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Publication numberUS1307556 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1919
Filing dateFeb 21, 1918
Publication numberUS 1307556 A, US 1307556A, US-A-1307556, US1307556 A, US1307556A
InventorsFrank Ktjhn
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Fltaniv ikijhn
US 1307556 A
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I Specification 'of'Letters Patent. i Patented J une mk, 1919.

.jplicatio'n filed Februar-y 2 1, 1918.` Serial o. 218,400.

le it known that we. FRANK KUHN and .lar HAN-n, hoih citizens of the. United' The invention relates to luminous electric heaters and relates particularly to lelectric structural heaters ot' the type which may be. employed as :i substitute for the ordinary fireplace, and are. adapted to lie set into a wall. of a room.

lt is theohjeet ot' theV invention to provide a luminous electric heater comprising a unit including one or more lieating'eleuieiits and a mounting' for said' elements and their switches; and 'flirt-lier comprising a casing for receiving the unit but adapted to be set. into a wall independently of the unit.

'llie invention .further consists in certain features hereinafter forth. A l

l ii the accoiiip'anying drawings:

Figure 1 is a. front view of an Velectric heater embodying' the novel faatures of the present invention;

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional elevation of the heater, the section being Vtaken on line 2 2 oi Fig. 1;

' Fig. 3 is a rear vie-w of the heating unit omittingthe easing' of the heater. In these views the reference character 1 designates a casing: adapted to beset into a wall liush with the surface thereof and having at its top and bottoni :i plurality of lugs 'l whereby the ,casing ina-y be secured to the wall; is a mounting; for one or more heatfully setA the mounting being spaced sufficiently above ing elements, which elements preferably will have the forni of a. series of velectric bulbs 4. the central portion ot the, inounting being' depressed to allow positioning of said hulhs within the easing 1. The bottom of the depressed central portion of the mount? ing 3 is. formed with orifices 5 through which the. bulbst are passed for engagement with sockets 6. These sockets are carried by a bar l7 secured to the mounting '3 therebeneatli,

the bottom of the easing 1 to ffoiin a chainlier receiving said sockets. The inoui'iting 3 is peripherally tornied with a ila-nge 8 which rseatsupon the front edges of the casing 1 and cap screws 9 are'passed through the iiange 8 and throughiianges 10, inwardlj,7`

projecting from the side w'allsof the casing to rigidly secure theinounting to the casing. Opposite the sockets 6 there is formed ill the flange San apertured boss 11 which houses aswiteli 12 for controlling the heating elements. said switch being supported by one or inorelbrackets 13 projecting forwardly from the bar?. v As a. Aprovision for the oirci`ilation of air between the mounting 3 'and the raising 1orilices 1i are oiinedin the flange 8 in 'communication with the chamber below the Central portion of the mounting and the space above said central portionwithin the casing is ventedv through orifices 15 in sii-id flange/. To'furtheiinsure against the. back wall of the casiiig'l beingA overheated there is mounted upon said wall lira spaced relation thereto,v a' metallic plate 1G disposedoppositely to the depressed centra-l poi-tion of the mounting'. -l7 isv anI 4orilic'e jin the bottonil of the casing 1 through which the conductors 18 iiiay be introduced into the saine. ai 'f By the above described construction the v installatonof an electric heater of the wall type is facilitated, since dur-ing thefereetion of a building the casing 1 may be set into a wall and the conductors drawn tlierei-nto and the heating unit-itself needv not be 'inounted in said easing until the construction work on VAn electric heater,4 comprising a casing,. and a unit' detachahlyconneeted to said cas' ing comprising a pluralityof luminous heating elementsand a mounting for said'eleedges of the casinghaving depiteed central portion to receive said elements and to ments peripherally 'flanged to engage the t'he reu of szlidjdepressed portion,` thetop 2" Y v V -A .11307,556

vdispose the saune withimthe Casing, an air members iumnlted-upon said bau- :ind en )usszwe bein formed above below :uul at "awed b y:mul luuunous elements.

b C* 5 I* P2 In ltestimonyl nclbottoni flanges 'of the niountlngr beiulgr tures 5 qrilced) to conm'nuiicate with said nir pzisl sage, .afbai secured to the depressed portion y beneat-hthe same, und :i plurality ofsocket;

whereof we uilix our signu- 10 FRANK IKUi-IN. JAY A. HAND.V

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U.S. Classification219/531, 219/552, 219/537, 392/411
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