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Publication numberUS1308286 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 1, 1919
Filing dateMar 25, 1918
Publication numberUS 1308286 A, US 1308286A, US-A-1308286, US1308286 A, US1308286A
InventorsH. Korn
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US 1308286 A
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1,308,286. t Patented July 1, 1919.


RALPH n., Kontor NEW YORKR. Y..l

i ymentslin ICarriages forfArtillery, of which the following is a specification.

li This-invention relates to improvements in carriages Vfor artillery and is directed. particul'a'rlyto` a novel kand advantageous con.- struction.. off'gun carriage. The objects oft-his inventiony .are tov provide a gun carriage of the character de-` scribed which Ais light and. rportable soy that it, may-be easily moved from place to. place.

Beingl thoroughly Vmobile, this carriage makesit possible.V to advance or retirefthe gun as desired, sothat the gun can be used indinelwithfin advance of, or in supportof,

either advancing,- retiring, or 'stationary' infantry;"to provldethe'same with means vfor fprotecting ythe operator from enemy -lire gun now in use.

- -andfwith.furthermeans whereby ammuni- 4,25

tionforthegunmaybe carried on thelcar- `riage; tosoV construct the carriage as toenable'-oneL-tofreadilyniount and dismount it so that the parts may be packed comp'actly for shipment; and to provide a carriage with means for a lmachine oriother` type of j The whole construction is light-"and str-ongand-v yet comparatively in# expensive to manufacture.

Further objects and advantages of this invention will appear from the detailed description and the features of novelty will be particularly pointed out in the claims.

The carriage embodies a frame work preferably formed of tubular elements and a 'shield of metal or other suitable material mounted thereon. The shield is provided with an opening through which the barrel l of a machine or other type of gun can be projected and sighted, and ammunition can be carried in a proper receptacle in the frame.


Fig. 3 is a crosssectional view taken along `line :zzof Fig. 1 showing the means used to .embrace and hold the tubes together ASpecification of Lletteirslatent.


Application led March 25, 1918; Serial No. 224,535. f

where the members cross in forming `the frame; l

Fig-4 is a fractional viewL ofthe apex of the frame showing vmeans fory holding flattened ends of the members together and also vfor mounting the'swivel yelements on which the gun swings;

Fig. 5 is an exterior view of a portion of the fra-me illustrating. the'use of the brace elements which permit the members to retain their circular cross section andbe-more thoroughly braced than would. bethe case werethe'members flattened at the junction points; and

Fig. 6 is a side view ofthe frame indicated .by line w-m of F ig.` 1.

Referring in. detail toithe'drawingfthe frame consists'of thelpa'irs of tubes A, A', B,.B.i and C, C', suitably braced and joined together; asshownin 'the drawing. The tubular members A'and A- are provided at portion oneend with ahandle'A and the oppositel ends form a portionof `the axlebearingof the wheel D asshown at -a. The tubes B,.B formi the front portionfzof the frame and:` extendlrdown.y from .the apex?. thereof f 'the-tubes C, C serve as feet for the frame while the opposite ends are flattened to be held at the apex by means of the bolt E.

The shield is held to the frame in any suitable manner as by means of straps shown in dotted lines in Fig. 2 and indicated by F, F, etc., and has an opening F therein through which the gun F2 is projected and sighted. The strap Gr is formed to it the contour of the gun and has a depending cylindrical portion G which fits in asocket I-I formed in the element H which is held in the frame by the bolt I. A universal joint is thus provided whereby the gun can be turned at right angles to the frame, and also be swiveled on the bolt I to be elevated or depressed.

In IFig. 3 I have shown means whereby the tubular elements of the frame may be held together and suitably braced and spaced apart without being flattened at junction points so as to provide a strong and rigid construction. The tubes A, A and K2 having their ends cut out" toponformv to the contour of the tubes as will 4be clear from Fig. 5. To space the tubes A andv B andl A and B', I provide the space blocks Ly curved to conform to the contour ofthe' tubes and perforated to permittheebolt to pass therethrough. f These blocks L serve further to brace the tubes and thus strengthenV the frame. An ammunition box M mayv be secured in any suitable manner to the frame as by means of the straps N. l

a gun carriage extremely simple in construction, light and portable so'tha't it may be` claim as new and desire ,tov secure' by lLetters Patent 1. A gun carriage Comprising a frame, a`

wheel carried at the lower end thereof, said frame consisting of a plurality `of members joined together, said membersV` being joined f to form an apex, a pair of said" members being bent and positioned t0 formhandles and several of said members `extending down to the base of the frame to provide an axlel bearing-*for the earriagewheel, and means Y l swiveledat the apex for mounting a gun.

- 2. In' a' gun carriage, afi-ame, a wheel earried at the lower end thereof, said frame comprising` three pairs ofmembers, one of said pairs forming a stand or baseffor the carriage, another of said pairs joined tosaid rst mentioned pair and bent at one end vto form handles and` lex.temiin y. 'down t0., the

base of the frame to form t e axle bearing for theearriage wheel, and the ,third pair extendingl down'r'to the base `to coperate with said` last mentioned pair informing the axle bearing and extending upward to coperatewith the first mentioned pair of members to form the apex of theframe; f

carried at the lower end thereof, said frame dlnaagunhoarriage, a frame, a wheel ycomprising three pairs' of members,l one of said pairs forming a stand or b ase for? the carriage,fanother of said` pairs j oined to sald first .mentioned pair and bent at one end to It will thus be clear that I have provided g j l r base ofthe .frame to form the axlebearlng form handles 'and extendingndownlto vthe for theearriage wheel andthe thirdpair extending down to the base to' cooperate vwith Vsaidalast mentioned'pair"informingy `thelaxle bearing andextending upward to@ eope'ratevwith the ffrst mentionedpairplof j members tofform theapex of the frame,and

means n' swiv'eled `at the gun.

the :apex for mounting.

4. Inl a vgun earriagefa framer construe-Y.

tionA .comprising a' pluralityof l members specifiedy :f

- signed etfew'Yekiefhe eeuneye `Neel of March .1918,y

e joined andebraced'by means permitting said members .to retain their circular erosssecl tion at'the.l joints,"a wheel located at Vvthef v f lower ,end of said frame, handles on i said lframe and a shield on the front thereof hav-l ing; an opening-'therein for the,y Vpurpose]` g ALPHH; KORN@ i Copies of this patent Vmay be obtained-for ve cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of `illjatenicsl,`

' w Washingtomnfc. f 'f

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U.S. Classification89/36.9
Cooperative ClassificationF41H5/14