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Publication numberUS1310082 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 15, 1919
Filing dateOct 3, 1917
Publication numberUS 1310082 A, US 1310082A, US-A-1310082, US1310082 A, US1310082A
InventorsHenby Goweb Hose
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Butt-end composition-shingi
US 1310082 A
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Patented July 15, 1919.




- Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July 15, 1919.

Application filed October 3, 1917. Serial No. 194,509.

To all whom it may concern:

Beit known that I, HENRY Gowns Hosn,

a citizen of the ,United States, and a resident of the borough of Brooklyn, in the city and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Butt- End Composition-Shingles-for Roofing and the like, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to shingles used 'for I roofing and the like, and has for some of its struction,

' a perspective view of a principal objects to provide acomposition gle which when in place shall present a more pleasing and attractive appearance than is presented by forms of composition shingle hitherto employed, and of which a comparatively cheap, but durable and eifective roof may be constructed. Other objects of my invention and some of the advantages thereof will be hereinafter set forth.

The invention consists in the novel conarrangement and combination of various elements and parts, as shown in the accompanying drawings and hereinafter more particularly described.

In the said drawings, Figure 1 represents roof employing my improved butt end composition shingle, a portion of said roof being broken away to show the furringstrips which may be used to support the same; Fig. 2 is a view on an enlarged scale of a form of my improved roofing in which several shingles are integrally constructed; Fig. 3 is a view, also on an enlarged scale, showing the same in the relative positions which they occupy when laid, and Fig. 4 is an enlarged section showing the invention in detail.

In carrying my inventioninto eflect in the embodiment thereof which I have selected for illustration in the accompanying drawings and description in this specification. I provide a foundation consisting of a sheet of felt or the like, 10. saturated with asphalt. or other suitable moldable substance, and

. coated on its upper side with a layer of asphalt 11 in which is embedded a coating of chipped or crushed slate or similar material 12, as shown in the drawings.

The sheet of feltso treated is then cut up into pieces of the proper size and shape to be used. as shingles. either singly, or in the form of notched strips which when laid will present the a pearance of several shingles, as shown in igs. 2 and 3. The under side of the sheet of felt is'then coated with a layer of asphalt designated 13, or of asphalt and asbestos mixed, or of any other substance or substances having similar properties, and being also more or less moldable; the said layer beingof variable thickness, that is to say, of a wedge or other irregular shape, being heaviest at the bottom of the shingle, forming a butbend, and tapering ofl' evenly orby steps or .in any desired manner to the top thereof. If desired, this added layer need not extend the whole length of the shingle, but may occupy only the lower end portion, extending up say one-third of the distance, as the principal function of the layer is to form the thickened or butt-end.

y improved but-t end'composition shingle may be applied to a roof preferably by nailing each row thereto through the thin upper portion of the shingle, as will be obvious, or in any other suitable manner. The successiverows are then laid one over the other as shown in Fig, 3, working up toward the ridge of the roof, as with ordinary shingles.

comparatively plastic or moldable and more or. less adhesive substance on the lower surface of the incumbent layer, the result being that the successive layers tend to cohere and, a r a short time, form-a more or less homogeneous and integral roof covering.

The advantages of my invention will be obvious. I might particularly call attention to the attractive and pleasing appearance presented by the shingles. the butt-ends of which are. large enough to be seen from a considerable distance: the fact. that the asphalt on the lower side of each shingle will adhere. as above set forth. to the slate on the upper-face of the shingle beneath. therepreventing water from blowing up under t e shingles: and the fact that the thick butt end will prevent the lower ends of the shinples from buckling or curling up. and from flapping in a wind: and the fact that the s ingle is strong enough and has suflicient body to dispense with the necessity of laying the same over a full boarded surface. thus saving on the cost of the roof by permitting the use of furring strips. such as shown in i2, 1 and designated 14. Having thus described my invention. what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent. is as follows:

A but-bend composition shingle comprising an intermediate layer of felt, an upper layer of asphalt adhering to said felt layerand having embedded therein a layer of chipped slate, and an under layer of moldable. material adhering to the nndersurface of said layer of felt, said layer of moldable material being thick at its lower end and forming the butt-end of the shingle and .tapered upward therefrom in thickness, the

moldable material of said under layer being adapted to unitewith the chipped slate sur- 10 face of an underlying shingle to iorm a onepiece roof. y

In witness whereof I have hereunto signed my name this 28th day of September, 1917.


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