137/512.4, 137/527, 623/2.21
Cooperative ClassificationF16K15/148