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Publication numberUS1308483 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 1, 1919
Filing dateMar 31, 1919
Priority dateMar 31, 1919
Publication numberUS 1308483 A, US 1308483A, US-A-1308483, US1308483 A, US1308483A
InventorsThomas G Craighead
Original AssigneeThomas G Craighead
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US 1308483 A
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Patented J u1y 1, 1919.




specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July l, lgld,

.application iled March 3l., 19119. Serial No. d.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that l, THOMAS G. Cnamman, a citizen ot the United States, residing at Seattle, in the county of King and State of Washington, have invented certaln new and useful llmprovements in Stockings, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to an improvement in stockings wherein separate stalls are provided for the toes of the wearer, and provlsion also made for the convenient insertion of the toes into the proper stalls.

'llhe ordinary stocklng is more or less close htting and in the provision of stalls for the toes, as heretofore proposed, more or less diliiculty has been encountered in properly applying the stocking. The present invention aims to remove this 'diiiiculty h materially increasing the space within tde stocking at the juncture of. the foot roper with the stalls, to permit such free dem of movement of the toes as will allow v ot their convenient entrance into the proper stall.

ln the accompanying drawings Figure l is a perspective view of the improved stocking. v

Fig. 2 is a broken sectional view on the line 2 2, Fig. 1 showin the stocking enlar ement at the hase of tie stall.

he im roved stocking 1, which otherwise my be o any desired type or form, is provi ed inthe usual toe ortion with a series of stalls 2, of a size an shape to separately receive the toes of the wearer.

The stocking foot, at thejunction with the stalls is so formed as to provide increased material, as compared with the ordinary stocking at this point. This increased material results in a fullness, as 3 directly at the base of the stalls, as clearly shown in the drawings.

ln the application ot the stocking the ends of the toes at the base of the stalls, are, by reason of the fullness 3, permitted an increased movement laterally and vertically, to permit their convenient insertion into the proper stalls, without disturbing the relation of the other stalls, or so distorting the stocking as to deflect or partly close the stalls.

The improved stocking by enveloping the individual toes prevents direct contact of the toes, and thereby tends to obviate corns and other troubles incident to perspiration and rubbing action. Furthermore, with proper material for the stocking the individual toes are each incased in a rotective covering, tendin to their more e ective protection in cold c xmates.

What is claimed as new is A stocking having a leg portion and a foot portion2 the end of the foot portion having individual 'stalls for the toes, the material of the foot at the base portions ofthe stalls being of increased length transversely of the foot as com ared with the similar length of materia beyond such point, whereby to provide a permanent relatively increased space within the stocking at the entrance to the toe stalls.

In testimony whereof I alix my signature.


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U.S. Classification2/239, 128/893, 66/187
International ClassificationA43B7/26
Cooperative ClassificationA43B7/26
European ClassificationA43B7/26