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Publication numberUS1307898 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1919
Filing dateMar 23, 1918
Publication numberUS 1307898 A, US 1307898A, US-A-1307898, US1307898 A, US1307898A
InventorsBottle Filling
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Bottle fh
US 1307898 A
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APPLICATION man MAR. 23.1918.

Patented June 919.

Mime-mfg L L. DAUM.



Pater-wed .Tune 24, 1919.

4 SHEETS-SHEET 2 'A nom/frs I WITNESSES #fw/z L. BAUM;




Patented June 24,




Patented June 24, 1919.


.M n f i.. ...un /v I I I u S /III/ENTR Hamm,

A TTUHNEIS sT-A'rnsrA-TENT ;orarion. y u. LEONHR BAUM, vor 1Bnooxtm,.;nnym #033,".2.

uo'rrnn F15-Lune nur. conxrnu'imunma nsomsesw l To allfwhom 'it mayconc'erm' Be it `'known that 1,. fLuoNHAno'Dum a citizen of thel UnitedState ,*residin'giati,i

New York" borough of Brooklyns i-nyth'e. countyof .Kings and: State vof'NevgY York; have' invented a new'an'd Improved A'Bottle* Filling and7 Corking'Mahine, 'of which the-- full, clear', andexact descrip;

following is a" tion. n

y' My' invention relates tov a machine' .forautomatically filling andj'corkingbottlles" An object oi-the linvention is toV provlde up f particularly adaptable for ffilliitlrV bottles with .liquids 'under reduced pressure'.

tion and arrangement of' parts asllleiein` fully described,A illustrated and claimed:

ln' the accompanying drawings,A forming part of ther application, similar' characters of reference indicate all the views. l v

Figure 1 is a longltudlual vertleal section corresponding `parts in through my machine on line 1-1, Fig.`

Fig. 2, la tra.nsverse,vert1ca.l section on..

i vau l. VFig. 1; i, A i

Fig. 4. a horizontal fragmentary, ,sectional v au onl line 4 4, Fig. 1; l,

. Fig. 5, a-vertical section-through filling nozzleg...and,l l

. s Figc, a almaar Steaua through ,the s11- is open, as shown at 10, wherethrough bot.

ing nozzle in operativepositionm spammen immanente Patented-Juno-24g-1919v Application atenuantes-naiss sedermi. meaux# is actuatedfrom tliefmain shaftlby 'means` e; of acam carriedby said'sl =it#"andwhili' dubya pinlS' of anarm 19 plvotally connectedat one end cani has-af beirt ygroove enga toabracketfQf) Whidlr' is 'carried b'y thefra-in',' and-With" the Aothel of the-trougllhmd 'ias thel push-bar is moved into `the trouglr the bottlesv alnedV in front of the head 21 "are pushed into( the trough under a .nozzlecarrier 225i "-,The'nozzles 23" in the"carrie'r 'are maintained' clearwof thel bottle-"by'springsfl provided on uprights "25 serving as .guides for thecarrier. The ,nozzle'carrier 22"is preferably provided with:

a longitudinal-slot in whilnthe'nozzles 23 "adjusted .to oompensate "for the un.

through the mediu evenne'SSthatfmay occur"l in the bottlesto be filled; n

brings the'botf tles in front"ofvthe"push-bar14:'Which has jan enlargedhed'21"substantialfly the width endengaging a. pin 'se- "curcdlftothepushfbar la.l

Tb'rin '"theTnoZZlesinto/engaementwith the bottles thereunder. the. carrier. is moved bodllyagainst lthe .esistance of the sprinjs..

of'a cam 26awhich is constrainede to revolvewitb .th'edmain shaftl .16. Thecam preferablvacts oniasroller 27' secured '.toa plungerl 28-mountedto`jlreoorocate inria casting, 23.supportedf1-by'the Afra/me'S. VThe plunger'isc'onnedted by bolts.i

At the vi-eeding; end one side of the trough tles 11 may befed transversely ofthetrough by means cfa suitable conveyerfl2, or any time the bottles are retained' st'ationary inl .the line .bf feed of the conveyer 12.

"A push-ba'r-Mis mountedtoslide longitudinally of the troughin proxlmity o f the feeding end in a suitable. guide 15 which 1s .or stays 30tona headj31-whichyis guided-by. extensions of-theupri-ghts25.; -r The head is alsol connected by 4rods 32 to fthefrlozzle eauthe head and the nozzle carrier rigidly togethen so thatfthedi-ozzleucanniemis 'leone-f.. Referring'to the drawngsf? isa taberl Stranedtomove with the `supported on a suitable frame 8. lik trough '9 is disposed longitudinally on the table?.

f Eah'of the nozzleshas a liquid chamber 33 (see Figs. 5 and 6) `formed in the body binafa l portion 34, of thejnozzle, whichis securedl to thel nozzle carrier. 22. Thisbodyportion has atubula extension 35 which forms 4the inlet -to the chamber 33 and W la is con nected by a'. flexible conduit'36 oa supply conduit' 37. The outow from the chamber 1 33 is controlled by a Vvalve38 with' a tubular fstem 39 whichhas openings 40 inproximity 'the conveyer'12 from extra resistance at the' to-thevalve 38 and is. slidably maintained within 'an extension .41 of the body portion los 3.4 by a spring 42; one end 'of whichv abuts Q tubular stem' A39.

ca'ied by the frame The push-bar V1.111 The .tubular stem also carries la' rubber r bottle. This Washer-'under pressure is desion 41, thereby bringing the openings 40 I Washer 44 below the collar43 Whieh comes in to engagement with the mouth of the bottle when the nozzle carrier is drawn toward the formed, as showni y Fig. 6, thereby forming a perfect closure for the mouth of. the bottle' when the tubular stem enters the bottle. The engagement of the nozzle with the `bottle compresses the'. spring 42 and, therefore, 4forces the valve`38 offl its seat on theexteninto they chamber and allowingthe uid to pass from the chamber through the tubular Va conduit 47 which is connected` to an eX- haust pump to draw the air out .of the bottlesY and thereby facilitate the filling of the bottles With the liquid.l 'The excess liquidwhich l is drawn by the exhaust. pump can be easily separated in a settling tank. It will be noted that the filling of the bottles is performed automatically `and is controlled 'by the upand-downmovement of the nozzle carrier. h

nozzle carrier, it also forces the bottles .filled ahead-tp the delivery end of the' trough 9. A corking device 48 is rovided near the `delivery end. of the troug 1. It has a transverse beam 49 which is normally maintained clear 'of the bottles by s rings 50 mounted on uprights 51V which. gui e the beam 49,v The beam is connected by bolts 52 to a head 53 which-is guided by the extensions of the upframe 8 and carrying a rollerA 55 which bearsv .againsta cam 56 constrained to revolveiwith .the shaft 16. The downwardmotion of the 'beam 49 vof the cam drives the cor in'tothemouths of the filled bottleson their rights 51.l yThe head is'boltedto a -.plunger 54 guided in a casting supported vby the 57 'into the bottles, the corkslbeing by hand Iplaced comprising a trough having a side opening, 1 e

meansifor feeding bottles throu h t e s opening, a member mounted tos ide in and out of the trough transversely of the opening, means. for moving said sliding` member intermittently whereby the bottles within the trough are moved intermittently, a llin device disposed above the trough in the pat .of the moving bottles, means for bringing the filling device into engagement with the' 0f the bottles .in `spaced relation to the filling means, and

x means for actuating said'sliding member and As the push-bar feedsvr the bottlesto the.V

bottles, means for corkin said filling and corking means.

their corking. If desired, the

- 2. In a bottle-filling and corking machine,

a body portion having a liquid inlet, an out-- .let'from 'saidbody portion, a tubular valve controlling said outlet, a'flange carried by said tubular valve, aspring on-said tubular 'alve having one endof same on the flange and the other. against the body portion,

. whereby said valve is normally moved into .inoperative position, a head for said valve Y for l1m1t1ng the movement of same by said spring,`a rubber washer on said tubular valve abutting againstl said flange, and a tubular member vin said tubular valve projecting through. thehead and above the body portion and serving as an air vent.


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