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Publication numberUS1311703 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 29, 1919
Filing dateApr 22, 1919
Publication numberUS 1311703 A, US 1311703A, US-A-1311703, US1311703 A, US1311703A
InventorsPeter Frederic Meyer
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Pleasure-raid way
US 1311703 A
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APPLlCATlON men APR.22. 19w.

Patented July 29, 1919.






Patented July 29, 1919.


H M y J WITNESSES ATTORNEYS THE COLUMBIA FLANOOIIAF" anew and. improved pleasure railwayor roller coaster more especially des1gned for UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.



Specification of Letters Patent. Patented July 29, 1919 Application filed April 22, 1919. Serial No. 291,858.

To all whom it may concern:

Be 1t known that 1, PETER Fnnonnrc .MEYER, a citizen of the United States, and

a resident of the city ofNew York, borough of Brooklyn, in the county of Kings, and

State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Pleasure-Railway, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

The object of the invention is to provide use in pleasure resorts, exhibitiongrounds, parks and likeplaces, and arranged to provide an excitlng and interesting r1de for the passengers. Another object is to accommodate safely a large number of passengers in .each car. Another object is to prevent a car from jumping or leaving the track.

- With these and other ob ects in view, the invention consists of certain novel features of construction, as hereinafter shown and described and then specifically pointed out in the claims.

A practical embodiment ofthe invention is represented in the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, in which similar characters of reference 1nd1- j cate corresponding parts in all the views.'

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the improved pleasure railway with a P01131011 of the track broken out,

Fig. 2Iisan enlarged cross section of the same on the line 2-.2 of :Fig. l;

Fig. 3 is an enlar ed sectional side elevation'of a portion of the car and track, the

section being on the line 3-3 of Fig. 4'; 1 Fi 4 is a cross section of the same on the line H of Fig. 3; r

ing, the section, being on the line. 55 of F1 2' p v j j j ..,,i Fig-f6 is a crosssectionof the ball bear- "Fig T is a redu ofcthetrack;

Fig. 8 1s an enlargedcross section ofthe: sameon: the line 8.'8'of Fig. 7 and showing acar in-position onthetrack; and

Fi 9 is a 81111113.? v1ew of thesame on thelme 9-9.ofFig. 7 and showing a car }.*in position on the track.

Ih,e pleasure .railwaydn its general cm.

struction comprises a track 10' and a car 11 the track 10 whichlatter,

rails 22.

, Fig. 5 is an enlarged sectional plan view. of the joint of the members of a ball bearced plan view of a portion,

adapted to travel over the track 10. The track is preferably endless with the begin ning portion extending up an incline with means for hauling the car 11 up the incline,

to then allow the car to travel down over the remaining track portion by its own gravity, as is common in leasure railways now generally constructed: it being, how ever, understood that Ido not limit myself to this particular manner of propelling the cars over the track as any other well known means may be employed for the purpose. V j The track 10 is made; trougl1 l1ke or semicircular in cross section, and in, the bottom of this track is formed a slot 12, and'from the underside of the track at the side walls of the slot 12 extend downwardly parallel walls 13 to provide a guideway 14. This guideway 14 is preferably partway straight and this straight portion coincides with the a suitable length and the lower portion of the bod 20 is semicircular in cross section with si e extensions 21 provided with top Within'the car body is arranged one or a number of seats 23 and the car body is also provided with a suitable floor 24.

In order to support thecar 11 on the track 10 and to insure easy running of the car on the track, use ismade of transverse rows of balls 25 held in bear ngs 26 of semi circular shape attached exteriorly to the lower semicircular portion of the body 10. The balls 25 project beyond the outer faces of the bearings 26 and are in rolling contact with the inner surface of thetrack 10 thus supporting the car on the track and insuring an easy running of the car along the track. Each of the bearings26 is pref- ,era'bly made in two parts connected together at their lower ends by a pin 27, as

plainly shown in Figs. 2 and 5.. By reference to Fig. 6 it will be noticed that the side walls of each bearing 26 are contractedat their outer ends 28, and the inner surfaces ofthe contracted portions 28 are segmental.

and follow the curvature of the balls 25 to rest on a suitable 80 contact with 20 of the ""of U-shape and terminating in vertically disp s d 12 K1 the balls 25 ,with -the desired o lubrication.-

Rails 31 extend lengthwise on the car body 20 on top of the bearings 26"toact as a bumper. or guard for the car.

order." to 1mpart a transverse rocking ,movement to thecarll while traveling fortrack; 10, the; following arrange-s ment is made: TTdthB bOlQQOIII of the body car are secured two or' n ore straps 41 and 42 on which are ,mOuntedfto turn'ghalls 4;?) and s4. in" rolling .2 v r v 45 andgllfi 'attaphed to the inner fa cesi of the contact at 7 the r" sides with L wearing plates '11s :13 "of he guideway 1e. It will be 41 and 42' are a disposed. ongopposite' sidesof the media-n line of 14; and hence one hall 4:3 is in the arrangement described fl' the balls l jan d ,are carried along by the forwardlyg mov' -ng;car emits the saidgballs aretin ,contaet witlythe I wearing 'pl'ates 4:5

f aix A {of e. 5 1111.015 1 g id w y ,i i evidentthat a'transverse'rocking movement is givento the carfduring' its: forward mo'ye, ball 5 are n ae t- -Uh 1 p cup-shaped "washers; 50, 51

fiends ile i W he 5%: n e t top g'and "bottom, of,

the' halls' The washers 50,52 are held ona-fcross-piece 54 -,held1on i axle {Pi s 1 6N9 I axles 4:1: *ndi42 and {is 'supportedlby nuts i Pa a a simila ,CI' S fthe lower ends of the o s TQ l' c pfsfiTw am un e 9n th iep c ssp ce a i liprl oil to the axles 41 andl2 to .keep;theballs {L3, andll lubricated. From the bottom of "the crossbar 55-depends alug, adapted to r b eegag d yan.a 1n; Q wp pel i g Cha 55 r len'w. 'p v t r ram l er s the tw lfi. j l mad v jj ua mi 7 0 and? 1'" attached: to the wearing plates ,45

I and 4L6, ahoyel-the balls 43 and 414 thus limitmg the upward ;movement of the said halls .60 f i' avinsft i d .31 asnn via i ld sl e to sequre ria tt f r d ons quentl im tis i moye mentof thecar'll; 7,

rihed any invention; I

, epr ea' ufe railway, t oeshalik us were:grew and U he wearing .plate' 45 while the Q hst' a 4 i 'c ntactv w th th weer g.

plate &6. "By

I g 56 screw1 g;-on,thelQWer ends, of fthe said mounted to travel on the 'saidi track and having means engaging thesaid guideway to "rock the car transversely during its forward movement.

2. In a pleasure railway, a trough-like track-having a sinuous guideway, a car pro- -vided exteriorly with balls traveling on the said-track, and means on the car engaging the said guideway to rock the car trans verselyduring the forward movement of the car.

3. In a pleasure lengthwise of the track, a car provided with balls adapted to travel on th'esaid track, a

'bracket on the'car and eXtending into the ,said guideway, and contactymeans' on'the bracket engagin'gthe wallsiof said guideway.

4. In a pleasure railway, a trough-like track provided with a sinuous guideway eX-F lengthwise of the mega ,pro-

transverserows tending g vided fexteriorly with spaced of balls: traveling on said car engagingthe said guideway:

' 5; In a pleasure railway,

; trackprovided atits bottom with adepend- *ing sinuous guideway, a car provided exteriorly spaced transverse '7 traveling on thefsaid,

. the underside of the car and engaging the said guideway to rock'the car transversely duringthe forward travelthereof. i I

6. In a pleasure railway, atraclta mately "semicircular 1n vided at the hottom with'a sinuous slot, the

[walls of which form a" guidewiay, ap-

proximately .Q semiciroular (in cross section and provided exteri'orly with a plura'1ity of transverse ball bearings, travel on the inner} surface thesaid track dsp e p st under side, o'fsthe car andjiproyi'ded with walls engaging thejwalls of the said slot.

' inatjely semicircular incross section and provided "at the bottom with a, sinuous slot, the walls ofwhich forma guideway,

for movingithe car up the incline at the proximately semicircular in cross, sectlo, and be nn g? fib hei m t 'al o i h a ii f 'to'"trayel'downjthe remaining, portion ;of

' ,jth 't ic bv s wn ra i y transverse ,b auj;bea in m ,balls lofwhich d p n m 1 s a ed. vP sts "of"the' car,

iiig winger. theQsaid-jsloti" s w i 1 8. In. a pleasure frail'way, ajcar elongated, 'car mailed exteriony to h an; and r tr n v rs l fibe edj s 9 ai les ea I} is l] r v railway, aj trough-like track provided with a sinuous guideway I I the inner [surface of [the s'a d' track, and .c011tact means-o11 the;

(Li trough-like QWS o b s track, and means on E i cross section'a (1 pro-" the balls" of; which dependingifrom the s I .4 7; In'a i'pleasure railway, a track approxr'" We ter-4 prov ded}exterlorly --w1tl 1 ,a pluralrtygof;

o. l 'ai ji ienizs bQ Y' pproximately "inici'r '1, cular incr oss. section, ,'spa ced beari gs atreali are] eerie beyond the face thereof to support the car on a track.

9. In a pleasure railway, a track approximately semicircular in cross section and provided at the bottom with a sinuous slot, the Walls of which form a guidewa a car approximately semicircular in cross section and provided exteriorly with a plurality of transverse ball bearings, the balls of Which travel on the inner surface of the said track, spaced posts depending from the under side of the car and provided With balls engaging the Walls of the said slot, and guard rails on the upper ends of the Walls of the said provided at the bottom with a sinuous guide- Way.

11. A pleasure railway having a track approximately semicircular in cross section and 1 provided at the bottom with a sinuous slot forming a sinuous guideWay extending alternately on opposite sides of the median bottom line of the track.


Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the "Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. G.

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