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Publication numberUS1310958 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 22, 1919
Filing dateApr 12, 1918
Publication numberUS 1310958 A, US 1310958A, US-A-1310958, US1310958 A, US1310958A
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o connor
US 1310958 A
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1 31 O, 95 8 Patented July 22, 1919.

wuemto'c Highlandtown,

nosanrnc;ooonnoia,orn eiinnnagmown ivranrnnnn.


To all whom/it may concern:

Be it known that I, ROSALIE O. OCoNNoR, a citizen of the United States, residing at in thecounty of Baltimore and State of Maryland, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in V I Safety-Harness for Children, of which thefollowlng is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in safety harness for children and has for its object to provide a novel device of this character that will be cheap to manufacture;

simple in construction and operation; which will securely hold a child against accidentally falling from a crib, a chair or carriage and which will not be liable to become do tached from the body of the crib.

, The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing wherein, the improved device is illustrated in perspective and in a single view.

Referring to the drawing, thelnumeral 1 designates a body strap or belt which is provided with a buckle 2, for adjustahly connecting its ends 3, and 4, respectively,- the buckle being attached to the end 3, and adjustably engaging the end 4, of the belt.

A vertical strap 5, is secured to the belt end 3, in the present instance by stitches 6, and this strap extends both above and below the belt and at the diametrically-opposite side, I provide another vertical strap 7 which, in this instance is stitched at 8, to the belt. The vertical strap 7 is of greater length than the vertical strap 5, and forms a crotch loop 9, which extends upwardly at 10, and laps the lower end of the vertical strap 5. Provision is made for adjustably connecting the upwardly-extending end 10, of the strap 7, with the lower end of the strap 5,a buckle 11, being provided on the one for engaging the other, so that the crotch-loop 9, may be shortened or length- Y ened to extend around and properly fit the crotch of the child.

Twoshoulder straps 12 and 13, respectively are secured to the upper end of the vertical strap 7, while two connecting straps l4 and 15, are secured to the upper end of the vertical strap 5, so that buckles 16, may be employed to adjustably connect the straps 12 and 14, and the straps 13 and 15, after they are extended over the childs shoulders and at opposite sides of the neck of the child,

fi' tastase- 1 saamataa aa.1919. 1App i g 1 a ua 121a. sa -am-ezazs- Itwill thus be seen that the belt will embrace the body or waist of the child; the two shoulder straps may pass over the shoulders and the crotch loop of the strap 7, may be passed between the legs and secured to the lower end of strap 5, so that the entire harness will be securely fastened about the child in a way that will prevent detachment without at least detaching the shoulder straps or the crotch strap.

If the device is attached to the child with the buckles ll and; 16, at the rear of the childs body there is less liability of the child being attracted by the loose ends and the buckles and loosening the same in play.

Suitable ring or loop attaching slides 17, are provided at the sides of the belt 1, so that adjustable retaining straps 18, having spring-hooks 19, may be attached thereto.

Obviously, the retaining side straps 18, may be looped about the sides of a crib, chair or carriage, or attached to the side-rails of a bed and thus prevent the child from falling or'rolling from a bed. 7

The harness may be made of leather or Woven straps and all the connections are of an adjustable character so that the device may be adjusted to fit large or small bodies.

Having described my invention, what I claim is,- 1 j 1. The combination with a, waist belt strap, of a single strap extending upwardly from the belt strap at the front; a single strap extending upwardly from the belt strap at the rear; two shoulder straps both of which have their rear ends attached to the upper end of the single rear strap, means for detachably connecting the front ends of both shoulder straps to the upper end of the single front strap, and retaining means at opposite sides of the waist belt strap. a

2. The combination with a waist belt strap, of a single strap connected to the rear of the belt strap and having one end extending above and the other extending below sa1d belt strap; another single strap connected to the front of the belt strap and also having one end projecting upwardly and the other end extending downwardly from the belt strap, the two single front and rear straps having their lower ends adjustably connected to form a single crotch loop; two shoulder straps both of which have their rear ends connected to the upper end of the single 'rear strap and means for detechably connecting the front ends of both shoulder straps to the upper end of the low the belt; means below the beltfor con- Gopies ot this patent may he attained for neeting the lower ends ofthe vertical straps t form a single crotch loop; two shoulder straps Connecting the upper end of one Ver-' tical strap With-'the'upper end of the other vertical strap, and retaining straps at opposite sides of the belt.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.

ROSALIE G; OCONNOBQ fiire cents e'acltty addressingthe commissioner of Petents, ,Wasnington, D. G. i V ,7 I

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Cooperative ClassificationB60R22/105